EJ’s Mother, Susan Banks, In Salem?

Look for EJ’s mother to appear in Salem on December 7, 2011. Could it be a simple flashback? Or memory?

Susan’s reappearnce no doubt pertains to a letter found amongst Alice’s belongings in the attic. it seemed Susan came to Alice for help when a young Elvis Jnr, waas desperately ill…

The role of Susan Banks was originally played by Eileen Davidson, but has been recast for the short term appearance of Susan Banks.  One Life to Live vet, Brynn Thayer is reportedly taking on the role of Susan, as Eileen Davidson, currently appears on the Young and the Restless as Ashley Abbot.

Bringing Susan back into the storyline can only be described as a brave move, as the circumstances around EJ’s birth involved a convoluted storyline where Susan, rather simple in the IQ stakes, believed Elvis Presley was the father of her child.  The father of course turned out to be Stefano, who had Susan implanted with an embryo. 

Susan, who bore an uncanny resemblance to Kristen when wearing a wig and false teeth, was convinced to sell her baby to Kristen Blake, Stefano’s adopted daughter who was faking a pregnancy with John Black’s baby to hold onto him.  But after one plot twist after another which included Eileen Davidson playing quadruplets, Susan left Salem for England with her baby who she renamed Elvis Jr. (from John Jr.) and married Edmund Crumb.

Memorable moments from the storyline included:
  • Susan marrying John Black immediately after giving birth to John Jr. (John brought a preacher to the hospital to marry him and Kristen after she gave birth to his son).
  • Susan impersonating Kristen to breast feed little John Jr, and later becoming his nanny
  • Locking Kristen and Marlena into a secret room in the DiMera mansion so she could marry John herself (while impersonating Kristen).  Susan was exposed when she lost her false teeth!
  • Susan impersonating Kristen in a legal fight for custody between Susan and Kristen thereby winning custody.
  • Selling Kristen Blake into white slavery.
Since EJ’s return to Salem as an adult (he was born in February 1997!) EJ has periodically mentioned Susan and Edmund, but little about the circumstances of his birth have been mentioned.

Of course given recent storyline events speculation is rife that the egg used could have been one of Maggie’s stolen eggs, making EJ a defacto Horton, not to mention Sydney and Johnny….Other guesses include the EJ we’ve seen on screen not being the “real” Elvis Jnr, who is in actual fact secluded in an institution somewhere paid for by the mystery bank account…Other possibilities? EJ is actually John Black’s son, making him and Brady half brothers…

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