July 1991 – Days in History

The only venue in Salem large enough to hold all the guests for Jack and Jennifer’s wedding was an outdoor arena.  The only requirement was that the arena be vacated by 2pm because a Wild West show was slated to use the arena after Jennifer and Jack’s wedding.
The other two events that psychiatrist Whitney Baker had suggested my cure his condition had passed without as much as a peep from Jack: his divorce from Eve was final, and Lawrence had been sentenced and went to jail.
Frustrated at his continued inability to speak, Jack went to the arena the night before the wedding hoping the venue would trigger a cure for his hysterical laryngitis.  While there however, he was mistaken as the unreliable drunkard of the Wild West Show, Wild Bill Mahoney, and locked up so that he couldn’t disappear before the Wild West Show.  Meanwhile Jennifer was worried that Jack wouldn’t turn up for their wedding when Jack went missing.
Jack decided the best way to get out of the locked room was to go along with the Wild Bill charade, and dressed in Wild Bills costume.  When the real Wild Bill arrived he got upset and punched Jack out.  While unconscious, Jack had a strange Wild West meets vaudeville dream where the wedding guests punched out the cowboys. 
When he regained consciousness Jack discovered he could speak!
Bill Horton arrived in town for the wedding, much to Jennifer’s joy.  He gave Jennifer a pearl necklace that belonged to her institutionalized mother, Laura, and walked his daughter down the aisle.
Jack turned up in time for his wedding, but not before being bounced around by the cowboys from the Wild West show.  Jack and Jennifer exchanged their vows and Jack surprised Jennifer with a honeymoon in Hollywood.
When Eve learned from Julie that Jack wouldn’t have to repay the money he’d used from Nick’s trust to save the Spectator, Eve was furious and followed Jack and Jennifer to Hollywood, telling Frankie that she was going to New York to say goodbye to her mother. 
Eve caught up with Jack and Jennifer at Universal Studios and Eve told Jack she wanted her money back.  They argued, Jack telling Eve she wasn’t going to get a dime. An angry Eve told Jack the money and he were cursed and would bring him only misery.  A guy dressed as a cowboy listened intently, and followed Jack and Jennifer around.
Eve returned to Salem and left for Africa with Frankie Brady.  Jack and Jennifer had their fortunes read by a psychic named Desire at Venice Beach.  Desire predicted Creatures crossing Jack and Jennifer’s path, bells ringing, and a stranger entering Jennifer’s life in the coming days who would change her life. After Jack and Jennifer left the cowboy from Universal Studios stopped in to see Desire, who he is obviously familiar with.
Jack and Jennifer return home to Salem. Vern tells Jack that a trust officer from the bank has been calling about him repaying the money he borrowed from Nick’s trust.  A loan Jennifer knows nothing about.
The cowboy from LA followed Jack and Jennifer to Salem, and introduced himself to Molly Brinker as Hawk.  Jennifer was befriended by a homeless man named Howard who never misses her appearances on TV.  Howard later picked up a package left for him by the cowboy, Hawk.  Hawk and Howard both wore belt buckles monogrammed with the initials HAH.
Howard gave Jennifer a Native American doll on a key chain, while a young hunk turned up at the Spectator looking for Jennifer and claimed to be Howard, fueling Jack’s jealousy and fear of a stranger who would change Jennifer’s life.  Jennifer convinces Howard to have dinner with her and Jack, where jack sees that Howard isn’t the young stud but an older gentleman down on his luck.  Jennifer decidesd Jack should give Howard a job, as a Janitor at the Spectator, where Howard learned that Jack had taken out a large loan to buy the newspaper.
Bo arrived in Memphis to find the hotel room where Emmy Borden had been held by Victor’s henchman empty, except for a blood stain on the carpet.  Bo missed Jack and Jennifer’s wedding but upon returning to Salem passed out on board the Fancy Face, where he was found unconscious by Sean Douglas who called 911. 
Bo was hospitalized and Carly ran tests, including blood work.  Bo begged his sister Kayla to prevent anyone finding out he had the mystery virus, so she substituted her own blood for Bo’s, so his condition wouldn’t be revealed.  Kayla’s actions would see her suspended when Dr Neil Curtis told the hospital board of the nurse’s actions.
When Carly worked out that Bo had the mystery illness, Victor offered Lawrence Alamain the “John Black” file in exchange for the cure of the mystery virus.  Victor gave Carly the cure to use on Bo, on the proviso she remain his wife.
Shane and Kimberly worked together as ISA partners to get the mystery illness cure from Lawrence.  When Shane realized that Kim and Kayla had been keeping quiet about Bo suffering from the mystery illness they set off tracking Bo, who went looking for Emmy Borden.  Bo worked out that Emmy had been kidnapped by Victor for threatening to spill the details of the letter switch to Bo.
Lawrence in a bid to save his relationship with Kimberly (by saving Bo) bribed Victor’s henchman with the intent of using Emmy to lure Bo to a warehouse to administer the cure.  Things went awry however Kurt administered a lethal dose of the virus to Emmy.  She died in Bo’s arms, but not before telling Bo that it was her who had infected him with the virus.
When Carly worked out that Bo had the mystery illness, Victor offered Lawrence Alamain the “John Black” file in exchange for the cure of the mystery virus.  Victor gave Carly the cure to use on Bo, on the proviso she remained his wife.
Mickey Horton learned form a letter his adopted daughter Sarah wrote that Dr Neil Curtis was her biological father (and Maggie her biological mother). 
Tanner Scofield and his brother Brian remain estranged from their father Vern.  Tanner found an old wedding photo where the bride had a striking resemblance to Molly Brinker.

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