July 1981 – Days in History

Alex Marshall used his knowledge of David’s shady dealings in San Diego to blackmail David Banning into giving him a loan to purchase Anderson Manufacturing.  David warned Marie about her fiancé, Alex’s character.

Mary still had her sights on Anderson Manufacturing and promised Tod that if he sold her Anderson Manufacturing that she would use her friendship with Jessica to convince the young woman to turn her romantic attentions Tod’s way.
Marlena received a threatening note—supposedly from the same man calling in to her radio show.  Ex-husband and District Attorney Don Craig investigated.  In a bid to repay Marlena’s kindness in springing her from Bayview Sanitarium, Lee DuMonde tried to get Liz and Neil to reunite so that Don would be free to reconcile with his ex-wife. 
A jealous Liz accused Don Craig of spending too much time with his ex-wife, Marlena, and neglecting her.  Liz’s feelings weren’t entirely unjustified as Marlena admitted to her friend, Joshua Fallon that she wasn’t quite over Don yet.  Liz continued to push Don to marry her.
Evan Whyland confided in Maggie Horton about his grief over his wife’s death.  Evan suspected that Maggie was the surrogate he and his wife hired anonymously through Neil Curtis’ Surrogate Motherhood Program.  Neil confirmed Evans suspicions, and Evan worked at gaining Maggie’s trust and friendship.  Neil and Stuart discouraged Evan and Maggie from spending time together, but Evan was the one to provide comfort when the press ran an upsetting story about Maggie’s pregnancy.
Alex Marshall was shot by a mystery gunman. With her father in a critical condition, Jessica and Marie supported each other, but when she accidently referred to Marie as “Mom” Jessica retreated.  Alex regained consciousness briefly, but passed out again before he could identify his assailant.
Chris Kositchek suspected Tod Chandler of shooting Alex, but David Banning became the prime suspect when Renee DuMonde told police she saw David wipe fingerprints from a gun.  When Doug confessed to Don Craig that he’d overheard David threatening Alex, David was charged with Alex Marshall’s shooting.  Doug and Julie’s relationship suffered for Doug implicating her son, David in Alex’s shooting. Trying to make amends with Julie, Doug tried to find out why David had threatened Alex, but David would not fill Doug in on what Alex had over him.  Doug did however make amends with teenage daughter, Hope.
Renee DuMonde used Alex Marshall’s shooting to garner listeners for her radio talk show by running a smear campaign against David Banning and publicizing David’s secret. (The packages he delivered in San Diego had been full of drugs).
Mike Horton proposed to Trish Banning, but Trish’s support of her ex-husband David placed a strain on Trish and Mike’s relationship.  Trish put off marrying Mike.
Jake Kositchek became smitten with tough sleazy Angel, who unbeknownst to anyone in Salem was an alter-ego that Jessica Blake had developed, while also maintaining her Angelique novice nun persona.  Marie asked Marlena to treat Jessica who had been having difficulty with the revelations of her paternity and her father’s shooting.


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