Crystal Chappell (Carly Manning) to Leave Days of our Lives!

Crystal Chappell tweeted yesterday that her contract, which expires in August, will not be picked up by Days of our Lives. Crystal also tweeted that it was not a decision made by the new writers hired a few weeks ago when Dena Higley was fired.

Crystal Chappell returned to the role of Dr Carly Manning on Days of our Lives in 2009 when Guiding Light was cancelled.  This is the second stint that Crystal has undertaken in Salem, the first during the early 90’s, when Carly was paired with widower (or so we thought) Bo Brady.
Bo and Carly were instantly popular, and fans watched as Bo and Carly were pulled apart by Victor who wanted Carly for himself, a deadly mystery virus (Bo was infected) and the antics of Vivian Alamain (she buried Carly alive).  When Bo and Carly finally could have their time, their time had passed, with Carly leaving Salem to build a life with the son she’d thought died shortly after birth (Vivian instead stole the child from her and raised him, Nicholas, as her own), and Lawrence Alamain.
Carly Manning (and Crystal Chappell’s) 2009 return was met with enthusiasm by a strong Days of our Lives viewer base that were diehard Bo and Carly fans.  And for a while, they had their way.  Bo who was estranged from his wife, Hope, helped Carly when she first returned to Salem after killing her husband, Lawrence, and they reunited as a couple.
Unfortunately, the pull of the Bo and Hope supercouple contingent pulled Bo away from Carly and back to his family, leaving Carly on the verge of a breakdown and in episodes currently airing, addicted to prescription medication, and lusting after Daniel Jonas, the father of her other secret baby, Melanie.
While Crystal Chappell’s performance as a drug addicted Carly has been nothing short of phenomenal, the storyline’s written for Carly Manning have been fairly weak.  Carly, (and Crystal) deserve more than to be the perpetual “other woman” in storylines featuring Days of our Lives darlings Hope Williams Brady and Jennifer Rose Horton Devereaux.
Days of our Lives loss, however, is the burgeoning, webisoap industries gain, as Crystal Chappell has announced that she and husband Michael Sabatino (ex-Days of our Lives, Lawrence Alamain) will be bringing a new online soap, The Grove, to our computer screens.  Crystal and Michael are already the driving force behind successful web based soap Venice, which this year is nominated for a Daytime Emmy in the inaugural special class format category.
With the continual cancellation of daytime soap operas on network television (One Life to Live and All My Children), and the contracts of fan favorites such as Crystal Chappell being allowed to expire, the talent pool for the internet soap market, is ever increasing.
With many Crystal Chappell fans showing their allegiance and vowing to migrate their viewing loyalties to her online endeavors, Days of our Lives just may find itself losing viewers it can scarcely afford to lose, and making the task of new head writers Marlene McPherson and Darrell Ray Thomas all the more difficult.
It’s hard to see Days of our Lives as anything but the loser in this decision…

Update!  Crystal Chappel’s (Carly Manning) last airdate September 22, 2011…


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