May 1981 – Days in History

With her identity as Jessica Blake’s mother now revealed, Sister Marie kicked the habit and renewed her relationship with her former lover and Jessica’s father, Alex Marshall.  Mary Anderson wasn’t giving up on winning back her ex-husband though and vowed she wouldn’t lose Alex to a nun.

Jessica wanted nothing to do with her new found mother, but when Jessica went missing, Marie blamed Mary. A letter Alex received from Jessica postmarked Salem, indicated that Jessica hadn’t gone far.  Mary decided to find Jessica in an effort to win back Alex and Anderson Manufacturing.  Mary found Jessica; at a convent as a novice.  She was planning on becoming a nun!
Renee DuMonde had a thing for Tod Chandler who in turn had a thing for Jessica Blake. If Renee had known of Jessica Blake’s impending career choice, she wouldn’t have bothered trying to set Jessica up with Joshua to keep her away from Tod Chandler. When Jessica chose to become a nun a sad Tod allowed Renee to get closer.
Unable to have children with her husband Mickey but wanting to experience childbirth, Maggie Horton wanted to take part in Dr Neil Curtis’ surrogate program as a surrogate mother.  Mickey was initially against the idea but caved. Mickey instead, tired to delay Maggie’s participation in the surrogate program which Maggie opposed. 
Though Dr. Neil Curtis was initially concerned about Maggie’s suitability as a surrogate, he accepted her into the program.
Salem welcomed a new resident, David Banning’s boss and wealthy businessman, Stuart Wyland.  Stuart offered Marlena Evans a radio talk show, which Marlena accepted, and Renee DuMonde clamored for her own show.  Neil Curtis behaved strangely around Stuart Wyland and opposed his appointment as hospital administrator.  Stuart Wyland had a date with Marlena, yet a week later showed interest in Maggie Horton.
Lee Williams was released from Bayview Sanitarium and set about turning Hope against her step-mother (to be) Julie.  Lee tried to sto stop Doug and Julie’s wedding., but when Julie failed to come down the aisle, Doug found locked Lee in a room while the wedding went on as planned. Doug and Julie honeymooned in Japan.
Mike Horton returned to Salem, took a job as an EMT, and vied with Trish Banning’s estranged husband, and Mike’s cousin, David, for Trish’s attention.  Trish and David’s divorce became final to Trish’s disappointment.  Mike tried to convince Trish to tell David to keep his distance.
Liz Chandler told Marlena to stay away from Don, and Lee DuMonde, grateful for Marlena’s help vowed to make Liz’s life a nightmare.


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