May 1991 – Days in History

Emmy Borden, who was in love with Bo, worked with Victor, who wanted Carly for himself, to keep Bo and Carly apart. They hired a forger to write letters to Bo and Carly.

Bo received a letter from Carly saying that she was in love with Victor and was going to marry him.  Carly received a similar letter from Bo telling Carly to marry Victor.  Despite Emmy and Victors manipulations Bo almost declared his love for Carly on her wedding day before she walked down the aisle with Victor. 
Marriage, however couldn’t keep Bo from Carly.  Bo couldn’t go through with consummating a relationship with Emmy, and called out Carly’s name when he was with Emmy.  A livid Emmy stole the mystery virus from the lab with the intent of doing away with Carly, but poisoned Bo instead when he drank from the champagne glass intended for Carly.
Bo began experiencing uncharacteristic fits of anger, and tracked down Carly and Victor on their honeymoon.  Victor manipulated events so that it would appear that Carly was sleeping with him, when in reality Carly was unable to consummate their relationship.
Brian Scofield arrested Melissa when she confessed to killing Emilio Ramirez.  She was cleared when video showed his death and accident.  Brain had mixed feelings when Melissa was offered a singing gig in Nashville.
Though Maggie Horton ended her affair with Dr Neil Curtis, her daughter Sarah, didn’t believe her, and set about exacting revenge on Neil.  She lured him to a room at the Salem Inn, drugged him and took incriminating photos of Neil in bed with her.  Mickey had a fit when the Chronicle printed the photos and wanted Neil’s head.  Maggie tried to convince Mickey that Neil wouldn’t do such a thing, but couldn’t without revealing that Neil was Sarah’s father.  When Sarah threatened to tell the hospital board the lie that she’d slept with Neil, Maggie blurted out that Neil was Sarah’s father.
Isabella Toscano considered becoming a private eye, made love with Roman, but wouldn’t move in with him.
Shane and Kayla failed to talk Kimberly out of going to Lawrence’s country with him as part of her ISA assignment to investigate Lawrence’s part in spreading a virus that was killing ISA agents.  When Kimberly was found snooping in Lawrence’s secret room (she found a tape of Lawrence’s admitting he raped Jennifer Horton) he poisoned her.  Laurence was arrested for attempted murder but later released.
Kimberly continued to live with Lawrence because Shawn Brady wouldn’t allow her to come home while she was still involved with Lawrence.  Kimberly counseled Lawrence and worked with him to determine the origin of the blackouts he was experiencing. Lawrence claimed to have raped Jennifer during one of those blackouts).
When Tanner Scofield and Frankie Brady heard noises coming from Nick’s old room, Eve was forced to reveal that Mollie Brinker was staying there, and that Mollie had been the one to rescue the train wreck survivors, not her.  Frankie broke up with Eve because of her lies, but later realized he still had feelings for her.
When Julie gave Tanner a job at Wings bartending, he convinced Julie to give Mollie a job also.
Jack asked Jennifer to marry him in a roundabout way, but she declined until the rape trial was over.


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