Weekly Recap: Week Ending 23 September, 2011

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Dario leaves for Argentina;

Gus is arrested, Quinn is released:
Ivan sweeps Vivian off to India to become a bollywood actress;
Taylor and Quinn hitch a ride out of town on Ivan’s private jet;
Carly and Nicholas head off around the world;
Nicole is held hostage then makes changes in her life;
EJ plans his next big move and tells Stefano to stand beside him or stand aside;
Doug and Julie arrive in town for Bo and Hope’s much anticipated big party;
Bo and Hope delight keeping the details of the party secret;
A bundle of letters makes its presence known…

Dario’s departure date for Argentina is moved up.  He says farewells to Rafe and Gabi his siblings and emotional goodbye to Melanie before heading to the airport.  Maggie comforts Melanie.
Quinn is arrested for the hooker bashings.  He tells the police they are making a mistake and the psycho is still out there.  Vivian believes in her son unconditionally, while a jealous Gus tries to convince Madame that maybe Quinn is guilty.
Vivian accuses Taylor of getting Quinn into the prostitution racket when she learns that Taylor is Nicole’s Walker’s (former porn star) sister. Bo tells Vivian that Taylor was arrested for civil disobedience (protesting as she claimed).  Taylor realizes Quinn told the truth about having her police record changed. Hope meanwhile accuses Taylor of taking the job at the Salem PD to feed confidential information to Quinn about the hooker case.
When Abe considers not running for re-election of Mayor, so they will have more time together, Lexie decides to scale back her hospital workload instead and help with his reelection campaign.  They decide to announce his re-running for Mayor and Bo and Hope’s big shindig.
The Salem U crew find themselves in a legal morass with paperwork from the University pertaining to their web venture.  Justin Kiriakis assures them it’s standard legal boilerplate stuff and they turn their attention to finding outfits amongst the vintage clothes Maggie and Adrienne pulled from the Kiriakis attic and bedrooms (for Bo and Hope’s big event).
As Rafe heads back into work, he apologizes to Sami for being too busy to help her investigate the job listing she found on the internet.  As he leaves, Jennifer arrives to help Sami prepare for an interview she has today, that Rafe doesn’t know about.
A happy Gus tells Madame that they can do whatever she wishes on this beautiful day.  Madame asks Gus if he’s crazy.  All she’s doing today is going to the Salem PD to clear her son’s good name.
At the Salem PD, Taylor insists to Abe that Quinn is innocent.  Roman tells her not to worry about Quinn, she has her own problems.  Roman finds it suspicious that she works at the police department and has a past and present association with Quinn.  He asks her if she fed sensitive information to Quinn about the hooker bashing case.  Taylor is about to answer when Nicole and EJ arrive and EJ tells her to keep quite.  He’s there as her lawyer.  They meet in an interview room, where Ej asks Taylor the same question.  Taylor says it’s moot because Quinn didn’t do what they accuse him of.  EJ leaves to confer with Roman.
Bo and Hope interrogate Quinn for 17 hours, but he maintains his innocence, refusing to take a deal for something he didn’t do.  Forensics comes back on the bloodied nightstick.  The blood is Chloe’s, Quinn is told, and if she loses her fight for her life, Quinn is looking at a murder wrap.  Bo tells Quinn that jury’s have convicted on less.  They have DNA evidence placing him at the scene of Chloe’s attack, a bloodied nightstick with Chloe’s blood on it, and a sketch artist impression from Mandy’s description that is a fair likeness.  Quinn continues to maintain his innocence.
At the hospital Chloe awakes from her coma and corrects Brady’s and Lexie’s assumption that Quinn attacked her.  It was Vivian’s manservant Gus she tells them.  Lexie goes to call the police station.
Bo pulls Hope aside and tells her that he feels like despite the evidence they are missing something here, and that his gut is telling him they have more work to do.  With Quinn back in his cell, Hope does a database search on crimes that took place on the pier and finds that a young boy was abandoned their 25 years ago.  They take the report to Roman.  The child’s name is Augustine Pascal.
Rafe, receiving Lexie’s call confirms they have the wrong man.  Chloe has fingered Gus.   EJ arrives, realizes that something is going on and does as Roman asks and stands aside.
The police try to get Vivian away from Gus, who they know now is unstable, but her works out what is going on and pulls a knife threatening to cut his own throat.  He didn’t mean to hurt those girls he yells but it was the only way.
