June 1981 – Days in History

Maggie Horton became pregnant under Dr Neil Curtis’ surrogate mother program.  Mickey admitted to Marlena that even though Maggie was now pregnant he still had reservations about her involvement.  He wasn’t sure that Maggie would be able to give up the child once it was born.  Mickey was also uncomfortable with Maggie and Stuart Whyland’s friendship.

Maggie comforted Stuart Whyland over his daughter in law’s death, while Marlena convinced Stuart to hire his son, Dr Evan Whyland, onto the staff at University Hospital.  Stuart consulted with Marlena about his son’s grief for his late wife.
Although Lee had given up on winning back ex husband Doug, now that he was married to Julie, her meddling ways did not.  She told Don Craig, Marlena’s ex-husband that Marlena wanted to reconcile, throwing a spanner in the works of Liz and Don’s plans to marry, and fuelled Liz’s jealousy of Don’s ex-wife.. Don’s best friend Mickey also suspected that Don wasn’t over his former wife.
Marlena meanwhile began receiving strange phone calls on her radio talk show.  For a while she suspected the caller was Don, but Don ended up investigating the phone calls for her.
Tod who was still pining for Jessica Blake, told his new half-brother Joshua (they shared a mother – Sunny Chandler) that he would accept him as a brother if he convinced Jessica to leave the convent.
Marie told the Mother Superior that Jessica was rushing into becoming a nun which Jessica held this against Marie.
Meanwhile Renee longed to be with Tod, but dated Chris Kositchek as an alternate. Chris told Tod not to lead Renee on, and Renee’s sister Lee promised to cause Tod trouble is he didn’t leave Renee alone.   Lee also told Renee to look more closely at Chris (an engineer and inventor with a bright financial future) which she did when Chris sustained a concussion in an argument with Tod.
Chris confided in Renee that he had an estranged brother named Jake, and was thrilled when Jake moved to Salem.  Renee wasn’t so thrilled to have Jake living with Chris, as she had plans to move in with Chris, and had Jake move into a boarding house. Renee’s future with Chris wasn’t to be however.  The perpetual bachelor ended his relationship with Renee when she professed her love.
Marie told the Mother Superior that Jessica was rushing into becoming a nun which Jessica held this against Marie.  Jessica rejected Tod Chandler’s advances while fantasizing about a romantic involvement with Joshua, his half brother.
Tod and Renee bonded over their respective heart breaks and shattered love lives.  Renee received her own talk show at Stuart Whyland’s radio station (managed by David Banning).
Jessica who resented Marie’s interference in her life, encouraged Mary Anderson to break up Alex and Marie by pursuing Ales herself.  Alex wasn’t fooled though less than impressed with Mary using Jessica to destroy his relationship with Marie.  Jessica eventually gave her unenthusiastic approval for Alex to marry Marie.
A young Hope Williams resented her step-sister who was now also her step-mother and caused difficulties for newly married, Doug and Julie.  When Hope decided to live with her grandparents, Tom and Alice, Doug consulted with Marlena over his teenage daughter, and he problems with his wife. 
Hope meanwhile, became smitten with new hunk in town, Jake Kositchek.  Doug was less than pleased when he found Hope in Jake’s boarding house room, but Julie did not share her husband’s distrust of Jake, despite Renee DuMonde’s belief that Jake was in town to get up to no good.
Mary Anderson thought Tod was going to sell her his stake in Anderson Manufacturing (the company her father, Bob, founded) but Tod pulled out of the deal, before it even had legs.
Alex implied to David that he knew about his shady dealings in San Diego (while working for Stuart Whyland).  David became suspicious about a sudden trip Alex made to San Diego.
Mike Horton and Trish Banning dated, while all a jealous David could do was watch. 



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