August 1981 – Days in History

Alex Marshall regained consciousness after being shot, but didn’t know who done it.  He hadn’t seen his assailant and soon realized that he was also paralyzed.  Alex’s ex-wife, Mary Anderson planted the seed that David Banning was the perpetrator.  Meanwhile, a worried Tod Chandler confessed to his sister, Liz, that he’d had one of his drunken blackouts on the night of Alex’s shooting.

Marie Horton rented an apartment that she and Alex moved into once he was discharged from hospital. They’d barely settled in however when they started receiving nasty messages left on their door.  Things weren’t going Alex’s way on the romance front either.  Despite living together, Marie wouldn’t sleep with Alex. Alex and Marie’s relationship suffered further problems over her support of her nephew David (who was on trial and later convicted of Alex’s shooting.  Marie was a Horton first and Alex’s fiancé second…

Dr Marlena Evans continued to receive strange letters and frightening calls to her radio show. Marlena’s ex-husband, Don continued to investigate their source putting further strain on his relationship with his fiancée, Liz.  When Liz told Don she thought he was trying to delay their wedding he agreed to marry her in two weeks.  Liz planned a fancy wedding day.

Mickey considered taking legal action against the slanderous newspaper article about Maggie’s surrogate pregnancy.  Reporter, Mark Garrett continued to annoy Maggie about her surrogate pregnancy Neil Curtis tried to keep Evan Whyland and Maggie Horton away from each other, but met with little success.  Evan considered leaving town, but decided to stay when Maggie experienced complications with her pregnancy.  Maggie meanwhile was having second thoughts about giving up her child and quizzed Neil about her baby’s adoptive parents.

Trish had words with Renee DuMonde for her radio smear campaign against Trish’s ex-husband David. David meanwhile, tried to steal the report from Alex Marshall that proved he’s been a drug courier in San Diego.  Mary Anderson prevented the theft and gave the report to District Attorney Don Craig.  David protested that he was unaware that the packages he was running contained drugs, but the report was entered into evidence in David’s trial for shooting Alex Marshall regardless.  David didn’t help his case by refusing to disclose the mob bosses he’d worked for.

With mounting evidence against her ex-husband, Trish walked away from supporting David.  The move also allowed her to commit to Mike.  The two made love and became engaged.

David was found guilty of shooting Alex Marshall and went to jail.  He confessed to Renee DuMonde that he hadn’t named his mob bosses because he, Trish and their son Scotty were mob targets.  A repentant Renee promised her silence, but was unaware that she was being monitored by the men after David and his family.

In jail, David’s cellmate tried to kill him.  Renee had a change of heart about David’s guilt and set out to clear him of his charges.  David broke out of jail and had a car accident.  He hid in the basement of Stuart Whyland’s radio station.  Renee aided David and Mike suspected that she knew more about his cousin than she was letting on.

Hope, under Doug’s watchful eye resumed dating Jake Kositchek and tried to introduce him to Jessica unaware that Jake was already seeing Jessica’s “Angel” alter-ego.  Jake broke a date with Hope to party with bad girl Angel, who continued to harass her parents, Alex and Marie.

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