Weekly Recap: Week Ending 19 August, 2011

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Taylor learns the truth..

Outside the Brady Pub, EJ tells Taylor that Chad told her the truth.  He had nothing to do with Maggie’s shooting.  Taylor should stay away from him for her own safety, EJ tells her.

At the pier Abigail wants Chad to move out of the DiMera mansion for his safety.  Sonny happens by and Chad asks what he would do considering he comes from a similar bloodline.  Sonny grabs Chad by the shoulders (to underscore his point) and tells him to lay low and not take any chances.  From his hiding positing Dmitri believes the two young men and arguing and shoots…

Chad DiMera is shot!

EJ and Taylor hear the shots and arrive at the pier to find Chad has been hit.  Abby and EJ take Chad to the hospital where his bullet graze is bandaged and he is discharged.  He tells Abby he is done with the DiMera life and tells EJ that he too should walk away from the family before the next victim is Abby or one of his children. EJ tells Chad he has been his father’s son longer than he has been Chad’s brother and that Stefano will move heaven and earth to keep them all safe. 

Stefano admits to Kate he is worried about retaliation. Stefano having almost lost another son (Tony was killed as part of the Kiriakis DiMera war) he goes to Victor to put an end to the killing.  Victor looking at Maggie on the ventilator tells Stefano it’s too late for a truce.
Victor doesn’t believe Maggie is safe in the hospital and wants to hire a private ambulance to move her to his estate.  Daniels convinces them that it isn’t safe to move Maggie now, but when it is, they will talk.

Maggie is taken off life support

Lexie and Hope read Maggie’s living will kept on file at the hospital.  She has a DNR.  They need to turn off the ventilator.  Victor tells Maggie he loves her and her eyes flutter open.  She’s breathing on her own.  Her first words are that she loves Victor too.  Then she says “make peace.”  The Horton family rejoices in the news that Maggie is awake and recovering.

Jennifer quits her job rather than submitting to Lexie’s request to make a televised announcement that the hospital has a zero drug policy and has ended its association with Dr Carly Manning.  Jennifer now has time to help Hope investigate the prostitute bashing case, which Roman told her not to drop due to budgetary constraints.

Hope investigates the prostitute bashing case against orders…

Hope is undeterred and heads to the alley and rummages through the dumpster for clues as she is watched…Justin arrives and offers to ask the women at the third street shelter where he does pro-bono work.  He warns her that Roman’s cease and desist also comes from high up…

After Justin leaves a man arrives in the alley.  Chloe Lane arrives immediately after.  They guy scurries off saying he was cutting through the alley to go meet a date.  Chloe feigns being lost and on her way to a music lesson.  She leaves but Hope is suspicious.  She’s over dressed for a music lesson.
Hope heads to the hospital to go through the medical records of the two attack victims looking for clues to tie the two cases together.  Rafe is already there doing the same but says that a profiler he once worked with said you really needed three cases before patterns emerge.  Convinced these are not isolated cases, they both wonder when the next attack will occur.

Chloe returns to the alley to meet her john after Hopes departure.  He doesn’t show however, because Kinsey pretending to be Lola has made arrangements to meet him elsewhere.  Kinsey puts on a good show but when the guy confirms with Quinn that “Lola” is adventurous and will do anything he wants in bed, she panics.  As they guy starts to grope here she texts Chloe for help. 
Chloe rushes to the hotel, sends Kinsey away, and “takes care” of the client, telling him that the game with Kinsey was part of an introductory special.  Later she tells Kinsey that she only does this to get her son back and the reason it’s well paid is because it’s dangerous.

Another prostitute bashing…

Quinn lines up a new high profile client to meet with some new talent in his stable.  Quinn takes Mandy, who Dario knows from the Cheatin Heart to the pier to meet the client.  Quinn leaves and she is attacked by a gloved man with a metal bar.

Kate tells Chad he is not old enough to have learned that romantic love is fleeting but family is forever. Chad moves out of the DiMera house anyway and rents a room from Caroline at the Brady Pub. A dejected Stefano takes to his bed upon news of his youngest son’s departure from the DiMera compound.