In the interview room Nicole and Taylor make peace and agree to try to get along for their mother’s sake.  Nicole leaves to see what is taking EJ so long, and as she walks into the squad room, Gus grabs her taking her hostage. 
Bo and Hope try talking Gus out of hurting Nicole but soon realize that he is only interested in Madame’s attention.  Roman asks Vivian to talk to Gus but she only agrees with EJ threatens to hold her personally responsible for what happens to Nicole.
Unaware what is going on upstairs in the squad room, Taylor tells Quinn that she believes he is innocent.  He regrets that once again she is incarcerated because of him.  When Quinn learns that EJ is Taylor’s lawyer he is jealous.  Taylor tells Quinn that she and EJ were a mistake.  They were both trying to forget other people.  Taylor was trying to forget Quinn.  Quinn discusses starting over legitimately, when the guard locks Taylor in Quinn’s cell telling them there is a Code 8 – hostage situation – upstairs in the squad room.
Vivian tells Gus that the two of them can go away together, if he comes out of the interview room.  Gus is almost convinced that Madame is sincere when Roman and Rafe storm the room.  Roman and Rafe leave Gus away to be charged and EJ rushes in and cradles an unconscious Nicole who has fallen to the ground in the frenzy.  “Please wake-up sweetheart” he pleads as Nicole comes to. 
He never would have let Gus hurt her, EJ assures Nicole when she admits she thought Gus was going to kill her.  Nicole tells him to stop pretending to care about her.  EJ admits Nicole has been a thorn in his side, but that they have also shared some good times.  Nicole leaves the police station alone, despite EJ offering to drive her back to Brady’s house.
Roman reads Gus his rights, then as Quinn and Taylor (now released from their cell) come into the squad room, Roman offers Quinn an official apology.  Given there are still many charges that Roman could arrenst Quinn on (pimping, pandering and felony drug offences) Roman suggests Quinn take an offer on the table from the DA.  The DA will wipe the slate clean IF he leaves town today.
Taylor and Quinn consider it, but Vivian tells them Quinn can’t leave, she’ll be all alone in Salem.  At that point, Vivian’s former manservant and lottery winner, Ivan enters the Salem PD with two sari clad bollywood actresses in tow. “You are not alone Madam,” says Ivan “I’ve come for you.”
Maggie takes Melanie who is sad about Dario leaving Salem, shopping.  On a break from their shopping them meet up with Daniel and Jennifer at the Brady Pub.  They all share Grandma Horton’s cure all – a hot fudge sundae to cheer Melanie up.  Melanie and Maggie head back out shopping to find shoes to go with Maggie’s new outfit for Bo and Hope’s big party. 
Daniel heads out to hire bikes as Jennifer takes a call from private number on her cell phone.  There is no one there.   Elsewhere, a turban clad man tells a mystery man holding a cell phone that he has contacted the US embassy to arrange him a flight home…
Melanie checks that Nicholas has his and Carly’s passports in order for their big worldwide trip.  Jennifer and Daniel come to see Carly off.  Carly thanks them for helping her.  She tells Jennifer she is happy for her and Daniel.  Jennifer admits that she is happy with Daniel something she didn’t think possible after Jack.  When saying farewell to Daniel, Carly tells him that he and Jennifer are perfect for each other and implores him not to let anyone of anything come between them.  Meanwhile Jennifer receives another phone call with no one on the line.
Nicole moves out of the Kiriakis mansion and ends her relationship with Brady.  Almost losing her life when Gus took her hostage has made her value it more, and both of them deserve more than a relationship based on Martinis and good sex, Nicole tells Brady.  When Brady learns that EJ was with Nicole at the police station when she was taken hostage he assumes Nicole is leaving him for EJ.  Again.
Nicole tells Brady she isn’t living her life for anyone else anymore.  She’s going to rely on herself. Nicole tells Brady that a part of her will always love him, but that he was right.  They are bad for each other, and their relationship was a reaction to him losing Arianna and her losing her baby.  They say goodbye and Brady heads to the hospital to see Chloe.
Before Nicole can leave, Taylor comes by to say goodbye.  She is leaving Salem with Quinn who is going straight.  Taylor invites Nicole to go with them, but Nicole wants to start afresh in Salem.
Kinsey is visiting with Chloe at the hospital when Mayor Abe Carver arrives to give her the reward that was posted for information leading to the arrest of the hooker bashings.  The check is from Titan Industries and Chloe later asks Brady if it is his way of giving her a handout.  Brady tells her the reward was posted long ago, but he has arranged an audition for her at a Chicao nightclub whose clientele includes agents and music types.  Chicago is where Philip and Parker is musses Chloe and thanks Brady.
