Weekly Recap: Week Ending 30 September, 2011

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Chloe leaves Salem for Chicago and a singing job;
Kinsey goes with Chloe;
Carrie and Austin arrive;
As do John and Marlena;
EJ steals Abe’s thunder;
Rafe arrests John Black for embezzlement and securities fraud;
Hope finds foreign bank account statement belonging to Alice;

The Horton’s and friends begin their celebration of the renovated town square.  E J arrives at the Horton shindig despite not being invited, making Roman, Bo and Abe suspicious that they are up to something.  They are under surveillance; Bo warns EJ after EJ reminds Bo that the town square is a public place.

EJ arrives with Patti Sanger the Millionaire Matchmaker as his date, but he seems far more interested in the fact that Nicole has arrived stag.  Patti thinks that Nicole still may be special to EJ.
Kate visit Chloe in hospital who is packing to be discharged.  Even if she gets the singing job kate threatens she’ll never get custody of Parker again.  Kate tells Chloe all she has to do is tell the court that Chloe was turning tricks.  Who do you think the court will believe Kate reasons, someone who runs a multinational conglomerate or a hooker?
Maggie is suspicious when twice she interrupts Victor having a conversation that stops when she arrives.  The first is with Brady, and Victor assures her that the plan they were discussing is on the up and up. The second is with Jennifer and Hope, who scurry off to announce the arrival of Hope’s surprise guests.
Jack watches Jennifer and Abigail at the party.  As he steels himself to approach Jennifer he sees her kissing Daniel, over and over again…
Bo and Hope start the proceeding for the evening.  They reminisce about the Town Square once being used as a place to meet and celebrate holidays.  This renovation means it will be again.  Tom and Alice Horton wanted to give something back to Salem and funded the renovation (albeit posthumously).
Abe as the Mayor of Salem officially thanks the Horton’s for their contribution to the city of Salem and unveils a plaque commemorating Tom and Alice Horton and naming the town square Horton Town Square.
Hope announces the arrival of Austin and Carrie Reed, who surprise Sami with their presence.  Though they are glad that Austin and Carrie could come (at the last minute) they are not their guest of honor.  Turn around Hope tells the crowd to turn around…
John and Marlena enter the town square, John in a wheelchair…John and Marlena share a reunion with family and friends who are delighted to see them there.  Gabi is upset that Will introduced her as Rafe’s sister, not his girlfriend. 
Marlena tells Sami she would have been here for Sami’s health crisis had she known.  She also tells Will who wrote about everyone else in his emails except himself that he can talk to her confidentially any time.  Not everyone is there notes John to Marlena, looking around for his son, Brady.
Brady finds a depressed Chloe lying on her hospital bed.  She’s not going to the audition she tells Brady after giving him the rundown on Kate’s visit.  Brady tells her to get dressed, she’s going but first he is going to make sure that both she and Kate get what they deserve.
Marlena makes a speech thanking everyone for their support and love over the years.  John’s rehab was grueling she says, with John piping up “That’s a fact.” Then John slowly rises from his wheelchair and the crowd cheers and claps.
Melanie, who is still missing Dario, dances with Chad (at Abigail’s insistence) and Sonny which makes Victor note they make a fine looking couple.  Justin and Adrienne tell Victor they love Sonny just the way he is.   Sonny and Melanie are forming a kind of “Will and Grace” type of friendship.
Kate hold a press conference telling the press that Countess Wilhelmina’s new corporate HQ will be located in the Horton Town Square.
Chloe heads to her audition but not before putting Kate in her place.  Quinn will provide a sworn affidavit that it was Kate who pressured him into blackmailing Chloe into prostitution, not the kind of PR you want for Countess Wilhelmina now is it, Chloe gloats knowing she has the upper hand.  Get out of my way and stay out of my life Chloe tells a defeated Kate.
Chloe gets the singing job.  She says goodbye to Daniel who tells her she’s a phenomenal talent and wishes her well.  Chloe thanks Justin and Adrienne for their support in getting her back into Parker’s life.  When Chloe says goodbye to Nicole, Brady and Kinsey she wishes she didn’t have to go alone, she’s both terrified and excited.  Kinsey offers to come to Chicago with Chloe.  She could use a fresh start too the teen says, before rushing off to pack.
Jennifer Horton makes the official dedication of Horton Square and Hope invites the crowd to share memories of Tom and Alice.  Later Doug and Julie perform a duet of Doug’s signature song “Always” as the lovers of Salem dance to the romantic tune.
Daniel tells Jennifer that she is lucky to have grown up with a family like this, as Jennifer reminisces about Tom and Alice.  Jennifer suddenly feels like she has failed her children by not providing the same kind of role model for her children.  You didn’t fail your family, Daniel tells Jennifer, Jack did.  He was the one who left.  Jack listens in.