After dropping Chad at the hospital Taylor storms into the Kiriakis mansion and accuses Brady of having Chad shot.  Brady seems surprised that it was Chad that was shot.  Taylor also denounces Nicole for supporting Brady and encouraging him to go after the DiMera’s.  She’s done with both of them Taylor fumes and says she quits her job at Titan, incase that wasn’t clear. 

Later EJ makes it clear that he is sticking with family, and if he thought he could change he wouldn’t have given up his children.  Finally Taylor realizes it’s true and tells EJ she’s walking away and not looking back.

Carly goes to rehab high as a kite

Carly sees Melanie’s televised appeal and starts having flashbacks to Jennifer Melanie and Daniel trying to help her.  She realizes her family and friends know about her addiction and runs from Quinn’s room and into the alley where a drug user offers her a “hit” for $20.  At breakfast with Vivian, Quinn sees the same appeal and rushes back to his room to find Carly missing.  He locates her in the alley and convinces her to return to her family.  Vivian lurks in the background and overhears…

When Vivian catches up with Quinn at the pier, she slaps him for aiding the woman that killed his cousin.  Quinn says he suddenly felt guilty about what he did for a living and the ruin it caused people’s lives.  Vivian’s revenge is complete he tells her. Carly’s life is in ruins.

Melanie, Jennifer and Daniel receive mysterious phone calls about the still missing Carly.  They meet up at the Pub and discuss their calls.  Outside Quinn encourages Carly to go inside to her friends and family and ask for their help.  Carly goes inside.  Quinn watches from outside as her family takes her in their arms relieved to have her back, and then he disappears.  Carly asks her family to take her to rehab.

Melanie arranges for Carly to go to a rehab facility with a phenomenal success rate, but before she goes she stops by the hospital to put in her resignation.  Maxine and Melanie convince her to request a leave of absence instead.  While Melanie goes to check on Maggie and Maxine returns to work Vivian arrives and asks Carly if she’s at the hospital for a refill.  She then drops the bombshell on an unsuspecting Carly that the kind stranger that helped her was Quinn as part of an elaborate set-up.  Vivian then pushes a bag on pills into Carly’s hand and wishes her luck in rehab. Carly hides the pills from Melanie when she returns to take her to rehab.

Taylor was a prostitute?

They stop at the pub to get coffee first where Carly finds Quinn and slaps him.  They argue and afterwards Carly takes some of the pills Vivian gave her.  Taylor Walker witnesses the exchange between Carly and Quinn.  Later as Taylor approaches Quinn outside the pub it is clear that the two have a history as Quinn calls her one of his star performers.

Later Melanie tells her Dad that Carly was almost too calm when she checked into rehab.  Almost like she way high, says Daniel and Melanie regretfully agrees.

At rehab, Carly is told she isn’t allowed visitors, and starts to detox.  In the waiting room a handsome young man asks the nurse if the woman in the room is Carly Manning.  It’s Nicholas Alamain, Carly’s estranged son.  A strung out Carly hallucinates that Nicholas has come to see her…

Taylor gets a job at the Salem PD

In need of a job, Abe recommends Taylor to Roman for the administrative assistant position at the Salem PD.  Roman is delighted to take Taylor on because it means he can’t hire Sami who from her apartment emails in her application.  Taylor read the unknown pimp file realizing its Quinn. 

Is Sami pregnant?

Sami later learns from Rafe as they try to enjoy a romantic evening that the administrative assistant position at the Salem PD has been filled.  Their night is ruined however by Sami not feeling well.  As she tells Rafe her symptoms she realizes the last time she felt like this she was pregnant.  She does a pregnancy test that initially comes up negative.  Their disappointment turns to joy however when the result changes to positive!  Rafe is delighted and they discuss naming the baby Arianna if it is a girl.

They go to the hospital to confirm the result with a blood test.  Sami is told that Lexie will be out to see her soon. There is some kind of problem…

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