Days of our Lives New Storylines – The Last Days of Dena Higley Writing

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Despite Dena Higley having been fired months ago, Days of our Lives fans are still suffering through episodes penned by the former Head Writer, because Days of our Lives tapes up to 2 ½ months ahead of airdates.

But the new head writers, Marlene McPherson and Ray Darnell are doing their best to keep fans tuning in by drip feeding tidbits about when we can expect to see new storylines penned by the new writing team.

Anticipation of the new storylines has been heightened by the extensive cast shake-ups that Days of our Lives has been going through.  Ken Corday promised the return of many fan favorites and has surely delivered with Deidre Hall (Marlena Evan Black), Drake Hogestyn (John Black), Matthew Ashford (Jack Devereaux), Christie Clark (Carrie Brady Reed) and Patrick Muldoon (the original Austin Reed) all confirmed returns.

Jack Devereaux is expected to be the first of these characters to appear in Salem with some spoiler and rumor sources citing a first airdate in the coming weeks.  The others, John and Marlena and Carrie and Austin are confirmed starts on or around 9/26.
So not only are Days of our Lives fans anticipating the wrap up of the Dena Higley storylines and the start of a new Days of our Lives era, but the new storylines will also feature characters (in the short term at least) that many fans have watched for decades.

So when can fans count on the end or the Higley episodes?  Marlene McPherson, one of Days of our Lives new Head Writers tweeted that Higley storylines will wrap-up on 8/19 and new storylines will start on 9/26 with a special episode airing on 9/23 (commemorating the Tom and Alice Horton). 

Rumor has it that a new town square is to be named Horton Square after Tom and Alice, commemorating their contribution to Salem.  If this is true we can no doubt expect a nostalgic episode filled with Horton family flashbacks, a real treat for long term fans of Days of our Lives.

Here’s to 9/23 and the new era starting in Days of our Lives on 9/26.  Let’s hope the Days of our Lives refresh gives our favorite daytime drama the boost it needs to stay on air until its 50th anniversary (in 2015) and beyond!

Note:  Reviews of Days of our Lives ratings will recommence with the Days or our Lives re-launch in September. 


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