Was the Days of our Lives Reboot a Success? Early Ratings News

With Days of our Lives much hyped reboot complete the thoughts of fans keen to see their favorite soap return to its former glory and stay on the air, now turn to the whether the September 26 relaunch was a success.

Reading Days of our Lives fan boards on the topic will attest to fan sentiment being a subjective measure of success.  While there are many fans delighted with the return of Days of our Lives golden couple John and Marlena (Drake Hogestyn and Deidre Hall), there is also a vocal contingent that cringes at the thought of their return.
Feelings over the return of Carrie and Austin (Christie Clarke and Patrick Muldoon) and Jack (Matthew Ashford) are also divided.

Though fans are tantamount to the success of Days of our Lives 2.0 fan sentiment will be measured not through the letters, email and fan board postings they write, but through the measure that keeps Days of our Lives on the air. 


Early reports from Marlene McPherson (via twitter), one of Days of our Lives new head writers, indicate that response to the relaunch has been good, if not great.  In preliminary ratings representing live plus same day viewing numbers released by Nielsen Media Research, Days of our Lives tied for the #1 spot for the week of September 12-16 in the important Women 18-34 demographic.  Read more about Days of our Lives ratings numbers including the full year numbers.

Over on the @DaysofourLives twitter feed the conversation also turned to ratings last week, where the discussion focused on which ratings number kept Days of our Lives on the air.  The upshot was that Days of our Lives’ ratings performance is judged on Nielsen’s C3 ratings number.

C3 is a measure of the commercials watched both live and three days DVR playback and is the metric under which much of primetime advertising is bought and sold.  The important thing to note however is that the measure is of commercials watched, so fast forwarding through the advertisements will mean you are not counted.  A partial credit is allocated when some advertisements are watched and others are fast forwarded.

So, to support Days of our Lives and keep your favorite soap opera on the air, watch Days of our Lives either live, or if you watch on your DVR watch within three days of the episodes airdate and  watch the ads (or just let them run) also! 

While ratings may be the measure that keeps Days of our Lives on our TV sets (and not on our computer screens) that’s not to say that fan opinion is ignored.  But given that news from the Days of our Lives set is that Christmas scenes have already been filmed, any changes that come out of fan thoughts on the relaunch cannot possibly hit our screens before the New Year.


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