Weekly Recaps: Week Ending April 29, 2011

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When Dario catches Fake Rafe kissing a half naked Alicia, ”the morning after” Dario calls his brother a bastard.  Fake Rafe argues with both Dario and Gabi over his treatment of Sami, his wife, and his disregard for the capture of their sister’s killer. Dario decides to stay in Salem, despite having done what he came to Salem to do (catch Ari’s killer).

Fake Rafe leaves exasperated by Rafe’s meddling “illegal immigrant” family.  He hits the road but doesn’t get far when Rafe’s car breaks down.  While checking out the car, Theo and Ciara come into the clearing.  He tries to do a deal with the kids; he won’t tell their parents he saw them, if they don’t tell their parents about him.  Ciara agrees, Theo won’t lie, and Fake Rafe grabs the kid.
Meanwhile Real Rafe’s absence from his cell is notices when Al the orderly retraces his steps in a bid to find his lost passkey.  Outside the institution, Real Rafe has donned denim and a plaid shirt.  Hearing the sirens and dogs he high tails it and is chased through the woods by Al and a security guard.  They corner him against a cliff and tell him there’s no place to go.  Real Rafe jumps off the cliff into the raging river below.
Al informs Stefano that Real Rafe is dead. EJ and Stefano celebrate the fortuitous news…but a battered Real Rafe regains consciousness on the river bank.
After a sleepless night worrying about Theo, Lexie rips into Hope.  Ciara took her baby with her because Ciara didn’t get enough attention at home Lexie rants, but is silenced when Abe arrives with a lead.  The neighbor saw the kids hanging around a landscaper’s truck which they track to Centerville.  Lexie apologizes to Hope.
A hungry Ciara and Theo are given food by Leah, a teen runaway.  Ciara gives Leah her necklace to say thanks.  Later a cop asking Leah why she’s not at school recognizes the necklace as Ciara’s and takes Leah into the Centerville cop shop.
Bo and Hope receive a call from Centerfield police and head out there. Leah spills on Ciara and Theo when Bo threatens her, then promises that he and hope will help the teen. Bo heads out into the countryside looking for Theo and Ciara and finds them, and Fake Rafe, with a firm grip on Theo’s arm.
The kids are reunited with their parents, and Fake Rafe is deemed a hero.  He explains his grip on Theo was to prevent him from taking off again. Before Fake Rafe can take off, Sami returns from her trip and arrives at the Brady home.  Maybe they can work through their issues together she tells him.
After a long day, Theo responds badly to Fake Rafe, telling him to “Go away.” Ciara later tells Bo and Hope that Fake Rafe is only nice when other adults are around which they put down to Rafe’s accident.
Rafe and Sami head home to “talk”.  Rafe considers taking care of Sami the same way he did Fay.
Nicole, EJ and Taylor return from their trip to Chicago for Fay’s funeral.  Taylor tells them she is moving out since there is no reason for her to be there since her mother is gone.  Nicole doesn’t want her sister to leave.
EJ fills Stefano in on his plan to divorce Nicole.  Stefano tells him it’s a bad idea, just because the bookkeeper won’t sleep with him while he’s married to her sister.  EJ tells Taylor he has a solution to their predicament.  Taylor won’t leave, Nicole will.  He’s divorcing Nicole he tells Taylor, who protests.  She doesn’t want to destroy her sister’s life. 
Frustrated that the DNA results from the DiMera prison cell provides no useful information Vivian throws the results into the trash while walking along the pier with Gus and discussing the situation. Nicole overhears their conversation and gingerly retrieves the DNA results from the trash, and puts this information together with her suspicions that EJ and Stefano had something to do with Rafe’s accident.
Nicole shares her theory that EJ and Stefano have some kind of control over Rafe’s mind with Chloe, who suggests she stay out of DiMera business if she knows what’s good for her.
EJ convinces Taylor that Nicole will be better off after they are divorced.  She won’t want for money for the rest of her life, EJ promises, and she’ll have a relationship with Sydney and Johnny just like she wanted, AND she can have the man she truly loves – Brady. 
