Summer 2011 Days of our Lives Spoilers

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Spoilers and Speculation follow.  They may not turn out to be correct!
Soap Opera Digest and fan boards across soap opera internet sites are reporting Days of our Lives summer spoilers.  Fan response has been mixed, but the feeling about Days or our Lives future is now brighter given Dena Higley’s ousting as Days or our Lives’ head writer. 
Remember, Higleys’ storylines will play out on our screens for months yet, so don’t blame new writers for some of the fodder thrown at viewers this summer.
Now to the rumors:
Sami and Rafe learn that Fake Rafe killed Faye Walker.  Bo offers Fake Rafe a plea bargain on the murder charge if he fingers the DiMera’s.  Taylor overhears that he mother’s murder will walk and confronts EJ about it.
EJ has his own problems though when Brady, upon learning he is responsible for Arianna’s death, pounds him to within inches of his life.  Melanie, stops Brady from actually killing EJ, and they in fact save EJ’s life (Melanie probably uses her quickly acquired Nurse Practitioner qualifications). 
When a battered and bruised EJ regains consciousness he doesn’t remember what happened, which means Brady is in the clear, though a leaked script page indicates that Bo Brady is on board with Brady’s vigilante justice tactics.  Not really that surprising given, Bo’s rebel, anti-hero past.
An interesting question about eh extent of EJ’s memory loss though.  How extensive is it?  Could EJ with total memory loss have a chance at being the man he wants to be for good girl Taylor?  Rumor has it EJ and Taylor consummates their relationship over the summer.
Quinn is rumored to be head of the drug cartel that has featured sporadically in storylines dating back to Arianna’s undercover investigation for Roman Brady.  Quinn blackmails Chloe into prostitution, which surely has to be the way for Chloe to get her son back (sarcasm), and Quinn’s ties to another Salem resident will be revealed.  It was rumored to be Vivian during May sweeps spoilers.
Gabi and Will plan a special prom night.  If rumors of a gay storyline remain accurate, Will and Gabi’s prom night may be the end of that relationship.  Add to that news of Freddie Smiths’ casting as one of Justin and Adrienne’s sons, and you have a set-up for Will to come out of the closet.
When Jennifer learns about Carly’s prescription medication addiction, she believes Carly turned to pills because she was in love with Daniel.  Jennifer pulls back from her romance with Daniel.

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