Weekly Recap: Week Ending May 6, 2011

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Sami and Fake Rafe discuss trying again at their marriage, but Sami pulls back when Fake Rafe tries to get frisky.  Alone Fake Rafe thinks fast on his feet, to derail Sami’s new reconciliation plan.  He calls Dario, and then has a conversation with him about cheating on Sami with Alicia, the girl that picked him up at the Cheatin Heart, where Sami can overhear.

Sami tells him it’s over and tells him to collect his crap and be gone by the time she returns.  She picks up her keys, phone and bag and storms out to the Brady Pub where Caroline gives her tea, oatmeal cookies, sympathy and a pep talk.
Meanwhile Fake Rafe takes delight in packing his stuff to get out of Salem, until he can’t find the credit card that Stefano gave him—with is new name—Javier Morales—on it.  Stefano calls him an imbecile and tells him to ensure the card is not in the loft where someone can find it and trace it.  It is at the loft that Fake Rafe works out that Sami probably picked up the card with her stuff in her hurry to get out of the apartment. 
Fake Rafe turns up at the Brady Pub.  Caroline slaps him for what he did to Sami.  He lays on a story about needing to talk to Sami – didn’t she ever done anything dumb in her marriage, he asks?   When Caroline can’t get hold of Sami on the phone she tells Fake Rafe that Sami mentioned a key that seemed symbolic, and mentioned closure. 
Fake Rafe realizes that Sami has gone to the safe house and when Will turns up, has him get the address from Roman, since he can’t remember it since the accident. 
Sami arrives at the safe house and laments that everything was so perfect there, and then remembers that it didn’t start out so perfectly, with her continually trying to escape. He was always able to save me from myself, why couldn’t I do the same for him, Sami says regretfully.
“I want him back”, Sami cries out.  “How could he change so much”. As she goes to leave, she drops her bag and the bankcard falls out.  What is that Sami asks, but becomes distracted, by a mother passing by with her child.
An injured Real Rafe regains consciousness after jumping into the ravine.  He lost his key, the only link to his past life, but recovered it just prior to falling unconscious again, and a mysterious shadow appearing over him.
Waking up in a convent, Real Rafe is initially suspicious of the nun, Sister Rose, who claims to have come across him while out jogging.  But the pray together, Rafe working out he must have been catholic because he knows the prayers the sister recites.  When she hands him his own rosary, he recognizes the name – The Convent of the Holy Cross.  Something about the convent seems familiar Rafe admits. 
While recovering from a fever, Rafe dreams about using his key at the safe house. He awakens and tells Sister Rose he now knows where he needs to go.  Sister Rose takes him to the convent but the Sister there doesn’t recognize him.  She does however recognize the key as belonging to the only apartment building nearby.
Alone, Real Rafe heads to the apartment building and starts trying the key in each lock, until he is drawn to the apartment where a woman is crying.  He enters the room and the blonde yells “What the hell are you doing here.”
Sami tells Rafe to get out, but Real Rafe just looks at her blankly and asks, “Who are you?”.
Nicole learns that the DNA from the DiMera’s basement prison matches a blood sample Rafe Hernandez gave at the hospital when Arianna died. 
EJ convinces himself and Taylor that Nicole will be better off divorced from him.  She can still have visitation with Johnny and Sydney he assures Taylor and she can go back to the man she truly loves – Brady.  Taylor is convinced, and tells Lexie that she can’t deny loving EJ anymore.  Lexie agrees she thinks Taylor will be good for her brother.
Meanwhile EJ approaches Nicole for a divorce.
Nicole, needless to say is not thrilled about the divorce since she knows its so EJ can be with Taylor.  She accuses him of cheating on her, but tells him she thinks it Sami.  EJ tries hard to convince Nicole she’ll be happier not married to him, but Nicole disagrees and drops the DNA bombshell on him.  EJ is flummoxed into silence. Nicole tells him they are going to have a long committed and monogamous marriage.  They are going to grow old together Nicole tells a stunned and angry EJ.  Blackmail hasn’t worked out well for her in the past EJ reminds Nicole.  He was going to be extremely generous with her, but not anymore.
