September 1991 – Days in History

Hawk continued to make trouble for Jack and Jennifer

Jack forgot Jennifer’s birthday
Isabella discovered she was pregnant
Real Roman took a shot at Faux Roman (John)
The Salem Inn elevator plummeted to the ground with Carly inside
Cal Winters escaped from jail

Hawk continued to recuperate at Jack and Jennifer’s penthouse.  Jack was in a hurry to have Hawk leave because he didn’t like the way hawk looked at Jennifer, or the amount of attention Jennifer paid Hawk (nursing him), so Jack hired Hawk a hot nurse (actress).  Jack received a stock tip from his broker.  Overhearing Hawk gave him a hot stock tip of his own.

Seeing a key around Jennifer’s neck Hawk learned it was the key to the diary had recently started keeping.  Desire’s predictions had started coming true and she wanted to document what was happening.  Hawk later opened Jennifer’s diary with a paperclip and was pleased to read that his presence was making it hard for Jack and Jennifer to be alone, and that Jack was jealous of Hawk.

Shawn Brady tried to assure Isabella that the Brady’s still thought of her as family, despite Marlena’s return, and invited her to help set up for the grand opening of Alice’s Restaurant.  When Isabella arrived however, Roman told her the opening would also double as a welcome home celebration for Marlena.  Not wanting to intrude Isabella left.

Real Roman was livid when he learned that Faux Roman (John) was programmed to kill his wife, Marlena, on command. She would be safe as long as Real Roman didn’t give his captors any trouble he was told.  Real Roman was given a coin that Marlena also had and had Faux Roman intrigued.

When Kimberly hypnotized Marlena, she learned that the coin was a San Cristobal medal given to travelers.  She also recalled being given the medallion after she’d had plastic surgery after her accident.  The couple who she couldn’t identify, due to bandages covering her eyes had given her the medallion and told her than they were there to take her home, but that the journey would be long. 

Faux Roman (John) asked Isabella for help.  Ask Victor about the medal and gauge his reaction to it, Faux Roman asked.  Victor pretended not to have ever seen anything like it before (he’s an expert in antiquities and old coins) but after Isabella left he retrieved an identical medal that was locked in his safe…

Isabella reported back to Roman who insisted that Isabella, who wasn’t feeling well lie down.  Only if you stay with me she said to Roman and caught up in the moment the two kissed and almost made love.  Roman pulled back torn by his feelings for both Marlena and Isabella.  His feeling for Isabella hadn’t changed he assured her, but Marlena too is a big part of his life.

As Roman was about to leave her apartment he caught sight of a man outside Isabella’s window.  He gave chase and Isabella retrieved the man’s video camera.  Upon Roman’s return they agreed to view the tape before handing over to the police lab in case the man had filmed them “together”.  Isabella puts the tape in the VCR but it is not Roman and Isabella on the tape by Roman and Marlena embracing at the pier.

Marlena became frustrated with Faux Roman’s insistence on investigating her missing years.  She feared that pursuing the investigation to the very end would result in a lot of pain and heartache for them and that she just might lose Roman as a result.  Kim tried to reassure Marlena that Roman’s love for her was strong.

Marlena and Roman headed to Miami on a secretive trip to get onto the island where Marlena was held captive.  They told no one where they were going to prevent Victor and the man with the camera from finding out.  Roman told Isabella that he was going on assignment.  Isabella suspected she was pregnant and asked Roman to delay his trip but he couldn’t.

Marcus Hunter confirmed that Isabella was pregnant, but when she went to the police station to tell Roman, learned he had already left.  Isabella followed Roman to Miami but once there saw him kissing Marlena at the beach. Isabella believed she’d lost Roman to Marlena and headed home and contemplated having an abortion.  (Roman kissed Marlena swept up in the moment when they learned that Abe had found a way onto the island where Marlena had been held captive.

On the island Real Roman tried to convince his captors that he had no memory of his past, but alone in his cell he reminisced about his life with Marlena.  Real Roman tried to escape but was caught.  His captors placed a gorgeous blonde, Gretchen in his cell with him.  Real Roman tried to escape again, this time succeeding and taking Gretchen hostage.

On the island Faux Roman was disturbed by flashbacks to being in the same cell Real Roman had escaped from.  Faux Roman had also been hiding from Marlena that he didn’t always share her memories of their life together…

Seeing his wife Marlena and Faux Roman, who he believed to be an imposter, on the island, Real Roman tracked Faux Roman and fired shots at him…

Kimberly had problems of her own as she had been receiving strange almost threatening gifts.  Shane believing Lawrence Alamain was behind it, visited him in prison and threatened Lawrence’s chance at parole if he didn’t stop trying to scare Kim.  Lawrence insisted that he wasn’t trying to scare Kim, but Kimberly and Shane didn’t believe him.

Cal Winters had meanwhile escaped from prison and headed back to Salem in a stolen helicopter.  In Salem Cal made a homemade bomb and readied to reclaim his life with Kimberly and her infant daughter Jeannie Donovan…

Ginger Dawson headed for Salem to find her father…Chauncey Powell told her that he didn’tt know where her daughter was.  Meanwhile Molly Brinker tells Tanner Scofield that she remembered hearing her grandfather arguing with someone and assuming it was her mother, but that her grandfather had told Molly that her mother was dead.

Tanner, who borrowed money from Wings to pay for more information on Molly’s mother, didn’t think that was true and believed Molly’s mother was never married. Chauncey and Hawk worried that Ginger’s search for her daughter could expose their scam. 

