Sydney Penny Cast as Carly Manning’s Rehab Doctor on Days of our Lives

Soap opera veteran, Sydney Penny has been cast as the medico that helps get Dr Carly Manning clean on Days of our Lives. Penny is set to start appearing from August 30, and has had roles on All My Children (Julia Santos Keefer), Santa Barbara (BJ Walker) and The Bold and The Beautiful (Samantha Kelly).

Sydney Penny will play Dr Norman in a seven episode guest stint.  Dr Norman will be the doctor responsible for helping Carly overcome her drug habit, presumably before Carly leaves Salem.
Carly Manning slipped into drug dependency when Bo Brady returned to his wife, Hope, and Carly’s best friend Jennifer Horton began dating Daniel Jonas, the father of Carly’s daughter Melanie.  Carly has been stealing prescription drugs from hospital drug carts and writing prescriptions for fictional patient, Katarina Von Leuschner (Carly’s real name).
Whether Carly’s dependency stemmed from unrequited love (Daniel Jonas) or her feeling for Daniel stem from the drug dependency is hard to establish, but will no doubt be revealed in the conclusion to Carly’s storyline.
Crystal Chappel’s  (Carly Manning) contract was not renewed as part of the current Days of our Lives shake-up, and in addition to the casting of Sydney Penny as Dr Norman, Cody Longo will be coming to Salem as Nicholas Alamain, Carly’s estranged son, with Laurence Alamain. 
Presumably, Carly’s drug addiction will be cured, and her relationship with Nicholas mended before she leaves Salem.  Sydney Penny’s role is known to be a seven episode guest stint, but whether Nicholas Alamain’s (Cody Longo) return is short term has not been revealed. 


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