Taylor finally buckles and tells EJ she can’t deny loving him anymore, and the two kiss in the DiMera living room, while Nicole watches through a crack in the door from the foyer.
EJ and Taylor go on a picnic where EJ promises to be as kind and gentle in divorcing Nicole as possible.  And he’ll keep Taylor out of it, in a bid to preserve her relationship with Nicole.  Once it’s done, Taylor can decide where their relationship goes.
Nicole meanwhile cries on a park bench at the pier.  Her own sister, “How could she have been so stupid?” she asks herself.  She is strengthened when Fay appears to her and tells her she has more power than she thinks and tells her to take care of herself.
Nicole orders a DNA match between Rafe Hernandez(form police and FBI records) and the DNA results she retrieved from Vivian.  While she waits for the results she fills in Chloe at the Cheatin Heart.  Chloe advises her to be careful dealing with the DiMera’s and has her consider that she only has one sister.  But Nicole is out for revenge. 
Nicole heads home and innocently asks Taylor and EJ what they’ve been up to.  Chloe is asked out by a handsome stranger, but she declines since she’s only just single.
Victor finds Chloe at the Brady Pub and asks where Henderson can send her meager belongings.  Maggie enters and tells him “My place.”   Victor tells Maggie that if she takes in Chloe that she won’t see him again, to which the feisty redhead replies “I’ll survive.”
A jealous Melanie lays into Chloe when she learns that Maggie has taken Chloe in.  Maggie tells the junior spitfire she is not taking Chloe’s side over hers.  Melanie finds comfort from Brady who defends Chloe (he’s made mistakes too) but let’s Melanie know he is always on her side.  
Victor and Brady reconciled and Victor too gives Melanie his full support and offers to take care of Troy for her.  Melanie declines the kind offer telling Vic that part of her just wants him to share a cell with a man who hasn’t seen a woman in a while.
Dario asks Melanie out to celebrate their joint accomplishment (catching Troy), but Melanie turns him down because she’s not ready to date.  Dario supposes if she was she’d be dating Brady, and decides he likes a challenge.  He applies for a job at the Cheatin Heart.
Chloe and Daniel receive their final divorce decree.  Justin concerned for Chloe’s financial plight encourages her to take alimony form Daniel.  Chloe refuses.
 Jennifer empathizes with Daniel over the divorce, but Daniel says he’s moved on.  Jennifer says she knows he has, and admits to seeing him kissing Carly.  Daniel tells Jennifer it’s not what she’s thinking.  Carly kissed him, and she was upset at the time.  It was nothing.
Melanie tells Daniel that Philip left town with Parker.  Daniel tells Melanie he has no right to be upset, Parker is Philip and Chloe’s, but he is visibly shaken by the news.  When Jennifer tries to comfort him, he pulls away telling her that he knows she’s just interested in friendship, and doesn’t want to compromise that.  Jennifer admits that she likes Daniel “that way” a lot, and kisses him.  They organize to go on a date (watching a cubs game at a sports bar).
Melanie and Carly over hear the arrangements.  Melanie is delighted.  Carly pretends to be, but outside Daniels apartment is rattled because she’s out of pills.  At the hospital Carly overhears news of a big nurses meeting regarding stolen drugs.  A drug rep then leaves a delivery of samples intended for Lexie Carver with Carly…
Stefano and Kate congratulate themselves when they manipulate Chad and Abby so that Chad chooses to work for DiMera Enterprises over the summer rather than take an internship at the hospital.  (Stefano fed Abby a story about Chad needing to earn money for tuition because he won’t let Stefano pay).
Adrienne tells Abby that Jacks response to her email of news in Salem (Abby is back, Jennifer’s heart surgery and Adrienne’s marriage to justin) was a Haiku about sunsets.  Abby calls her father a jerk, but doesn’t fill Jennifer in when she arrives at the Brady Pub.  Jennifer tells Abby she’s going on a date with Daniel.  Abigail is delighted her mother is moving on with her life and because Dr Dan is “hot”.
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