Days of our Lives Casting Call for New Love Interest for Lexie Carver

Days of our Lives has put out a casting call for Dr. Julian, a new love interest for Salem’s University Hospital’s Chief of Staff, Dr Lexie Carver.

Though Dr Lexie has reduced her caseload and hours at the hospital to run her husband, Abe’s campaign for re-election as Mayor of Salem, the news of a casting call for a 20-30 year old well built African American male who has an ease and confidence that melts just about any woman (tentatively named Dr Julian, indicates that Lexie will don her while lab coat once more.

But what happens to Lexie and Abe’s marriage that she turns to the studly young medico for love?  Perhaps the strain of losing the campaign to his brother in law, EJ DiMera is too much for Abe and he descends into the bottle finding solace in gin (Maggie needs to play sponsor to someone new).  Or perhaps, Abe wins the election and the workload keeps him in the office, leaving Lexie feeling neglected?
Either way, it won’t be the first time Lexie strays, assuming she does indeed succumb to the charms of the young Dr Julian.
Lexie Carver and Jonah Carver:  Abe’s Brother
And poor Abe always seems to have some kind of relationship with the young stud that catches Lexie’s eye.  Lexie’s first dalliance which stopped short of an affair was with Abe’s brother, Jonah Carver, who was cleaning up the streets of Salem as the Pacifier.
Lexie Carver and Brandon Walker:  Abe’s Son
Lexie’s next extra-marital affair put her squarely at odds with Sami Brady as they were both involved with Brandon Walker.  Lexie and Brandon had a one night stand and shortly thereafter Lexie discovered she was pregnant.  Abe and Lexie had tried for years, unsuccessfully to have children planting the idea that Brandon was the likely father of her child.
Lexie had a paternity test, but a lying and scheming Sami changed the results so that Abe Carver was reported as the baby’s father.  One the day of her child, Theo’s birth, Lexie admitted that the original paternity tests had shown that Abe was her baby’s father, but she had changed the result to expose Sami and a liar and a cheat.
 Sami had promised Brandon that she had changed.  Brandon chose that day to also reveal that Abe was his father, from an affair Abe had had with his mother many years earlier when Abe was a beat cop.  Fay and Abe met when Abe responded to domestic violence calls from the Walker residence.  Fay was also the waitress at the Roadside diner, where Salem’s finest went for lunch and presumably donuts.
Lexie Carver and Tek Kramer:  Abe’s colleague (Salem PD)
Abe and Lexie were happy for a while, until Abe “died” at the hands of the Salem Stalker.  ISA agent turned Salem cop, Tek Kramer helped grieving widow Lexie get over her husband and the two developed a passionate relationship.  When Abe and the other victims of the Salem Stalker were discovered to be alive, Lexie resumed her marriage with her husband, doing her best to deny the attraction to Tek.
When Abe developed Vision problems and suffered from impotence, Tek and Lexie gave into their mutual passion and made love in her office.  The affair cost Lexie in terms of blackmail from more than one source.
Alex North, who knew the two were lovers, used the knowledge to prevent Lexie from telling Marlena Evans that North was hypnotizing her.  Sami Brady also used the information to blackmail Lexie into telling Carrie that she and Austin would never have healthy children together, thereby freeing Austin for Sami.
With Lexie’s colorful extramarital history one could wonder not only how much more poor Abe can take, but why Lexie has not learned her lesson.  At best her unfaithfulness has landed Lexie in hot water, and at worst made her the target for blackmail.  Affairs outside her marriage have never ended well for Lexie making fans wonder just what the writers have up their sleeves.


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