Weekly Recap: Week Ending May 13, 2011

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At the convent Fake Rafe arrives, and tries to convince Sister Barbara that he’s the same man.  The nun is suspicious however, so he tells her that he is looking for his brother who is in trouble, and needs to find him.

At the safe house, Sami is frustrated. “You know who I am, dammit,” Sami tells Real Rafe.  “No” says the man before her, “I don’t even know who I am.” Dumbfounded that the Rafe before her remembers nothing about her past, Sami tells his that the safe house is where they met and fell in love. 
Real Rafe tells Sami that he’s been locked up for months first in a basement prison, then in a mental institution, until he escaped and was helped by a nun.  Sami would love to believe he’s having some kind of breakthrough and that her Rafe is returning to her, but doesn’t by it given hat she saw him only hours earlier. As Sami calms down however she realizes she doesn’t recognize his clothes, and he is injured.  But she no longer trusts him since he cheated on her, and goes to leave.
Back at the convent Fake Rafe arrives, and tries to convince Sister Barbara that he’s the same man.  The nun is suspicious however, so he tells her that he is looking for his brother who is in trouble, and needs to find him.
As Sami calms down, however, she realizes she doesn’t recognize his clothes; he is injured, and has the key!  But she no longer trusts him since he cheated on her, and goes to leave. As she opens the door she is confronted by a second Rafe!
Fake Rafe tries to convince Sami that Real Rafe is the imposter and that he’s the one who has been held captive for months.  There is a tussle, Sami is knocked unconscious, and the two Rafes fight for control of the gun.  The gun gets dropped and Sami picks it up when she comes to and breaks up the fighting Rafes.  When the two men won’t stop trying to convince her that the other is the imposter, Sami shoots!
Fake Rafe is winged, and Real Rafe calls her a lousy shot.  Sami tells his they can’t kill Fake Rafe, much as she’d like to.  They also can’t go to the police she tells him after filling him in on his career as a police officer and that her father and uncle are high ranking officers on the Salem PD.  EJ has the means to just disappear with her kids, says Sami as she fills him in on their life together.
They tie up Fake Rafe and Sami calls EJ asking him to keep the kids for a few days, while she and Real Rafe come up with a plan to get even with the DiMera’s.  Fake Rafe’s wound starts to get infected and Real Rafe comes down with a fever.  As Sami tends him he starts to remember!
Chloe is picked up at the Cheatin Heart by good looking Aussie-accented Quinn.  They leave together for a hotel room, but Quinn leaves to catch a flight out of town without saying goodbye, but leaves his ”mystery lady” an envelope filled with cash.
Chloe tells Maggie that she’s moving out.  She later also tells Brady who sees her with the wad of cash at the Brady pub.  When Brady tells Victor that Chloe is moving out of Maggie’s house, he assumed that Red got wise to Chloe, and rushes over to Maggie’s house and pretends to be contrite and apologizes for telling her who could stay at her house.  Maggie however is wise and tells him not to play her.  They break up, several times, and finally (reluctantly) agree there can be nothing more between them.
EJ tells Stefano that he’s decided to stay with Nicole for the sake of the children, without mentioning that Nicole is blackmailing him.  Nicole finds it fascinating that EJ hasn’t told his father about her blackmail, and is disappointed to learn that Lexie convince Taylor (who moved out of the mansion) to stay in town.
Both Lexie and Taylor ask EJ what the hell happened that he is staying with Nicole.  EJ tells Taylor he loves her but circumstances are outside of his control.  He has no choice but to stay with Nicole. Taylor tells him to treat her sister with respect and to stay away from her, then Taylor storms off to the Cheatin Heart and starts drinking.
Lexie fares better, and admits to Lexie that he is staying with Nicole because if he doesn’t he and their father are going to jail.  Lexie tells him he’s stupid, but can’t help but feel sorry for him. EJ gives Lexie a letter to give to Taylor.
At the Cheatin Heart, Brady comforts a tipsy and teary Taylor.  Nicole witnesses the hug, and once Taylor leaves tells Brady not to fall for the little match girl act that Taylor does so well.  They are a lot more alike than people think, Nicole tells Brady.  Brady tells that they are over, and to move on.
Abby and Melanie meet at the hospital where Abby is to intern over the summer.  They get off to a bad start however when Daniel brings in an unconscious Jennifer (shellfish allergy) and Abby assumes that her reactions is anxiety over Daniel putting the moves on her.  The two girls argue, and Maxine suggests that Daniel and Jennifer (who is feeling better) deal with their daughters.  Both girls privately admit to their parents that part of them wishes that their parents could be together (Daniel and Carly, and Jack and Jennifer).  Melanie and Abby make up, and Melanie takes Abby on a tour of the hospital.
Dario sublets Adrienne’s apartment and moves out of Sami and Rafe’s loft.  Melanie helps him move, but succeeds only in dropping the futon on his foot.  They share a moment and each privately wonders what is going on between them.
Bo and Hope congratulate Justin and Adrienne on their marriage, and Hope privately apologizes to Justin for having led him on.  Justin tells her their friendship has survived.
Jennifer takes on the job of helping Lexie find the drug thief at the hospital.  Carly is visibly nervous when Jennifer finds her as she considers lifting drugs from an unattended cart.
Carly has hallucinations of Lawrence taunting her in German, telling her she’s pathetic.  Carly later calls in a prescription for a Katerina von Leuschner – Carly’s real name.  Abby sees Carly pick up the medication.
Abby and Chad’s friendship continues to be tested by who his father is.  Stefano calls and asks Chad to come home.  When he gets there, Chad sees through the excuse as a reason to get him away from Abby.



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