Weekly Recap: Week Ending 7 October, 2011

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Jennifer and Abigail hear Jack out;

Maggie accepts Victor’s marriage proposal and asks Melanie to be her Maid of Honor;
Hope and Bo learn that the mysterious bank account was indeed Alice’s and that it remains active;
Carrie takes over as John’s lawyer when his legal team quits;
The only assignment Austin’s boss can give him to stay in Salem is on the SEC case against John;
Sami gets a job with Mad World Cosmetics;   
Sami went to school with her new boss;
Brady and Madison James get off to a rocky start but she agrees to sell Mad World Cosmetics to Titan anyway;
The news makes Kate see red, as Countess Wilhelmina competes with Mad World;
EJ brings a class action against John Black in a bid to win the mayoral race;

John Black is arrested and taken to the Salem PD where he is booked.   Marlena follows.  Maggie with Victor’s blessing rushes to her friend, Marlena’s side.  His proposal is a standing offer Victor tells the redhead.

Carrie is furious with Austin that he knew the arrest was going to take place.  How could he let the arrest go down this way, Carrie asks her husband.  He knows John is like a father to her.  Carrie stonewalls Austin when he wants to talk.  She’s furious with him and needs to contact John’s legal team.

Sami too is stunned and angry that it was her husband who arrested John.  He tried to call her Rafe defends.  Where has she been, he asks Sami who has to admit she had a follow up interview with the company who won’t tell Sami the job title she is interviewing for; or company’s name. 

