Days of our Lives Casts Nicholas Alamain with Cody Longo

Days of our Lives, after announcing months ago that the character, Nicholas Alamain was to be cast, has filled the role with Make It or Break It (ABC Family) heart throb Cody Longo.  He has also appeared in episodes of Brothers and Sisters (as a teenaged Tommy) and Medium.
The announcement comes at the end of a major period of upheaval for both the cast and crew of Days of our Lives.  Over that past month there has been news of many high profile comings and goings, as part of Ken Corday’s revitalization of Days of our Lives which is struggling ratings wise at a time when there is much speculation of the future of daytime soap operas.
Nicholas Alamain is the oft mentioned son of Dr Carly Manning (Crystal Chappell) and Laurence Alamain.  Vivian Alamain told Carly that her child had been died shortly after birth and raised him as her own (adopted) son.  Bo and Carly learned years later when Nicholas was 6 years old (in the early 1990’s) that Nicholas was in fact Carly and Laurence’s son.
Carly, Lawrence and Nicholas left Salem as a family unit in 1993.  Nicholas made a return to Salem in 1999 as the hot-bodded Titan Publishing executive who had an affair with Kate Roberts.  Kate was married to an impotent Victor at the time. Nicholas fell in love with Kate, but Kate was still in love with Victor and needed Nicholas only to satisfy her physical needs.  Nicholas left town when Kate repeatedly rejected him. 
Cody Longo was born on March 4, 1988, making the actor 23.  Victor Webster, the last actor to portray Nicholas (1999-2000) was born on February 7, 1973.  Given the age of the actors, it is safe to say that Nicholas Alamain has not aged, or perhaps even de-aged in his 12 year absence from Salem, which means that the 1999-2000 storylines featuring Nicholas and his relationship with Kate, would have to be re-written.
In April of this year, on his birthday, Nicholas’s voice was heard in a phone conversation with his mother.  Carly and Nicholas are currently estranged due to Carly killing Nicholas’ father, Lawrence.  Nicholas told Carly that she was as dead to him as his father.  Vivian (Louise Sorel) took much delight in listening to the conversation, especially since Carly had overheard her own cheerful and amicable conversation with Nicholas.
The casting comes as somewhat as a surprise, as Carly Manning and Vivian Alamain, two characters Nicholas is related to in Salem, are in the departure lounge, with Crystal Chappell and Louise Sorel’s contracts not being renewed, as part of the Days of our Lives cast shuffle.
So the big question is:  Is Nicholas being introduced on a short term basis as part of Vivian and Carly’s departure storylines?  Or will Nicholas stay long term to become acquainted with his half sister Melanie Layton?
No first airdate for Cody Longo has as yet been announced as yet.Read more about Nicholas Alamain.


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