Christie Clark (Carrie Brady Reed), Patrick Muldoon (Austin Reed) and Bryan Dattilo (Lucas) Tipped To Return to Days of our Lives

Amidst rumors of other fan favorite returns comes more gossip of hot Days of our Lives returns.  Confirmed!  Christie Clark and Patrick Muldoon started filming week of July 11, 2011!, as well as Australian print magazine TV Soap is reporting that three fan favorites are tipped to return to Days of our Lives as part of the major rejuvenation currently underway on NBC’s last daytime soap opera, which is about to be re-launched in Fall with both a new look and new storylines penned by the new Days of our Lives writing team.
Though widely speculated on across the internet, the returns of Christie Clark as Brady good-girl Carrie, Patrick Muldoon, the original Austin Reed  and Bryan Dattilo as unlucky in love Lucas Horton is at this time unconfirmed and should be thought of as rumor only. Updated: Christie Clark and Patric Muldoon: Confirmed! Bryan Datillo????
Patrick Muldoon was the original Austin Reed, portraying the character from 1992 to 1995.  Austin Peck took over the role in 1995, and reprised the role again in 2005 when Austin returned to Salem for Sami and Lucas wedding (it didn’t happen).  When Austin left Salem in 2005 it was with Carrie (Christie Clark) as his bride.  
Though Christie Clarke did not originate the role of Carrie Brady, she is best remembered by fans in the (adult) role.  Andrea Barber (Full House) originated the role as a child, with Tracey Mittendorf portraying Carrie before Christie Clark.  There has been talk of Clarks return to Days of our Lives in the past (November 2010) which turned out to be a 1 episode deal.  Fans will likely be hoping for a longer tenure should this rumor pan out.
Bryan Datillo originated the role of Lucas Roberts as he was then known in 1993. He portrayed Lucas until his departure from Days of our Lives in 2010 with only a brief hiatus when Lucas recovered from severe burns he suffered when the Kiriakis mansion burned down in 2001.  Lucas is currently living in China, with daughter Allie, working for Kate DiMera’s company Home and Hearth.  Lucas is mentioned regularly onscreen, mostly in relation to the daughter he shares with Sami (Allie) making a return believable.
Carrie, Austin and Lucas have more than enough ties to Salem to stir up years of conflict and storylines with the existing ensemble, but also have a colorful history as three parts of a long-term love quadrangle, with Carrie’s jealous younger sister, Sami making up the fourth.
Sami and Lucas plotted to keep Carrie and Austin apart so that Sami could have Austin and Lucas could have Carrie for himself.  Their maneuvers met with various degrees of success.  The most successful of Sami’s schemes was to drug Austin and trick him into making love to her by pretending to be Carrie (Sami wore Carries perfume). 
Sami fell pregnant and declared Austin the father of her baby (Will Horton) at Austin’s wedding to her sister, Carrie! Sami conveniently “forgot” that she and Lucas had also slept together and the truth, that Lucas was actually Will’s father, not uncle came out years later.
It took Lucas many years, but he finally wed Carrie.  Though Austin was on the scene, Carrie was furious with him.  Austin’s company had taken over the company Carrie was CEO of in Los Angeles (High Style).  Of course, Sami blackmailing Lexie Carver (Sami knew about Lexie’s affair with Tek Kramer)into telling Carrie that due to some rare genetic markers she and Austin carried, they would likely never conceive a healthy child helped steer Carrie into Lucas’ bed and left Austin free for Sami to pursue.
With Sami already ensconced in storylines with Rafe, EJ and Nicole, Austin, Carrie and Lucas may have to make do with a love triangle storyline.  Though as sons of Kate DiMera’s, Austin and Lucas can certainly expect their mother to interfere with both their love lives and business affairs…taking Kate’s focus away from step-son, Chad.  This would be good news for Chad and Abby…

Update:  April 11, 2012Christie Clarke and Patrick Muldoon (Austin and Carrie) fired!


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