Days of our Lives Comings and Goings September 2011

With the imminent  September 26, 2011 relaunch of Days of our Lives merely weeks away now, and the wrapping up of storylines penned by the old Dena Higley writing team well in hand, there are a number of comings and goings to hit our screens in the next few weeks. 

Here’s a summary of Days of our Lives comings and goings for September 2011, as well as a healthy dose of spoilers and speculation, on upcoming storylines….

Days of our Lives Comings September, 2011:

The big September 26 reboot of Days of our Lives centers on a big event, the likes Salem hasn’t seen in many years.  To celebrate the opening of a new town square commemorating Tom and Alice Horton (Horton Square), denizens of Salem, past and present don their finery and party. 

Old faces returning to Salem on or around September 26, 2011 include:

John Black and Dr Marlena Evans Black (Drake Hogestyn and Deidre Hall)

John and Marlena’s arrival is announced by Hope Brady and Salem celebrates the return of this memorable and loved couple.  The celebrations turn into astonishment however when Rafe, much to Sami’s surprise arrests a very calm John.  Though John arrived with Marlena in a wheelchair, John is walking when he is led away by Roman and Rafe.

Jack Devereaux (Matthew Ashford)

Jack returns to Salem just as Jennifer Horton declares she is ready to move on with her life and put her past with Jack behind her.  More importantly, Jennifer is moving on with Dr Daniel Jonas, Salem’s resident ladies man medico.

Given Jack’s behavior during the past months, strange emails, ignoring the fact that his wife almost died when her heart was stolen, and more, Jack and Jennifer fans could be forgiven for thinking that their supercouple romance is dead. 

But all is not as it seemed.  Jack was on assignment and the blog posts that triggered much of Jennifer’s hostility towards her husband may not have been written by him!
Carrie Brady Reed and Austin Reed (Christie Clark and Patrick Muldoon)

Also returning to Salem on September 26, 2011 are Austin and Carrie Reed.  Presumably with Kate’s resurrection of Countess Willemina and Carries former association with the company, Carrie will take a position there.  Of course Kate would have to get over Carrie dumping Lucas for Austin…

Austin and Carrie are to be at cross purposes upon their return. 

Days of our Lives Goings September, 2011:

Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin)

Chloe Lane’s last airdate will be September 28, 2011.  But before she leaves Salem, she will be attacked by the Hooker basher, leaving her comatose.  Kinsey and Brady stay be her side.  Brady’s feelings for his ex-wife and first love emerge and Nicole suggests that perhaps Parker may be the answer to bringing Chloe out of her coma.

Chloe no doubt leaves Salem to be with her son.  Perhaps Brady can tee Chloe up a job with a Chicago based opera company (where Parker presumable still resides with Philip, since Philip’s departure from Salem earlier this year).

Vivian Alamain (Louise Sorel)

Vivian Alamain’s departure from Salem on September 21, 2011 involves a coming of sorts.  Returning for a guest appearance is Ivan G’Vera, who portrayed Vivian Alamain’s former trusty and lovesick manservant, Ivan! 

Look for Ivan, now a well heeled Bollywood producer to return to Salem to sweep Madame off her feet.
Carly Manning (Chrystal Chappell)

Carly has spent the past couple of weeks in rehab, getting clean, making apologies to those she loves and toughest of all forgiving herself for her drug addiction and associated behavior.

Once she had mended her relationship with her children, Melanie and Nicholas, there won’t be much to keep her in Salem, since Dr Dan has moved on with Jennifer Horton, Carly’s best friend from their boarding school days.

Chrystal Chappell tweeted her last airdate as September, 22, 2011. 

Carly and Nicholas leave Salem on a trip around the world.

Nicholas Alamain (Cody Longo)

Nicholas too will depart Salem on September 22, 2011.

Dario Hernandez (Francisco San Martin)

Poor Dario’s’ relationship was never meant to be, not with the new Brady exercising his power and ruthlessness.  Dario exits Salem on September, 20, 2011 bound for Argentina and a promotion within the Titan Corporation.

Tamara Braun (Taylor Walker)

Taylor has been revealed as the not-so-good Walker sister in the past weeks, working as an informant for Quinn within the Salem PD.  Also revealed is that the two shared a relationship in Europe, one that Quinn isn’t quite over.

Taylor is set to leave Salem on September 23, 2011.  Whether Quinn departs with Taylor, or for other reasons, remains to be seen. 

Quinn (Bren Foster) will however be returning to Salem in October, his newly found conscience firmly in place as he starts a legitimate business in Salem – a spa featuring self defense classes for women. 

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