September 1981 – Days in History

Don Craig and Liz Chandler were married, but that didn’t stop their arguments about his devotion to  ex-wife, Dr Marlena Evans.  Don continued to investigate the calls Marlena received on her talk back radio show.  Marlena worried that the disturbed man calling into her show had killed a girl.  When Don and Marlena joined forces to catch her mystery caller Liz became jealous and warned Marlena to stay away from her husband.  Liz’s tirades fell on deaf ears however and Don comforted Marlena when she worried that her caller was on a murder spree. 

Tod Chandler continued to be rebuffed by Jessica Blake and fell into a deep depression.  Joshua Fallon admitted to Marlena Evans that he wasn’t over ex-girlfriend Jessica.  Tod did reconcile with his half brother Joshua Fallon.  After a session with Tod Chandler, Marlena asked Don to stop monitoring her caller’s calls, believing the disturbed young man may be Tod…
Renee DuMonde taped a conversation with David Banning after finding him in Stuart Wyland’s radio studio. She became his ally in order to get a scoop for her radio show.  Lee, Renee’s sister noticed the tape recorder Renee carried around and became suspicious about what her sister was up to, especially when she intercepted a call from David intended for Renee.

Renee hid David out in the Body Connection basement (where Renee also worked).  Mike learned about Renee hiding David and agreed to keep quiet.  Renee developed feelings for David as she helped him stay hidden from the law.  Renee’s attempts to seduce David however failed since David was still pining over his ex-wife Trish.  A mob thug asked Renee out in order find David…

Mike scared away a mob thug who held Scotty and Trish Banning at gunpoint.  Trish meanwhile suspected that Mike knew where David who was on the run was hiding out.  Julie worried that Trish and Mike were turning Scotty against his father, David.  Mike was trying to win over Scotty, but Trish put off marrying Mike.

Lee, meanwhile tried to steer Renee towards Dr Evan Wyland, while she dated Stuart Wyland who became increasingly enchanted with the raven haired Lee.  Lee however kept Stuart at a distance while she had Phillip Biggs investigate Stuart Wyland.

Neil Curtis and Stuart Wyland tried to block a neurosurgery department at the hospital so that Evan Wyland would leave Salem and stop pursuing Maggie, who Evan suspected wanted to keep her baby.  Stuart caught Evan making a play for Maggie (and his child), and paid the reported Mark Garrett not to print his article on Maggie and her surrogate pregnancy.  Mickey began to get clued in when he realized that Dr Evan Wyland was uncomfortable around him.

Alex Marshall, still paralyzed after his shooting became depressed when Marie Horton, his fiancée continued to avoid sexual contact with him (Marie was a nun!).  Alex planned to undertake a risky operation in order to regain his ability to walk and accused Tod Chandler of shooting him.  Marie finally set a date to marry Alex, despite not trusting the friendship between Alex and his former wife Mary.  Mary however was dating Neil.

When Jake broke a date with Hope to party with Angel Hope vowed to locate Angel to see what she had that Hope didn’t.  Jake worried about the headaches that Angel was experiencing consulted with Neil Curtis and narrowly missed seeing Jessica at the hospital.  Neil worried about Jessica when he caught her hallucinating.

Hope found Angel, when saw Jake making out with Jessica.  Confused, Hope learned that Jessica had been released from the convent.  Meanwhile Jessica’s Angel personality vowed to squash the Jessica personality and Jake and Angel planned to elope to Vegas.  Marie followed the couple to Vegas and stopped their wedding ceremony explaining to Jake that Angel was a personality her daughter Jessica Blake had developed.  Jessica was hospitalized.

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