When Taylor returns to the mansion, she tells her that she and EJ have an announcement to make.  They are going on a honeymoon.  EJ does nothing to correct Nicole and Taylor is left mystified as the turn of events, and rushes upstairs when Nicole tries to get her to celebrate with her and EJ.
Nicole tells him they are going to have a long committed and monogamous marriage.  They are going to grow old together Nicole tells a stunned and angry EJ.  Blackmail hasn’t worked out well for her in the past EJ reminds Nicole.  He was going to be extremely generous with her, but not anymore.
EJ goes upstairs to talk to Taylor while Nicole gets some air at the pier.  While she is there she runs into Lexie who Taylor told about Nicole and EJ’s impending divorce.  Lexie is confused when Nicole tells her they are going on a honeymoon.
 EJ tells Taylor he’s a bad person, and he’s done some things that are now preventing him from being with her, EJ tells an upset Taylor.  Taylor slaps him and calls him a son of a bitch for leading her on when EJ says he’s staying with Nicole.
Taylor packs and leaves the house as Nicole, EJ and Sydney enjoy a bedtime story.
Maggie and Victor’s relationship continues to suffer for her taking Chloe in.  Victor cannot find it in himself to forgive Chloe for the hurt she caused Brady, Philip and Daniel – his family.  He reminds her that Lucas almost drank himself to death because of Chloe’s betrayal.
An angry Maggie tells Victor that no one made Lucas pick up the bottle.  Yes Chloe hurt him, but how he responded to that hurt is all on him, says the former alcoholic redhead.  Maggie tells Victor that Chloe will have a place in her home until she is back on her feet emotionally and financially. 
Someone (Alice Horton) helped her through her darkest drinking days until she was able to look after herself, and now it’s her turn to do the same for Chloe , Maggie tells Victor.  And she can’t be with a man who can’t have an ounce of compassion for someone whose life is in ruins, says a tearful Maggie as Victor quietly leaves, Red’s house.
Having overheard Victor’s less than flattering analysis of her character, Chloe goes for a walk.  By the pier she overhears Jennifer talking to Abby about her upcoming date with Daniel.  How she can date Daniel, Chloe asks.  Everyone knows she’s still in love with him.  Jennifer points out if she was really in love with Daniel she wouldn’t have cheated on him and that if she truly loves him, Chloe will let Daniel go and let him move on.
Chloe heads to the Cheatin heart and calls Jennifer a saccharine sweet suck-up while drowning her sorrows in a drink.  When a handsome stranger offers to buy her a drink, Chloe accepts…
Daniel cooks for Jennifer, but as he describes the preparation of the dish, and Jennifer takes her first mouthful, she begins to choke.
Thinking that Sami and Rafe are both out of town, Will and Gabi(prompted by T) try to spend some quality private time at the loft “studying” but find out at the last minute that Sami and Rafe are back.  Kinsey meanwhile discovers that her father’s dealership business is going bust and they have to declare bankruptcy.  There’s no money for her to go to college now, says the high school senior.
Kate is declared 2 years cancer free by her oncologist and reprimands Stefano for being an absentee father to Chad.  Stefano apologizes to Chad and tells him EJ has needed him, and if/whenever he needs him, he will be there for him too. 
Abby admits to Chad that she discouraged him working at the hospital over the summer because of money.  The internship doesn’t pay, and Chad needs to make money for tuition (he won’t let Stefano pay). Chad quits his job at the Cheatin Heart to take on his summer job at DiMera Enterprises.  Adrienne wishes him luck and hopes Chad never sees the side of the DiMera’s that her family has. There will always be a job at the Cheatin Heart for him, Adrienne tells Chad.
Dario takes a job at the Cheatin Heart and fantasizes about kissing Melanie, when she leaves her jacket behind.  To her face though, Dario tells her that she’s just a rick girl who helped him bring his sister’s killer to justice.   When he returns her jacket Melanie asks him to join her for a coffee, and Dario happily accepts.  When Melanie is paged to return to the hospital they agree to have coffee as friends again sometime.


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