Ivan’s bollywood actresses perform a song and dance for Vivian detailing Ivan’s love.  Ivan enters and  tells Madame he’s not going to let her slip through his fingers again like last time when they left Salem in a hot air balloon.  Vivian tells him she only left because Lawrence was ill.  “Come away with me and you will want for nothing.” Ivan tells Vivian as he claps his hands.  The bollywood girls enter with briefcases of jewels and cash.  He took his lottery winnings and started a successful film studio in India.
At the Brady Pub Taylor says goodbye to Abe who thinks of Taylor like a daughter.  He is skeptical about Quinn and tells her he wouldn’t want a daughter of his involved with the likes of Quinn – a pimp. He’s going straight says Taylor and Quinn arrives and promises Abe its true.
Ivan enteres the pub to announce his new discovery and star of his upcoming hit “Madame with the Dragon tattoo” Vivian enters. Quinn is worried that Ivan is just after her money, but Ivan steps forward and tells him that he has money of his own, a private jet and a yacht called ” The Madame”.  Vivian tells Quinn Ivan’s jet if fuelled and ready to take off.  He and Taylor can come if they like.  Quinn and Taylor accept.
As the group leaves the Brady Pub, Vivian asks Abe to tell her friends and enemies that she may be gone but she hasn’t forgotten them – particularly Carly.
Carly gives Dr Norman a letter or apology for University Hospital.  Carly receives a delivery of dead flowers.  She laughs and tells Nicholas that his Aunt Viv hasn’t lost her sense of humor.   Still at the Salem Oaks rehab center seeing off Carly, an annoyed Jennifer receives another call with no one of the end of the line.  In an airport somewhere a man hangs up a cell phone call and boards a flight for Chicago.
After going for a run, an activity EJ despises Stefan tells EJ the activity,running through the streets of Salem, makes him look accessible – a regular guy. He needs to make sacrifices if he wishes to change his image Stefano tells his son.  They discuss making  EJ’s big announcement and Bo and Hope’s party.
EJ assures Stefano he is single minded in his focus when Stefan hopes that he won’t become distracted by the next skinny little “Nicole” he encounters.  EJ’s going to have a lot of opponents in his next venture, Stefano warns and EJ’s going to alienate some people he cares for.  EJ tells his father that he is aware there will be initial unpleasantness, but he’s doing this for Johnny and Sydney.  They deserve a family name they can be proud of.  When Johnny comes home from school and tells him that the children are scare of vampires, werewolves and DiMera’s something needs to be done, EJ asserts.
Stefano is already proud of his family name though and warns his son if he hurts the name he’s worked hard to build “Woe unto you Elvis.”
He also tells Stefano not to get in his way, go over his head or stab him in the back.  He may be Stefano’s heir apparent, but EJ will no longer let Stefan stand in his way.  Stand beside me or stand aside he tells his father.  In response Stefano hands EJ the king piece from the chess game they are playing.  Proud that his son has not only stood up for what he believes in, but also stood up to him Stefan tells EJ “God speed my son and god help whoever stands in your way.”
A mystery man, who used to live in Salem checks into a Salem hotel.  This time he’s staying for good he tells the bellboy.  Later the same man is seen picking up a newspaper and reading the headline “HUGE PARTY TO CELEBRATE NEW TOWN SQUARE”.  Back in his hotel room, the mystery man is revealed to be a bearded Jack Devereaux.  Looking at a photo of Jennifer he says “At least I’ll know where to find you tomorrow Miss Horton.”
Jennifer and Bo have organized a surprise for Hope at the Horton family home where Jennifer now lives.  It’s a box of Tom and Alice’s treasures that they are going to display at the party so the assembled guests see them as people, not just the benefactors of the town square renovation.
Box of tissues nearby, Bo and Hope go through the box reminiscing about Tom and Alice and their own lives.  Maggie and Jennifer join them, then later Doug and Julie arrive to do the same.  Bo and Hope delight in keeping the details of the party secret while the others delight in trying to extract the details.  The group leaves the Horton family home for a meal. 
Bo and Hope are the last to leave the house when Hope says she has a strange feeling that there is more Gran wanted them to know.  As they close the front door behind them a ribbon tied bundle of envelopes falls to the floor from their place on a shelf between some books…


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