Lisa Rinna Returning to Days of our Lives as Billie Reed

The Huffington Post broke the story that Lisa Rinna is set to return to Days of our Lives, reprising the role she created, that of Billie Reed.  Though Lisa Rinna originated the role of Billie Reed, the role has also been played by Krista Allen and most recently Julie Pinson, who was almost as popular as Rinna in the role.

Lisa Rinna
Lisa Rinna last held the role of Billie Reed from 1992 – 1995, and also briefly returned in 2003.   In between those stints as Billie Reed, Lisa Rinna appeared as Taylor McBride in the original Melrose Place.  Lisa Rinna has also been reported to be interested in reprising that role on the reboot of Melrose Place. 

Rinna parlayed success as a soap opera actress into a hosting role on Soapnets popular Soap Talk talk show.  She has also appeared on Dancing with the Stars and with real-life husband Harry Hamlin in a reality TV show about their life, a couple of Lifetime productions and more recently on Veronica Mars.
Lisa Rinna will start shooting scenes as Billie Reed in December which won’t air until early 2012.
Billie Reed
During her tenure on Days of our Lives, the character of Billie Reed can only be said to have been unlucky in love.
Just as she’d been about to marry Bo Brady, John Black discovered a mysterious woman named Gina at Maison Blanche.  Though she suffered from amnesia, the woman bore an uncanny resemblance to Hope, Bo’s presumed dead first wife.  Billie and Bo did marry, but the revelation that Gina was Hope crushed their marriage.
Billie and Bo briefly reunited.  It was long enough for Billie to conceive Bo’s child.  Bilie went into early labor in a New Orleans swamp and her daughter, who she and Bo named Georgia, was stillborn.  Bo grieved with Billie over the loss of their little girl, but he ultimately told Billie that his life was with Hope.
Billie’s secret ongoing rendezvous with Bo’ brother Roman amounted to nothing, and when she found herself dating the same man as her mother, Kate Roberts, the smitten young man, Nicholas Alamain chose Kate over Billie.
When Billie returned to Salem in 2004, she and Bo learned that that baby they’d thought stillborn had survived and been adopted.  They traced their daughter to Salem and discovered that Georgia was actually Abigail Devereaux best friend Chelsea.
When Chelsea’s adoptive parents died in a car crash, Billie had the girl move in with her (and Patrick Lockhart) telling Chelsea later that she was Chelsea’s mother.  Chelsea and Billie’s relationship was initially strained, but Chelsea eventually came round, but decided she wanted her parents together.  Chelsea schemed and manipulated many events to break up Bo and Hope and was eventually successful when she was the hit and run driver that killed her half brother Zach.  (Hope left Bo when she discovered that Bo had protected Chelsea delaying the truth about Chelsea’s involvement in the crime coming to light.

Billie then moved on with another unavailable man – Steve Johnson.  Steve who had returned to Salem suffering from amnesia became involved with Billie to avoid the pressure Kayla Brady placed upon him to remember their life together.  Steve, of course, did eventually remember and dropped Billie quicker than he could say “Sweetness”.

In the throes of a drunken pity party (over her disastrous love life) Billie slept with Nick Fallon, Chelsea’s boyfriend. Chelsea eventually learned what happened, just as she was about to make her relationship with Nick official.
What Billie lacked in the relationship stakes she made up for with several successful careers.
She founded Countess Wilhelmina Cosmetics with monies from her first investors – Alice Horton and Maggie Horton.  When Billie wasn’t running Countess Wilhelmina, she was a cop, ISA Agent and later Head of Security at Salem University and finally at Titan Industries in London, where she supposedly remains employed today.
Given the rivalry between Kate and Victor over their respective cosmetic company investments*, Billie’s current employment with Titan is sure to cause some tension between the mother and daughter.  And Kate could use an ally in her corporate war with rival Mad World Cosmetics (Victor, Brady, Madison and Sami).
*Kate recently relaunched Countess Wilhelmina and Victor and Brady brought Madison James and Mad World cosmetics under the Titan Industries umbrella.


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