John’s friends’ Roman, Abe, Bo and Hope stand by him and defend him to the FBI.  There is no way John Black is guilty of what the FBI is charging him with.  Despite having been the one to arrest John, Rafe also believes John is innocent based on what he knows of the guy.  Austin, however, has access to the FBI’s files and tells Rafe that the evidence the SEC and FBI have collected makes him look guilty as hell.
Brady meanwhile stays away from his father and changes the topic of conversation to business when Victor asks why Brady is avoiding his father.  Titan has a new project in progress which Victor and Brady believe is a win-win deal.  Now they just need to meet with the other company’s CEO…
Looking over photos from the party Kate is horrified to notice a familiar face amongst the guests.  Madison James of Mad World Cosmetics, a direct competitor of Kate’s company, Countess Wilhelmina. 
Jack bursts into the Horton family home to talk to Jennifer, who only listens to him for her children’s sake.  He’s been held hostage, a desperate Jack tells her.  He went undercover in Afghanistan investigation the opium trade but got in over his head.  He was snatched and held hostage for months.  His contact wrote the blog posts and sent the text messages so that they wouldn’t worry, Jack explains.  Frankly Jack is surprised anyone bought the whole walkabout think because he hates the outdoors.
Jack was rescued last week and the first thing he did was get on a plane back to her, he tells Jennifer.  Call the US embassy Jack challenges, but Jennifer doesn’t have to.  She believes him; the whole story is too bad to be a lie.  He promised himself while in captivity that if he ever got free he would make it up to his family.  Jack tells Jennifer he loves her and asks if she can ever forgive him.
When Maggie arrives home at the Kiriakis mansion after being at the Salem PD supporting Marlena she asks Victor to rewind to the part where he asked her the question.  “Will you marry me?”  asks Victor anxious for an answer.  Maggie says “Yes!” as she bounces into his arms.
When Brady arrives at the Horton Square for a breakfast meeting, he assumes the woman standing behind the reservations desk is the restaurants hostess.  He tips her to ensure their breakfast arrives quickly.  He wants to put a rush on his breakfast meeting as he’s heard his breakfast companion is a bit of a bitch.   The woman takes him to his table then leaves.  The same woman arrives minutes later and Victor introduces her to Brady as Madison James the CEO of the company they are looking to buy.
Brady makes Madison an offer to buy her company and keep her on as CEO with complete autonomy after apologizing for being a pompous jerk.  Madison turns him down however and pulls out a counter offer she has documented for both Victor and Brady to read.  They agree to her terms, and Madison has fun deftly referring to Brady’s mistake over her identity without letting Victor know about Brady’s mistake.
They discuss moving the Mad World HQ to Salem.  When Madison learns that Kate is taking office and retail space in the renovated Horton Square for Countess Wilhelmina she decides that’s where she needs to be as well.
As they leave, Brady, Victor and Madison run into Kate, who is not happy to see the three of them together, and even less impressed when she learns they have gone into business together, as Kate had shared her business plan for the Countess Wilhelmina relaunch with Victor and Brady.  She’ll sue Kate threatens if even one of her ideas appears in the Mad World line.  Madison tells her that she wouldn’t use Kate’s business plan anyway.  She wants to make money, she taunts Kate.
Later Madison tells Victor and Brady that she doesn’t believe in coincidences, and they haven’t pulled the wool over her eyes.  Kate will be a worthy opponent Madison tells Victor and Brady as elsewhere in the square Kate places a phone call. “Find me anything that will destroy her and her company.”  Kate demands.
EJ is thrilled with the press coverage of the announcement of his candidacy for the Mayoral race. Kate offers him her PR firm contact, but EJ tells her he already has someone in mind.  As Kate leaves Nicole arrives.  Nicole is stunned that he wants her to be his publicist.  She demands a six almost seven figure salary and benefits.  EJ agrees.  Nicole tells him she will only take the job if it’s purely business, no funny business on the side.  Nicole will think about it she tells her soon to be ex husband. 
The next day EJ’s press coverage calls him nefarious and pompous.  He needs a publicist and pressures Nicole.    Nicole takes the job and tells EJ they need to give him a new persona.  They will play to his strengths, he is financially very successful and Abe has the family values platform covered.  Nicole threatens to quit when EJ isn’t forthcoming on his plan to use John Black’s arrest to get him elected.
Marlena arrives at the jail to find that John was based when a guard allowed him to be placed amongst the general prison population in the prison yard.  Bo and Hope reprimand the guard who admits to looking the other way (as a city employee his pension funds are gone too). 
Overnight John has become the most hated man in Salem and Bo and Hope assure Marlena of John’s safety as the put him into a bullet proof vest for his arraignment.  John has been receiving death threats at the police station by angry citizens of Salem, who have lost their pension funds and 401k’s. Marlena tells Bo and Hope the charges are ludicrous.  John was in rehab when the money was supposedly embezzled.  He wasn’t even working the last two years she tells her friends.   John keeps quiet about a flashback he has of himself sitting at a computer working with Basic Black financial statements…
At the Brady Pub Daniel tells Melanie and Maggie that he didn’t like Jack before he met him, but now? Maggie advises Daniel not to let Jennifer see how angry he is with Jack.  The conversation switches to Maggie’s engagement which will make her the sixth wife of an irascible mature man with a criminal streak.  Melanie is thrilled when Maggie asks her to be her Maid of Honor.  Daniel welcomes his step godmother to be to the family.
Jennifer fills Abby in on Jacks story.  Abigail is furious with her father when he arrives without a beard.  He shaved it for Jennifer he states.  He shouldn’t pretend to care about what Jennifer wants now, Abby rants at her father.  Jennifer tells Abigail she needs to give Jack a chance – he still is her father.
Abby listens to Jack but isn’t convinced and accuses him of choosing his job over his family. This isn’t the first time you’ve walked out Abby states.  I’m your daughter and I don’t matter to you and angry teary Abigail tells Jack.  “How could you do this to us, Daddy?” Abigail sobs and turns into Jennifer’s arms.
Jack is repentant and sorry.  Jack tells Jennifer and Abby that they are right and he is staying in Salem until he proves he can be the father and husband they deserve.
Sami watches the phone for a call regarding her interview.  When the call comes in, it’s good news.  She’s got the job an elated Sami tells Rafe and Will and Gabi who are working on their website project.
Sami meets her new employer in the Horton Town Square.  Madison James realizes that Sami and Brady are related, she realizes Sami Hernandez is Sami Brady from the first grade when Madison was known as Madison McIntyre.  Brady assures Sami he had nothing to do with her getting the job with Mad World Cosmetics.
Working from home until the Mad World offices are ready, Sami struggles to balance motherhood, keeping a house and a full-time job. 
Huddled around a laptop, Madison and Brady conclude a web meeting which places her products in Japanese distribution.  Brady offers Madison champagne to celebrate, but she declines  saying she’s go too much work to do and needs a clear head.  She hurriedly gets up and trips landing in Brady’s lap.  “I don’t fall for just anyone.”  Madison tells Brady the attraction between them obvious.
At the Salem PD, Austin warns Carrie to be prepared.  The state’s case against John is strong.  Carrie is horrified.  Does Austin think John is guilty she asks?.  Austin tells her she misunderstood.  He is telling her that the evidence makes him “look” guilty.
John returns from his arraignment with egg over his suit thrown by the angry crowds who have lost their life savings.  John was granted bail, but can’t make it since his assets have been frozen.  Marlena wants to ask Brady, but John tells her not to.  He wants to keep his family out of this as much as possible.
Hope tells Bo that she got the name of the broker handling Alices foreign bank account out of the bank and she has an appointment to see him.  Bo asks if Hope is sure she wants to know what this account is about. Mrs H went to a lot of trouble to keep the account secret, she must have had a good reson.  Hope says yes, as silly as it sounds she feels like Gran is guiding her to find the answers.  Bo accompanies Hope to meet the Salem based financial advisor.
The financial advisor tells Bo and Hope that even though Hope was executor to Alice’s estate, he’s not at liberty to tell her anything – Confidentiality he states.  The advisor is unaffected when Bo flashes his badge.  Bo specultates that is either because he is on the up and up, or because he’s connected.  All the financial advisor will confirm is that the account belonged to Alice, and is still active, despite Alice’s estate being wrapped up.  Then who is funding the account Bo and Hope wonder…
Carrie and Austin discuss how careers and school got in the way of them having the 3 or 4 kids they’d planned to have by now.  Austin suggests that they work on that while they are in Salem, since his involvement in John’s case is over.  Later though, Austin learns that the only assignment his boss can offer him to keep him in Salem is on the John Black case.
Lexie lays into EJ.  How could he do this to her?  Is he so focused on making a name for his family that he has forgotten that she and Theo are family too?  If she hurts her family again Lexie vows she will never forgive EJ.
With John back in his cell, Roman delivers some bad news.  His legal team has quit.  John, Roman and Marlena wonder how much Stefano threatened or paid John’s legal team to quit given they have been loyal to him for so many years.  John blames himself for this mess.  He was so focused on his recovery that he lost sight of what was happening with his company.
Carrie takes over as John’s lawyer and has John released on house arrest shortly thereafter. John and Marlena return to the townhouse (that didn’t sell  – Sami moved in with EJ in July 2010 when Marlena put the townhouse on the market).   
Carrie meets Austin at the Brady Pub where she learns that Austin is not off the SEC case against John.  Just when she thought things couldn’t get worse she is served papers.
At the townhouse, John and Marlena answer a knock at the door.  Rafe tells them that EJ DiMera has filed a class action lawsuit against John.
At the DiMera mansion EJ gets a call.  He tells Nicole that both John and his lawyer have been served.  EJ and Nicole toast each other over champagne; the future mayor of Salem and his outstanding publicist.


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