Matthew Ashford to return to Days of our Lives as Jack Devereaux!

Fans of the Days of our Lives supercouple Jack and Jennifer will be delighted to hear that Matthew Ashford announced on his Facebook page last night, that he will be returning to Days of our Lives as Jack Devereaux.

Since Mellissa Reeves return to the role of Jennifer Horton Devereaux in November of 2010, fans have been speculating that Jack would not be far behind.  Though some doubt did exist whether it would be Matthew Ashford playing the role of Jack Devereaux, as he not only had other commitments, but had also been vocal on Jack’s many brushes with death.
But it’s hard to ignore the hints that Jack would be back.  The return of Abigail, Jack and Jennifer’s daughter and oldest child, as well as constant reminders that Jack was out there (in India at last mention) finding himself, and most notably Jennifer rebounding into a new relationship with Daniel Jonas, set the scene, for Jack’s return.
Matthew Ashford first appeared as Jack Devereaux in 1987.  He was introduced as the adopted son of wealthy politician Harper Devereaux, and was not the romantic hero that Jack and Jennifer fans adore . 
When Steve Johnson discovered that Jack Devereaux was in reality his younger brother Billy, and he was dying of Hodgkin’s disease, he pushed Kayla Brady to marry Jack (Jack was in love with Kayla) despite Steve being in love with Kayla himself.  Steve believed that having Kayla as his wife, would give Jack something to live for.
When Jack discovered that Kayla and Steve had been having an affair behind his back, Jack raped Kayla.  They hadn’t consummated their union due to his illness.  This act set brother against brother, and would have future ramifications for his relationship with Jennifer, when she was raped by Lawrence Alamain.
But Jennifer brought out the best in Jack and the former scoundrel reformed his ways and redeemed himself not only in Jennifer’s eyes, but much of Salem’s, and became more known for his crazy harebrained ideas than for evil acts.
Crazy acts such as convincing Greta von Amberg that he was gay to avoid consummating their relationship, that he only entered into to make Jennifer jealous, and staging his own death, and manipulating Jennifer into marrying Frankie Brady, when he was dying of an incurable disease make for the types of antics that Jack Devereaux fans adore.
Jack on a spiritual retreat in India and finding himself is only too believable and will undoubtedly make for some great comedic moments as Jack and Jennifer deal with the drama of finding their way back to each other…after all, Dr Daniel Jonas has a disturbing predilection for falling for his female patients.  He may have saved Jennifer’s life when her heart was stolen by an organ theft ring, but sooner or later there will be another Salem damsel in medical distress needing the handsome doctors bedside ministrations…

Update:  April 11, 2012Matthew Ashford (jack Devereaux) fired!


  1. I completely disagree, fans want the complex and darker Jack, they hated Reilly and Langan's version of the silly one you said they love. As for the ashram and the walkabout, it is obvious the writer has no knowledge who Jack is. He hated the outdoors and preferred a suit and a 5 star hotel, and as for an ashram, all viewers know Jack was not spiritual. Even none fans agree it is out of character.

    And really Jack would not be there for seriously ill Jennifer. Even when he pushed her away to protect her he would do anything to protect and be be there for her.

  2. Hmm, I have to say that the fans hated the silly Jack which was James E. Reilly's and Tom Langan's attempts at ruining Jack. The FANS want Jack to be more complex, serious as he was until Langan took over in 1991. And seriously, any viewer — fan or not — knows a walkabout is not Jack, Jack the man who lived in suits, admitted to hating any physical exertion and the outdoors. Also, any viewer knows that an ashram IS NOT Jack, since he was never religious nor spiritual and was uncomfortable with both. And really no viewer would believe Jack would ignore Jennifer when she was ill, even if they were apart. Remember Jack was the only person who repeatedly escaped when he was on the island and then the castle.

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