Bo was thrown in jail for breaking into Victor’s mansion prompting jack to write a compassionate editorial about Bo’s plight. “Isn’t there enough injustice in the world today without a father inflicting it on his own son.”  Jack wrote.  Jennifer wished that Jack could have some compassion for Hawk. Bo was released on bail.

Jack however, saw through Hawk’s manipulation of a naïve Jennifer and was jealous of the attention his wife paid the handsome cowboy.

Hawk got rid of his hot nurse maid Lorraine by telling her it was illegal to impersonate a nurse and that SAG would throw her out once they found out.  Lorraine left saying Jack wasn’t’ paying her enough for that.

Jennifer began researching the Hawkins family for a story.  She learned Hawk spend his childhood shuffled from one boarding school to another increasing her sympathy for him.  Hawk watched pleased…

When Carly turned up at the Penthouse with balloons and a gift for Jennifer, Hawk learned it was Jennifer’s birthday. Carly and Jennifer reminisced about Jennifer circling everyone’s calendars at school so they couldn’t forget her birthday.

Despite the date being circled in red in his calendar, Jack forgot it was Jennifer’s birthday.  Hawk leveraged Jack’s stock market obsession to keep him running around Salem to meet a contact about a big stock merger scoop, keeping him from remembering Jennifer’s birthday.

When Jennifer ran into Jack at Wings he tried to get rid of her.  He was there to meet his contact, but Jennifer assumed he was organizing a surprise for her birthday and went back to the penthouse to get ready for a special evening—her first birthday as a Devereaux.

Hawk gave Jennifer a birthday gift (his bolo) sang Happy Birthday then as the evening wore on called Jack at his office to “remind” him it was Jennifer’s birthday.  Jack overcompensated buying five extravagant gifts, and then called Jennifer pretending that Vern had forgotten to give her the message about her birthday celebration.

Jennifer caught him out however, and said she would be at Wings shortly and told him she knew that where he was.  Jack hurried over to Wings and admitted to Julie that he’d forgotten Jennifer’s birthday and unless Julie wanted to see her cousin hurt, she would play along with Jack’s act (that he’d planned this weeks ago).

They enjoyed a wonderful evening but when they got home, Jennifer saw Jack’s office number written on a piece of paper in Hawk’s handwriting and deduced that Hawk had called jack to remind him of her birthday. Hawk was delighted to hear them argue.

Guilty that he forgot his new wife’s birthday, Jack organized Jennifer Devereaux birthday week, including a family celebration at the penthouse.   During the party Jennifer overheard Molly Brinker saying that hawk had an apartment nearby which meant he didn’t come to Salem just for Howard’s funeral.  Hawk said he’d come to Salem looking for Howard and Jennifer believed his story.

Jennifer told Jack she knew he forgot her birthday and it was now over.  She uncovered her special pancake breakfast to find “I’m sorry” on them in cream. 

Ginger the new waitress at Alice’s restaurant placed an ad in The Spectator, suspecting her daughter was in Salem.

“November 14, 1972

Any young woman who was born on this date please come to Pier No 2 today at 6pm. I have news for you that could change your life”

Molly had a run-in with Ginger when she rescued Ginger’s dog from her locked camper.  Brian and Ginger had a first date.

When Jennifer’s homeless story aired and she was blasted by her boss for losing objectivity and blowing another story they’d worked on for weeks, Jack organized a special night for them.  The first annual Jackie Awards and awarded himself an award for outstanding editorial and Jennifer the award for outstanding reporting by speaking from the heart.

Jack and Jennifer made up, much to Hawk’s disappointment.

 Hawk faked a phone call to Chauncey Powell trying to get money from the estate to follow up on a stock tip.  Jack overheard and since hawk couldn’t get the cash, took Hawk’s meeting with his broker at Wings.  Hawk then maneuvered Jennifer into going to Wings for dinner where she sees jack with a beautiful blonde (Denise the broker).  Hawk is disappointed when instead of being jealous, they all have dinner together and Jennifer and Denise discuss shopping and clothes!

 Lawrence was released from prison after only three months for good behavior. When Lawrence arrived at Alice’s Restaurant for dinner Alice denied him service and Tom refused a donation to the Trauma Center in support of Jennifer.

Hawk’s stock tip proved to be a winner and Jack made a killing.  He became so obsessed with the stock market he put alarm clocks all over the penthouse (to track the opening of markets), installed a ticker tape machine and started burning $100 notes (he’s so rich).

 Shawn Douglas’ hearing began to return…

Victor continued to try to prevent Bo and Carly from spending any time together, and tried to make plans for his and Carly’s second honeymoon.  When Carly didn’t believe that Victor would hold her to her promise to return to him as his wife, Victor told her that he meant to hold her to her word, and that if she didn’t she would regret it.  Victor kept tabs on Bo and Carly by spying on them.  When Bo found realized they were being watched by Victor he flaunted the fact that Carly and he were starting a new life together, taunting Victor by telling him there was nothing he could do about it.

When Victor learned that Bo and Carly planned to spend the night at the Salem Inn, he had his henchman sabotage the private elevator to the suite they were to occupy.  Victor’s plan went awry however, when Carly arrived at the hotel early. Bo stopped the elevator and sent her back t the lobby to wait.  Bo listened as Carly screamed when the elevator cable gave way and it plunged to the ground floor.

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