August 1991 – Days in History


Isabella and Roman became engaged…
Marlena returned from the dead…
Sonny Kiriakis was born…
Victor was shot obtaining the cure to save Bo’s life…
Lawrence double crossed Victor providing only a partial cure

Howard started work at the Spectator as custodian and overheard Jack discussing paying off his large bank loan with Mickey Horton and Vern Scofield.  When Jennifer arrived at the Spectator Howard deliberately brought up Jacks large bank loan in conversation feigning surprise and regret when Jennifer didn’t know anything about it.
Jennifer upset that Jack hadn’t told her about the loan confronted Jack about it.  Jack worked out Howard had told Jennifer about the loan then told Jennifer he was going to tell her about the loan, once it was paid off.  He didn’t want her worrying about it. 

Jack fired Howard who returned to his alley.  Jennifer found Howard there and was concerned when Howard appeared to suffer chest pains.  When Jennifer left however, Howard’s pain miraculously disappeared.

Bo’s condition deteriorated and a desperate Carly went to Victor’s to hurry the process of obtaining the cure along. At the Kiriakis mansion Henderson told Carly that Victor had said something about having dinner at Fisherman’s Village. When Bo’s fever broke Isabella told him that Carly had gone to Victor’s.  Bo had Isabella call the Kiriakis mansion to find Carly, but she only learned that Carly had gone to Fisherman’s Village looking for Victor.  Bo tricked Isabella into thinking that he was asleep (with the radio on) and snuck out of the loft window and went to Fisherman’s Village. 
Meanwhile, Shane Donovan received a phone call from the man he had tailing Victor.  Shane’s contact told him Victor left the mansion with a large briefcase and was now at Fisherman’s Village.  Shane rushed over there believing something was going down.
At Fisherman’s Village, Victor took a table outside at the Sand Dollar and traded the John Black file for a private reserve bottle of wine that his waiter recommended. After the exchange was made Carly arrived laying into Victor for having dinner while Bo was dying.  Victor tried to calm Carly as a gunman had them lined up in the crosshairs of his gun… 
Bo arrived at Fisherman’s Village and called out to Carly just as Shane Donovan spotted the sniper and yelled out to warn Bo and Carly.  Bo pushed past Victor and tackled Carly to the ground.  In the mêlée Victor was shot in the shoulder and the wine bottle fell from the table and smashed on the ground. 
Victor and Bo were taken to the hospital.  Alone at the scene Carly realized that the wine bottle had contained the cure and was now lost. But under the table she found a vial.  Realizing it had been in the bottle and survived the bottle smashing, Carly rushed back to the hospital where Marcus and a suspended Kayla worked to test the contents of the vial. 
They deduced that the vial had held a partial cure.  It would be a temporary cure only.  Carly guessed at the missing element and with Bo’s condition deteriorating quickly, administered the cure.  At the hospital the Brady family waited anxiously as Bo’s condition became worse rather than better.  An emotional Carly sat by Bo’s bedside talking to him. While remising about a fishing trip where they named their fish, Bo spoke when Carly couldn’t remember be name of one of the fish (Tiny).
The Brady’s rejoiced as Bo began his recovery.  Victor pressured Carly to make good on her promise to come back to him as his wife…if she kept her word to return to him, Carly would never find out whether Victor’s words were a threat on Bo’s life, Kiriakis told his young wife.  Carly, however, didn’t believe Victor would hold her to the deal she’d made and delayed Bo’s discharge from hospital to avoid finding out. 
Bo, who was unaware of the deal Carly had made with Victor to get the cure, became suspicious of Carly’s motives for keeping him in hospital when Mrs. Horton told him Miss Peach (Shane’s former ISA partner) was being discharged.
Tipped off by a Chronicle reporter about a shooting at Fisherman’s Wharf, Jack and Jennifer competed against each other trying to get a scoop for their respective news agencies.  (Jack is the editor in Chief of The Spectator newspaper and Jennifer works for WATB television).
Shane convinced Jack and Jennifer not to run the story that they were tipped off about and asked them to feed the rest of the press a red-herring to keep the story out of the news.  When Jack and Jennifer learned that a friend’s life may depend on it they agreed.  Jack concocted a Jimmy Hoffa sighting and shooting story sending the rest of the press to Salem General Hospital.
Kim and Shane deduced that the wine bottle that broke at Fisherman’s Village was the one missing from Lawrence’s wine cellar, but when Shane questioned Victor about who his deal was with, Vic claimed not to know, that it was the deal was done via intermediaries.
Justin Kiriakis called Jack to let him know Adrienne had had her baby.  The baby, a boy was named Jackson Kiriakis (Sonny!).
Carly didn’t believe Victor would hold her to the deal she’d made and delayed Bo’s discharge from hospital to avoid finding out. When Kayla couldn’t legally administer one of Bo’s serum injections, Kayla was forced to admit to Bo that she’d been suspended for switching her blood sample for Bo’s. Carly meanwhile helped Isabella, who had just become engaged to Roman Brady, move into Roman’s house.
Jennifer confessed to Jack that she forged a reference from Jack for Howard, so that he could get another job, but couldn’t find Howard to give it to him.  Jack understood why immediately and handed Jennifer a fax showing a picture of Howard in a suit along with the headline “Billionaire Candy Mogul Dead”. Jennifer learned that Chauncey Powell, Howard Hawkins’ lawyer was on his way to Salem and staying at the Salem Inn.  Jack tried to prevent Jennifer from meeting with Howard’s attorney but his efforts were hindered by Chauncey Powell turning up in his office while Jennifer was there.
