November 1981 – Days in History

Count Antony DiMera arrived in Salem with some news for his supposed ex-wife Liz Chandler Craig.  They have never been divorced rendering Liz’s marriage to Don Craig invalid. Tony pressured Liz to return to him as his wife, but Liz roomed with Trish Banning instead, who Tony found attractive.  Liz told Don she was going back to Tony to protect Don’s reputation.

Valerie Grant returned to Salem to intern at the medical center and kept company with Abe Carver. Abe believed that Valerie’s former fiancé, David Banning was responsible for the recent spate of prostitute deaths.

David was shot and held captive in the basement of the Twilight bar by a thug named Nick, who demanded a ransom from Doug Williams, David’s step father.  Abe apprehended kidnapper Nick, and collared Doug and Julie for awaiting Nick in a warehouse.  David escaped and took refuge at Valerie Grant’s apartment where he was reunited with Valerie’s brother, Danny Grant.  Danny wasn’t fond of Abe, who believing Valerie was assisting David, placed Valerie’s apartment under police surveillance.

Evan Wyland began dating nurse, Lorie Masters.  Lorie however also had her eye on Joshua Fallon from the Body Connection where she took self defense classes.

Neil Curtis had problems of his own.  Mary Anderson and Neil resumed a previous fling and Mary suspected that Neil was taking kickbacks through the surrogate motherhood program.  Maggie and Mickey considered keeping Maggie’s child giving Neil more heartache, as the child unbeknownst to Mickey and Maggie was destined to be raised by Evan Wyland. Stuart Wyland reminded Neil that he owed him for paying off his legal debts in San Diego, but Neil discovered Stuart was the one taking kickbacks, from supply houses.  Dr Tom Horton and Dr Evan Wyland caught Neil on the booze, jeopardizing his career.  When Neil withheld information related to a patient of Valerie’s who died, Marlena became suspicious. 

In therapy with Marlena, Jessica still worked on integrating her personalities. Jake was jealous of the support and friendship Joshua Fallon showed Jessica.  Jake responded by becoming more possessive of Jessica. They became engaged, but Marlena convinced the couple that a hasty marriage would be detrimental to Jessica’s recovery.  Meanwhile Joshua recommended that Jessica closely examins her feelings for Jake.

More and more or David’s friends and family got behind him supporting his claim of innocence in shooting Alex Marshall.  Mike put off his wedding to Trish (David’s ex-wife) until David was cleared, while Doug and Julie began investigating Alex’s shooting.

Meanwhile Alex Marshall told Stuart Wyland he remembered who shot him (Stuart’s butler).  Alex was to undergo risky surgery in an effort to regain the use of his legs, and Stuart arranged for the surgery to be sabotaged.  Neil, however, switched OR’s at the last minute and Alex made it through the surgery and regained the use of his legs, but the patient who ended up in Alex’s originally scheduled OR wasn’t so lucky, he died.

Tony DiMera hired Stuart Wyland to obtain Anderson Manufacturing for him.  Eager to deliver, Stuart Wyland threatened the lives of Alex’s fiancé, Marie Horton and daughter, Jessica Blake if Alex didn’t remarry Mary Anderson.

Angel reasserted herself and snuck out on a possessive Jake to her former haunt (and place of employment) the Twilight Bar.  Jake found her there flirting with another man and pummeled the guy.  Abe Carver intervened preventing Jake from killing the man.  Jake warned Jessica not to sneak out again because the Strangler could get her.

Marlena’s mystery caller from her radio station became more aggressive in his contact with Marlena and called her at home!  Marlena’s friend Joshua Fallon comforted her when the experience left her rattled.  Don placed a trace on the phone calls Marlena received at the radio station from the disturbed caller now believed to be responsible for two murders; a secretary from the hospital and “Angels” friend Denise Peterson who also worked at the “Twilight Bar”.  The serial murderer became known as the Salem Strangler for his modus operandi of strangling his victims with a silk scarf.

As Lorie Masters and boyfriend Evan Wyland made out on her sofa a man watched from outside her window…

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