Days of our Lives: Wrapping up old storylines ahead of September 26 Re-launch

Over the coming four weeks, Days of our Lives will be wrapping up the old Dena Higley storylines in preparation for the September 26 re-launch.  The Days of our Lives reboot marks the turnaround from the Dena Higley writing days, and the new writing teams (Marlene McPherson and Darrell Ray Thomas) storylines hitting our television screens.

That doesn’t mean we aren’t seeing the new writing teams efforts already though.  The past months have seen announcement after announcement (and a few as yet unfounded rumors) about actor departures and hires).

From Days of our Lives spoiler reports and fan forum discussions we know however that rather than just letting characters disappear, some of them with a firm fan base, each will be given a departure storyline, that hasn’t been rushed or comes totally out of left field.
Carly Manning (Crystal Chappell)
Last week Carly entered rehab for her drug addiction, but not before she took just one last hit.  The pills and the catalyst for taking them were supplied by Vivian Alamain.  Vivian while pushing a bag on pills into a fragile Carly Manning’s hands told her that the kind stranger who helped her was none other than her first born son – Quinn.
Carly arrived at rehab high as a kite and began to detox, while her estranged son, Nicholas Alamain,  sat in the waiting room.  That Carly will recover and that a reunion with her son is imminent is probably not a huge stretch.  But rather than shipping Carly to rehab never to be seen again, the new writing team is giving Carly fans a thought out departure storyline, wrapping up loose ends in the characters story arc.
Vivian Alamain (Louise Sorel)
Photos from the Days of our Lives set emerged about a month ago showing Vivian and her former manservant Ivan examining a briefcase full of cash.  New spoilers out this week hint at it being true that Ivan, now a Bollywood producer, comes to town to sweep Madame off her feet and out of Salem, which is pretty much how she departed Salem after her first tenure. 
Seeing Vivian leave Salem with a man she hasn’t manipulated into marriage seems a fitting conclusion to Vivian Alamain’s time in Salem, though hopefully Vivian will not depart Salem before her son, Quinn’s, legal woes are resolved…
With his Madame leaving town and having lost favor to her son Quinn, anyway, Gus’s departure comes as no surprise. 
Spoilers suggest that Gus may be headed to Statesville, as details emerge that he is behind the prostitute bashings plaguing Salem.  The Salem PD will discover DNA evidence at the crime scene of Chloe Lane’s upcoming attack.  That DNA evidence and a bloody nightstick will point to Quinn being the perpetrator of the prostitute bashings.
The evidence, of course, is planted by Gus, no doubt as retribution for Madam’s faith in her firstborn son and snubbing Gus’s loyalty and devotion.

Quinn Hudson / Alamain (Bren Foster)

Quinn too leaves Salem, but returns in October a new man.  He puts to use the Bren Foster’s martial arts expertise by teaching women how to defend themselves.  Looks like Quinn could end up being a hero, which isn’t a bad thing…

Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin)
It comes as little surprise that Chloe will fall victim to the Salem prostitute basher.  Brady stays by Chloe’s hospital bed (as he did when she tried to commit suicide) and a comatose Chloe manages to communicate her attacker’s name – Gus!
Hopefully, this event sees wayward teen Kinsey’s fascination with Chloe’s “career” end and Chloe set on the right path to a life with her son, Parker…
The bashings seem to be escalating in violence.  If Chloe’s attack isn’t the last, who will be next and will they lose their life?
Dario Hernandez (Francisco San Martin)
Dario is offered a promotion, but taking the job involves moving to Argentina! 
The only question is whether Brady has manipulated the Titan promotion to get him out of Melanie’s life.  With spoilers indicating that there may be an EJ and Nicole reunion, again, could Brady possibly want young Melanie for himself?


  1. I love JAMES SCOTT on days , is he leaving the show at the end of 2014 or is it a rumor. IF HE LEAVES I WON’T WATCH ANY MORE I LIKE HIM AND KATE THEY WORK GOOD TOGETHER.THEY WOULD MAKE A GOOD COUPLE ON THE SHOW.

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