Victor Kiriakis Defends Gay Grand Nephew, Sonny Kiriakis, And Gets The Girl!

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Just when you thought you had Victor Kiriakis pegged, be goes and does the unexpected.  In recent episodes Days of our Lives has been bringing to our screens its first real attempt at a gay storyline.

There was an attempt in the late 70’s when Mike Horton supposed he may be gay due to his inability to make love to his girlfriend Trish Clayton, but it was quickly squashed when Linda Patterson (Mickey Horton’s secretary) took the young Horton to bed to prove he was as straight as his “father”.  (Linda also had an affair with Mickey, who was believed to be Mike’s father until the boy was a teen).

When Soap Opera Story speculated that Justin and Adrienne’s son would be Will Horton’s gay love interest in Days of our Lives first gay storyline, we also assumed that Sonny’s sexuality would be the cause of much tension in the Kiriakis family – most notably coming from Victor.

It seems the opposite has turned out to be true, and in a nice twist, Victor got to put his money where his mouth is on his “nothing is more important that family” mantra by coming to Sonny’s defense when T called Sonny disgusting (for his sexual orientation).  Victor then told the prejudiced teen that evolution wasn’t moving fast enough if there are still people in the world with T’s attitude.

It has to be noted that the conflict regarding Sonny’s coming out as Gay to his family and friends is stemming from the teen scene.  T showed his prejudice, Kinsey, who has a crush on Sonny doesn’t know how to deal with boys who don’t want to sleep with her, and Will is disappointed by his own surprise at Sonny’s revelation over his sexual preferences.  Gabi thinks Sonny is great, but her tune may change when Sonny steals her boyfriend, Will, from her!

The older crowd, however, seems okay with Sonny being gay.  And Victor’s open support of Sonny bagged him Maggie Horton.  Maggie overheard Victor defending Sonny, and was so pleased that she hustled over to Victor’s mansion for the cup of tea she’d turned down earlier.  Maggie told Victor how wonderful he was, curled up on his lap and kissed the open minded Kiriakis patriarch.

We’re not sure how much of this storyline was re-written, if any, from the the Higley vision, but we imagine there have been some changes since Higley’s original summer spoilers spelled trouble for Will and Gabi ‘s relationship(which hasn’t really occurred…yet?).  Regardless, the slower pace of the storytelling and the gentle introduction and focus on the reaction of friends and family to the news that Sonny is gay is very true to life making for good viewing…


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