Could Quinn really be Vivian Alamain’s Son?

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Since Quinn’s (Bren Foster) controversial first appearance on Days of our Lives where he bedded the emotionally messed up but glamorous opera diva Chloe Lane, and PAID her for it, speculation has been rife as to who Quinn really is.

Add to Quinn’s repertoire a drug cartel, purchased from EJ DiMera (who is trying to be a better man for the good Walker sister, Taylor), an Aussie accent, and a body as buff as Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) is beautiful, and the intrigue just continues. 
The accent would seem to imply that any relation to Salem’s residents would be distant, yet spoilers have continually been released stating that Quinn is somehow connected to Vivian Alamain.  The most recent spoilers seem to indicate that Quinn is in fact, Vivian’s son.
Fan reaction to this latest bombshell?  Say what?
Another spoiler gives Quinn’s last name as Hudson.  But that surname would link him to another Days of our Lives character – Rafe Hernandez.  Emily Hudson was his former fiancée, who was also an FBI agent, and died on their wedding day.  In 2009, Emily’s sister, Meredith appeared in Salem and blamed Rafe for killing her sister.
So somehow Vivian Alamain is supposed to have an Australian son, possibly with the last name of Hudson.  How could this be possible?  Below are just a few speculations gleaned from fan responses across the internet.
Quinn is Vivian’s Son—He just is!
Probably the hardest pill to swallow for fans looking forward to the end of the Dena Higley stories that have been plaguing Days or our Lives is that there is no clever twist, no intrigue, no aha moment to come down the line.
Vivian led a life before her 1992 arrival in Salem, marrying and divorcing several unnamed men.  If Quinn is her son, perhaps he is simply an unexplored and only recently written part of Vivian’s backstory.  Of all the options, the fact that Quinn is the product of a prior life of Vivian’s that has never been mentioned is perhaps the most unsatisfying.
Having Vivian have mystery children pop up out of the blue is bigger stretch on the imagination than Stefano’s ever expanding brood.  (Renee DuMonde, Lexie,  Benji,  Chad, and his adopted kids Kristen and Peter Blake).
It also makes a mockery of Vivian’s maternal attachment to Nicholas, who she raised as her adopted son after telling Carly her son had died at birth, and Philip, the only child she’d supposedly given birth to. (Vivian gave birth to Philip when she engineered an embryo switch with Kate and Victor during in vitro fertilization treatment).
Quinn is Phillips (Fraternal) Twin
This option actually fits with Vivian’s backstory a little more convincingly.  Vivian carried Kate and Victors embryo to term delivering Philip, who she still refers to as “her son” after orchestrating an embryo switch within the in-vitro fertilization program that both she and Kate were taking part in.
Vivian and Ivan pretended to be patients at the same fertility clinic as Victor and Kate, in order to sabotage Kate’s efforts at providing Victor with a male heir.  Vivian and Ivan broke into Dr Layton’s clinic and switched the labels on the Petri dishes so that Vivian was implanted with Victor and Kate’s embryo.
Multiple births are not uncommon in fertility clinic assisted births, and a bit of re-writing of history could allow for Vivian to have given birth to two babies, concealing one from Victor, by sending him to Australia to be raised.
Perhaps a little far-fetched given that Vivian gave birth while stopping Kate and Victor from marrying at the Salem Inn.  (Kate and Victor eloped, tired of the many delays in Vivian’s grand wedding she was supposedly planning for them).
Quinn is Vivian and Ivan’s test tube baby
Ivan and Vivian switched the labels on Kate and Victor’s Petri dish, with the label on theirs.  Presumably that means that Vivian and Ivan had also conceived a child.  This would perhaps be the most quirky and fun interpretation for Quinn being Vivian Alamain’s son.  Given that Vivian had hallucinations of Philip looking like Ivan while she gave birth, there could also be some fun flashbacks.
Of course this child could have been carried to term by Vivian sometime during an interlude from Salem, or implanted in another woman: perhaps the wife of an Australian diplomat or high powered businessman.
Quinn is Nicholas Alamain
Probably still the most logical explanation for Quinn being labeled as Vivian’s son, is that Quinn is in reality Nicholas Alamain. 
When Vivian arrived in Salem in 1992, she came with an 8 year old son in tow.  Nicholas, Vivian’s adopted son was later revealed to be the secret love child of Carly Manning and Lawrence Alamain, who Vivian allowed Carly to believe died shortly after birth.
Given that Nicholas told Carly that she was as dead to him as his father, perhaps Nicholas has returned to referring to Vivian as his mother. 
The Australian accent nullifies that hypothesis, however.  Given that Bren Foster auditioned for the role with an American accent, perhaps the accent is part of a bigger storyline ruse.  Perhaps Nicolas Alamain is a secret ISA agent, working undercover to bring down the crime families of Salem.   That would allow Quinn to turn out to be a good guy; another spoiler that has been doing the rounds.
Of course, none of the above may bear any reality to what is about to play our on our television screen over the next couple of weeks.  All we can hope is that the reality isn’t as groan-worthy as the whole Daniel, Carly and Melanie backstory. 
Better no Salem backstory for a new character, than a crummy one.

Update!  Quinn is Vivian’s son – he just is.  In Vivian’s own words, Quinn was the result of a daliance with an Australian businessman who never meant anything to Vivian.  In fact Vivian is surprised Quinn turned out so well, given that she had no influence in his upbringing!  Vivian is currently the proud Mama of the man who brought down Carly Manning and avenged Lawrence’s death–something Viv admitted she hadn’t been able to do while she’s been in Salem.  But Quinn seems to have something up his sleeve, caring for Carly after her drug overdose behind Vivian’s back…


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