Days of our Lives Relaunch Comings and Goings – A Summary of the Changes

Days of our Lives recently underwent a reboot.  If you haven’t been watching for the past couple of months you’re likely confused.  As new head writers took over the reins at Days of our Lives there were swift changes to storylines and the characters on the Days of our Lives canvas.  Many of the new characters introduced by the previous writing regime were suddenly gone, and in a bid to win back disenchanted fans, the new Days of our Lives administration brought back fan favorites.

Below is a list of the Days of our Lives comings and goings and a brief summary of their arrival or departure storylines.

Days of our Lives Comings

Centered on the party celebrating Tom and Alice Horton’s contribution to the town of Salem and the commemoration of the newly renovated town square as Horton Square four notable former Salem denizens arrived in town for the celebrations:
John and Marlena (Drake Hogestyn and Deidre Hall)

John and Marlena returned to celebrate with their friends and family, but it quickly became apparent that there was another reason for them returning to town.  During the celebrations rafe Hernandez received a call from former FBI colleagues asking for his assistance in making an arrest.  Rafe proceeded to arrest John Black for embezzlement, securities fraud and misappropriation of pension funds from Basic Black’s financial division.

The allegations made John instantly unpopular in Salem given that many citizens had their life savings tied up in those pensions funds – including the cities government workers which will likely cause heartache for Abe Carvers campaign for reelection as Mayor.

Austin and Carrie (Christie Clarke and Patrick Muldoon)
Austin and Carrie too arrived in town, at the last minute, for the celebrations.  During their five year absence they acquired new careers that would put them at odds over John Black’s arrest.  Carrie, now a defense attorney who passed the US bar while living in Switzerland, stepped in as John’s lawyer when his legal team suddenly quit.  Austin, now a forensic accountant, took the only job that would keep him in Salem – working as the forensic accountant for the SEC and FBI on John Black’s embezzlement case.

Jack Devereaux (Matthew Ashford)

Jack made his presence in Salem known to Jennifer, his (ex) wife, at the Horton Square celebrations by literally falling into a seven tiered cake and landing at Jennifer’s feet just as Jennifer’s new beau, Daniel Jonas, was asking her to move in with him.

Jack had been held hostage in Afghanistan where he’d gone to investigate a story on Afghanistan’s opium trade he explained.  Jack begged forgiveness from his family and vowed to make things right with his family.

Madison James (Sarah Brown)

New character Madison James also made her presence known at the Town Square celebrations.  Though she did not appear on our TV screens at the event, Kate DiMera saw her in photos of the event online.  Her arrival in Salem sent Kate into a tailspin as Madison James is CEO of Mad World Cosmetics a direct competitor to Countess Wilhelmina. 

Kate was further disturbed to learn that Madison James had partnered with Brady and Victor, and that Mad World would be leasing office and retail space in the Horton Town Square, just as Countess Wilhelmina had done.

Madison and Brady got off to a rocky start when he mistook her for the restaurants’ hostess and tipped her to make sure their breakfast arrived swiftly.  He wanted to keep his breakfast meeting short as he’d heard on the grapevine that Madison James was a corporate bitch.

Madison agreed to Victor and Brady’s offer to buy her company and retain her as CEO when they accepted her counter offer.  Madison kept Brady on his toes by deftly referring to Brady’s earlier mistake without letting Victor know about Brady’s faux pas.  The two share an obvious attraction.

Sami’s mystery job turned out to be for a junior executive with Mad World cosmetics.  Madison received a Salem backstory when we learned that Sami and Madison McIntyre were in the same first grade class.

Days of our Lives Goings

Carly Manning (Crystal Chappell)

Carly Manning graduated from rehab for drug addiction when she received forgiveness from her friends and family and herself!  Nicholas, newly reunited with his mother also left town to go on a round the world sojourn.  Melanie promised to catch up with her mother and brother during her vacation, but remained in Salem.

Quinn Hudson (Bren Foster) and Taylor Walker (Tamara Braun)

When Chloe Lane regained consciousness from her coma she pointed the finger as Gus, Vivian’s manservant, not Quinn as her attacker.  Quinn, who had been set up by Gus (he planted DNA evidence at the scene of Chloe’s attack and planted the nightstick in Quinn’s hotel room) was released from prison and offered a deal by the DA.  Leave town by tonight and they would overlook all the other crimes he could be charged with.  Taylor and Quinn decided to take the offer and start afresh somewhere else with Quinn going straight. 

Quinn, is due to return to Salem, sans Taylor, mid October and open a legitimate business in the Horton Square – a spa which features self defense lessons for women.

Vivian Alamain (Louise Sorel)

Just as Vivian was lamenting that Quinn’s departure would mean she would be alone in Salem, Ivan Marais (Ivan G’Vera) Vivian’s former manservant blew into Salem and whisked his Madame off to India to star in a bollywood movie produced by his film studios.  Ivan had become incredibly wealthy since Madame left him to care for an ill Lawrence.  Ivan, Vivian, Quinn and Taylor left Salem on Ivan’s private jet.

Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin)

Brady set up a singing audition for Chloe at a club in Chicago where music industry executives and agents hang out.  Chloe got the job and after putting Kate in her place left Salem for a new start in Chicago where Philip and Parker also live.  Kinsey tagged along with Chloe and also left Salem.

Dario Hernandez (Francisco San Martin)

Dario received and accepted a promotion within the Titan conglomerate.  Problem was the new job was in Argentina.  Just as he and Melanie were coming to terms with him leaving, the date was brought forward.  He had to leave tonight, his supervisor told him, and after a teary farewell with Melanie, Dario jumped in a Titan limo and headed for the airport leaving Melanie heartbroken.


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