In Arizona a waitress named Ginger also sees the notice of the candy mogul’s death…
Jack and Jennifer attended the small funeral service for Howard.  At Howard’s grave Jennifer met Hawk, but left before learning his identity. Jack was excited when he and Jennifer were invited to the reading of the Jelly Bean Kings will, thinking that Howard had left them money.  Instead Howard in a video will left his entire fortune to his last living relative – his no good worthless grandson Howard III who goes by the name Hawk.  Jennifer was surprised when Hawk turned out to be the man she’d met at Howard’s funera
Jack was appointed trustee to Howard’s estate which was to be doled out to Hawk at a rate of $25,000 per year until Hawk could prove himself worthy.  To Jack. Jack declined and Jennifer invited hawk over for lunch making Jack jealous.
Later Hawk and Chauncey, Desiree and Howard who is alive and kicking congratulate themselves on what will surely be their biggest con to date.
As Jack and Jennifer were about to leave home for  Roman and Isabella’s engagement party, Hawk turned up on their doorstep suitcase in hand and told them he was leaving town.A pleased Jack tried to rush Hawk out by taking his suitcase from him.  In the tussle over who was going to carry Hawk’s suitcase, Hawk “fell” over a chair in Jack and Jennifer’s apartment landing on his back and doing himself an injury.
Hawk was rushed to the hospital in severe pain.  Jack and Jennifer missed the engagement party. Jack discovered he’d let his homeowners insurance policy lapse and was terrified that young Howie (Hawk) would sue.
Meanwhile, Hawk who faked his injury played Jennifer trying to “convince” her that he’ll be fine living off the measly allowance Howard left him. To keep Hawks’ medical costs low while he recovered, Jack moved Hawk into the penthouse to recuperate, then organized for Jennifer to be out of town for a week interviewing Julia Roberts.
Dr Marlena Brady stowed away in a packing crate loaded onto a plane headed to Miami. At Miami airport Marlena narrowly missed running into Roman, who was in Miami to attend a convention.  Marlena called home, but hung up when Isabella answered. Back in Salem Marlena was stunned to learn about Roman and Isabella’s engagement from a newspaper article.
Marlena tried to meet with Roman in private, leaving a message for “Captain Brady” at Salem PD, but they continued to miss each other.  With no more money to pay for her hotel room, Marlena finally went to their home where she peered through the window to see Roman and Isabella’s engagement party in full swing.  Brian Scofield caught a glimpse of her and told Roman he thought his mystery woman was outside, but by the time Roman searched outside all he found was a footprint…
Isabella overheard Roman talking to Brian Scofield about the mystery woman.  Roman apologized but told Isabella he had to leave for half an hour.  Alone on the pier, Roman ran into beat cop and admitted he was out in the fog chasing ghosts when he asked why Roman wasn’t at the surprise engagement shin dig that Isabella and Brian had planned. 
Roman saw a woman through the fog and turned to leave, until she called out his name.  He turned back to the woman in shock, recognizing the voice. “It’s Marlena” says the mystery woman. Roman watched as the woman came closer and he reached out with a shaking hand to touch her face. “Doc? It’s you. Oh my God it’s you!” he said as they embraced.
While Jennifer was gone Jack tried to have Hawk sign a release with a cleverly hidden loophole absolving Jack of all legal responsibility related to Hawk’s fall.  Meanwhile Chauncey counseled Hawk not to singn anything until he read over the fine print.  Chauncey reviewed the document, deleted Jacks clause and Hawk signed as he cried out in obviously fake pain.
When Ginger started leaving messages for Chauncey saying she’s in town, Hawk and Chauncey worried that she could blow their con wide open and decided they needed to get rid of her.  Meanwhile Ginger moved to Salem (in her RV) and got a job at Alice’s restaurant.  She came to town looking for her long lost daughter (Molly Brinker)…Meanwhile, Tanner Scofield began digging into the past trying to find information on Molly’s mother.
When Kim was nearly hit by a car, Shane moved her into the mansion to protect her, making it difficult for Kayla and Shane to spend time alone together.
Isabella sensed that something was wrong even before Roman finally admitted that his wife, Marlena was in Salem, and alive.  Isabella moved into the loft with Carly and gave Roman the space he needed to work out what would happen between them now that his wife was back. 
Isabella and Roman both believed Victor was behind Marlena’s return.  Isabella confronted her father who had once told her that he had given Isabella her happiness and he could take it away.  Victor denied any involvement in Marlena Brady’s return
Roman was torn between his love for Isabella and Marlena. Roman took the twins to spend time with Isabella at the loft, and spent time with Isabella helping her study for her PI license.
Marlena was reintroduced to the twins, but realized it would take time for her children to think of her as their mother again.  Marlena told Roman that she’d recently woken up from a coma in a clinic and was stunned to learn she’d been held captive for years.  She also began having flashbacks of her time in the clinic and insisted on having memories of Roman being there. Memories that were confirmed with Kimberly hypnotized Marlena.  Roman was equally as emphatic that he was not at the clinic…
Meanwhile in the clinic, a man who looked identical to the Roman Brady who Marlena married in 1983 watched videos of Marlena and “Roman” together in Salem…


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