Daniel steals Jennifer away for a private moment.  Jennifer tells him Tom would have respected the doctor he is and Gran would have had him round for dinner every night.  Daniel tells Jennifer that she’s perfect for him and that he is ready to make a bigger commitment to her.  As he takes her hands in his, a horrified Jack leans in closer over the staircase to listen in.  As a passerby pushes past Jack on the staircase he is pushed over the edge, falling into a multi-tiered cake landing at Jennifer and Daniel’s feel.
Brady and John share a strained reunion.  Brady knows that John doesn’t approve of how he is living his life, and that hasn’t changed.  Brady is however glad to see his dad, and that he’s out of the chair. Marlena tells John not to give up on his relationship with Brady, after all doctors also told him he’d never walk again…Marlena wonders if they should tell people the other reason they are in Salem, but John doesn’t want to spoil the evening.
Hope and Bo return to the Horton family home to get the donuts for the party.  Hope finds the bundle of envelopes on the floor.  Amongst them are foreign bank account statements without a name on them but obviously sent to this address.  Hope calls the bank and while they won’t tell her who’s account it is, they tell her its been open for over 20 years.  The dates mean it must be Gran’s account Hope tells Bo, but why didn’t anyone know about this, Hope wonders.  Nothing about it was mentioned in Alice’s will.
Bo and Hope speculate that maybe Alice was being blackmailed as the same amount of money went into the account each month and was withdrawn a few days later…Bo and Hope talk to Maggie about the statements, who jokes that its where Alice stashed all that donut money.  When Maggie realizes they are serious, she can’t believe that Alice had any secrets.
Brady steals Maggie away.  Bo and Hope decide to keep investigation.  Hope has a horrible freeling that Maggie is wrong.
Lexie tells Abe she found great office space for their campaign headquarters adjacent to the Horton Town Square.  That was he will be associated with the great changes in Salem she tells him as she takes the podium to announce that Abe is re-running for Mayor.  Abe and Lexie are quietly confident since he seems to be running unopposed. 
Lexie makes a speech espousing the virtues of Abe as Mayor including the incarceration of Gus, and the wonderful state of the city’s pension fund which is in surplus thanks to the investments made by Basic Black’s financial division.   As Abe is about to take the stand, EJ interrupts and announces instead that Abe will not be running unopposed.  He, EJ DiMera is formally announcing his intention to be the next Mayor of Salem.
Kate and Stefano congratulate EJ.  The rest of Salem is shocked, and Lexie is furious with EJ and her father for doing this to her and Abe.
Nicole asks EJ why he is running for Mayor.  For Johnny and Sydney he tells Nicole.  He wants them to have a name they can be proud of not ashamed. He can’t change who he is EJ tells Nicole but he can change how people see him.
Abe and Roman try to convince Carrie who is a defense attorney to switch to the other side of the prosecution so she can have the thrill of putting bad guys behind bars.  Austin who is now a forensic accountant receives a text message.  The SEC needs an urgent consult, tonight, on several irregularities in a large pension fund.
Rafe receives a text message and asks a police colleague to hold off on the arrest until he can contact his wife and tell her what is going down (Sami went to tuck the kids into bed).  His colleague says they have to move now before “they” leave the country again…
Checking his email on his phone, John tells Doc that all this is going down faster than he anticipated.
Jack and Jennifer argue, and Jack is horrified to learn that Jennifer divorced his during his absence.  I didn’t abandon anyone, Jack tries explain to  both Abby and Jennifer why he was away, and why he has come back now. But neither wants to hear it.  Abby leaves with Chad and Daniel take Jennifer back to her home where she assures him that it is Daniel she wants to spend the rest of her days with, not Jack.  Daniel is solid and reliable and that’s what she needs and wants Jennifer tells Daniel, not Jacks drama and hi-jinks.
As Jack gets a drink at the bar, Adrienne spots him.  Jack finally get the welcome he hoped for as Adrienne hugs her brother glad to see him.  Adrienne demands to know what has been going on with Jack and when she learns the truth tells him to go to Jennifer and Abby and explain everything and get down on his hands and knees and beg forgiveness.  Jack leaves for the Horton home.
There’s something I want to show you, Victor tells Maggie.  As the lights dim drawing everyone’s attention in the town square, Maggie sees “Will you marry me?” lit up in red script on the wall.  Will you please do me th honor of becoming my wife, Victor asks a teary Maggie as he presents her with a beautiful ring.
Maggie tells Victor he’s a real romantic but he didn’t have to try so hard.  Before Maggie can give her answer though they are distracted by flashing police lights and a commotion elsewhere in the town square.
“I hate to do this to you.  I really do.”  Rafe tells John Black before arresting him for embezzlement, securities fraud and misappropriation of pension funds.
This has to be a mistake, Abe says.  Carrie turns to Austin shocked as she realizes that this is what his email from the SEC was about…


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