Vivian Alamain swept off her feet/ out of town by Ivan – Again?

When Vivian Alamain (Louise Sorel) returned to town to exact revenge on Carly Manning on her dead nephew, Lawrence’s behalf, longtime Days of our Lives viewers watched eagerly to see if Vivian’s fiercely loyal manservant and comedic foil, Ivan Marais (Ivan G’Vera), would be by her side.

Unfortunately, for those who remember the machinations of Vivian and Ivan the first time round, Vivian returned not alone, but with a replacement man-servant, Gus, who though he has his charms, just isn’t Ivan.

Kudos to the new writers though.  If two Days of our Lives favorites like Carly and Vivian had to written out of the Salem tapestry, at least they are going out on a storyline.  Unlike other recent departures, such as Stephanie Johnson who just got up from a table at the Brady Pub after a conversation with Dario Hernandez (he was pumping her for information on Melanie) and walked out of the Brady Pub without so much a Goodbye. 

Carly’s departure will see her go into rehab for her drug addiction.  Given that Days of our Lives have also cast Cody Longo in the role of Nicholas Alamain, Carly’s son with Lawrence (who she killed), we can presume that the two will reconcile their differences over his father’s death.  Though Carly and Crystal Chappell fans may not be happy over Carly’s departure, they at least will have closure.

Photos that have popped up on the internet in the past week indicate that Vivian Alamain (Louise Sorel) will also leave town with her storyline and character’s future neatly tied up.  The link below shows spoiler photos of Ivan, Vivian’s former manservant conversing/plotting with Madame, her eyes locked on a briefcase full of money.
Vivian and Ivan to Leave Salem Together? (Photos)

The scene is reminiscent of Vivian and Ivan’s final scene on February 22, 2000 when armed with Ivan’s $40 million dollar lottery win, Ivan and Vivian jumped into a Limo stocked with champagne and a suitcase of Ivan’s money to enjoy a life of luxury globetrotting the world.
Hopefully, Vivian’s departure will let us enjoy the comedic timing of Sorel and G’Vera as Vivian and Ivan one more time (as Ivan dukes it out with Gus perhaps?).  And just maybe Ivan, who has always been just a little in love with Madame, will get to keep Vivian to himself this time. 

Ivan G’Vera appeared as Ivan Marais from 1992 – 2000 assisting Vivian (Loise Sorel) in her many vengeful schemes, including:  sabotaging Kate’s plane, switching embryo’s at a fertility clinic so that Vivian would carry Kate and Victor’s child, Philip; burying Carly alive; killing Carly’s patients with cleaning fluid; and  covering up Lisanne Gardner’s death; just to mention a few.Update! Louise Sorel’s last airdate is September 21, 2011.  Look for Ivan, now a Bollywood producer to appear around then and take Madame with him out of Salem….


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