Days of our Lives September 26 Re-launch Promo

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Finally Days of our Lives fans are getting their first hints (or spoilers) on what the much hyped September 26 re-launch of Days of our Lives may look like.  Over the past weeks NBC has been airing a promo for the September 26 re-launch that fans are counting down the days to. 

And the promo doesn’t disappoint. 

With little in the way of teasers or spoilers leaking from the new writing team of Marlene McPherson and Darrel Ray Thomas it didn’t take long for the promo to make its way to YouTube.  But the new guard at Days of our Lives is serious about keeping upcoming storylines under wraps and under their control.

As quick as the high resolution clips appear on YouTube they are also blocked for copyright reasons.

For those who haven’t seen the promo, it starts with Hope (accompanied by Bo) unveiling the new centerpiece of Salem – the Horton Town Square. An aerial view of the new Horton Town Square shows that new sets aren’t the only upgrade on the Days of our Lives sets. 

Other highlights include:

Mayor Abe Carver unveils a plaque dedicating the new town square to the memory of Tom and Alice Horton.   Later in the promo EJ formerly announces his intention to be the next mayor of Salem.  Lexie and Abe look at each other in surprise.

Returning faces are also seen.  Carrie and Austin come down a staircase as a surprise Sami calls “Carrie” then “Austin” with Rafe standing next to her. 
Marlena and John also arrive.  John is still in a wheelchair.  Drake Hogestyn has said in interviews that John is at the tail end of his recovery.  Later in the promo though, Rafe places a standing, and calm John under arrest.  John is walked away by Roman and Rafe. 

“Have you gone crazy” Sami yells at Rafe as John simply states “Rafe is just doing his job,” which makes it seem as if John was expecting his arrest. 

As Daniel and Jennifer share a moment Daniel declaring he’s crazy about Jennifer.  A bearded Jack literally crashes the scene falling or maybe leaping from a stairway onto a large cake.  He greets Jennifer covered in lemon icing.
Victor asks Maggie to be his wife in possibly the most romantic proposal in recent years.  Will you marry me lights up in red script on the wall as a tuxedo clad Victor asks Maggie to do him the honor of becoming his wife
The September 26 promo lives up to Ken Corday’s (and the new writing teams) promise of romance, the return of old friends and the kind of glamour that made daytime soap operas so popular in the 80’s and 90’s.   There is obviously some kind of intrigue underlying the storylines to be presented post September 26, but if the promo is anything to go by (and we hope it is!) the intrigue is a platform for the romance and relationships of the denizens of Salem, and while important to the storytelling isn’t the main focus.
Roll on September 26! 
Though Greg Meng, Days of our Lives co-executive producer encourages fans not to wait until the September 26 reboot of Days of our Lives to tune in as the surprises developed by the new writing team are already starting to hit our screens…


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