Days of our Lives Dena Higley Scripts Rewritten Casting Doubt on Summer Spoilers

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The changes in the writing team at Days of Our Lives continue this week.  Last week, Days of Our Lives fired Dena Higley from the Head Writer position and hired, Marlene Clark Poulter (McPherson) and Darnell Ray Thomas, Jr as co-head writers, who have both previously written for Days of Our Lives, and together for Passions.

This week the writing team shake-ups continue as Nancy Williams Watts joins the Days of our Lives writing team as a breakdown writer. 
The head writer of a writing team provides the overarching long term story lines and plots, then a breakdown writer outlines each episode, breaking it down into acts and scenes, with a summary of the action.  Depending on the writing team there may also be dialogue writers that, as the name implies write each line of dialogue.
The latest news is that Days or our Lives new writing team has already rewritten 17 scripts left behind by Dena Higley’s  and have stated that the summer spoilers released should not necessarily be relied upon.  Fans of Days of our Lives should however look forward to something fresh and new this summer.
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