Jason Cook Rumored to Bring Shawn Brady Back to Days of our Lives

The latest Days of our Lives casting rumor circling the internet is that Days of our Lives is hoping to bring back Jason Cook (Shawn Brady) to Salem.  Please note, that at this time, this is rumor only and has not been confirmed!

Jason Cook was last seen as Shawn Brady on September 22, 2006 after a seven years stint, starting in 1999.  The actor left to pursue other acting opportunities and the role of Shawn Brady was recast immediately with Brandon Beemer as Shawn was part of a front burner two couple love quadrangle at the time.
Shawn Brady was married to Mimi Lockhart (Farah Fath), best friend of Shawn’s true love Belle Black (Martha Madison) who was married to Shawn’s high school buddy, Philip Kiriakis.  To complicate matters Shawn and Belle had conceived a baby, Claire, but didn’t realize they’d slept together (Belle thought it was a dream!).  The news of Claire’s true paternity had come to light and the fallout still playing out on our screens when Jason Cook departed.
The two mismatched couples (Mimi and Shawn, and Belle and Philip) were also undergoing fertility treatment to conceive, and a black gloved hand switched the Petri dishes ensuring that Shawn and Belle conceived a second child together.
Of course, no Shawn Brady return would be complete without Belle Black in tow. 
Kristen Storms portrayed Isabella “Belle” Black from 1999 to July 2004, when she left Days of our Lives and landed the role of Maxie on General Hospital. Storms is currently still seen on General Hospital, where her character Maxie’s love interest, Matt Hunter is played by none other than…Jason Cook.
And if Jason Cook and/or Kirsten Storms aren’t available for a return to Salem as Shawn and Belle, maybe their replacements are…
Martha Madison, who took over the role of Belle Black in 2004 after a short-lived stint by Charity Rahmer, has also recently appeared on General Hospital (Elizabeth Webber) in a temporary capacity, and may be free for a return visit to Salem.
Brandon Beemer, though currently appearing on the Bold and the Beautiful as Owen Knight has an August contract expiration without a new deal inked to stay….
So, is there any truth to the rumored return of Jason Cook to Days of our Lives?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Time will tell.  As it will for the other rumored comebacks….

Update:  With rumors persisting that ABC could cancel General Hospital next year, chatter that Days of our Lives may be looking to bring back Jason Cook and Kirsten Storms who were wildly popular as Salem’s young Shawn Brady and Belle Black also persistes….

Update 10 May, 2012:  Jason Cook’s run as Dr Matt Hunter on General Hospital is over…With the recent announcement of more departures from Salem, could there be room in Salem for Shawn Brady to return?  And what about his wife, Belle.  After all, Kirsten Storms is free from her ties to General Hospital too (assuming she’s well enough to work…)

Kirsten Storms Update!


  1. It would be awesome if these guys returned, especially jason and farah! These two just make a perfect couple! Really!*shimi/jarah fan*

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