November 1991 – Days in History

Bo Brady, hearing gunshots, rushed into the Kiriakis mansion to find Dr Carly Manning kneeling over Victor Kiriakis’ body holding a gun. “He’d dead.   I didn’t kill him”  a shocked  Carly told Bo. Abe and Brian arrived at the scene and Bo confessed to shooting Vicotro despite Carly’s protestations.  

Victor was pronounced dead at the scene. A gallant Bo tried to take the blame for the shooting but Victor’s body guard, Dimitri, and butler, Henderson,  told Abe and Brian that Bo wasn’t even in the house and that they heard Victor call out Carly’s name before the shots.  Carly was arrested.  Bo visited her in jail and gave her a North Star necklace for her birthday.  It will bring her home just like the sailors that follow it, Bo promised Carly.  Isabella, Victor’s daughter, posted bail. 

To protect John, Isabella stole the file Victor had on him and the San Cristobal medal.  John had flashes of memory upon seeing the numbers on the file.  Roman Brady found the same numbers on the file of an ISA case he had worked on…John, Roman and Marlena worked out that the numbers pertained to astrology.

Isabella found a list of furniture to be shipped and packed by November 1st – the day Victor died.  Isabella was suspicious, but Carly thought it could just be the packing list for the villa in Greece he was building for the two of them.

Kayla was still being held hostage by Cal Winters and planned her escape.

Hawk convinced Jennifer to take over the Spectator.  Jennifer used her trust fund to save the paper.

Molly Brinker moved into Julie’s penthouse, and Ginger Dawson freaked out when Tanner Scofield called her Genevieve and learned she had once worked as a stripper.  Ginger recalled Mr Hawk having her fired from her Las Vegas job not believing she was pregnant with his sons baby (Molly).   Ginger denied being Genevieve to Tanner.

Carly’s trial for shooting and killing her estranged husband Victor got underway.  Victor who was very much alive continued to plot to keep Bo and Carly apart while also searching for a mysterious treasure.

Gretchen Lindquist turned up in Salem working for Lawrence Alamain.

Kimberly tried to rescue her sister, Kayla, from Cal but was taken hostage herself.  Shane brought infant Jeannie to Cal as part of a plan to rescue Kayla and Kimberly.  Once inside the apartment, Cal and Shane struggled and Shane was knocked unconscious.  Cal held a gun on Shane.  Kimberly shot Cal before he could kill Shane.  Brian Scofield and the police arrived in time to arrest an injured Cal.  Kayla kept quiet about learning from Cal that Shane was Jeanne’s father.

Julie had a birthday party for Molly Brinker at the Penthouse.  Ginger Dawson ran from the party when she realized that Molly is the daughter she gave up.  Tanner tried to convince Ginger to tell Molly the truth, but Ginger refused fearing Howard Hawk would harm Molly if he found out.

Roman, Marlena and John went to Cancun to look for the location where they were held prisoner.  Bo received a call from Isabella and hoped on a plane to Mexico concerned that Isabella may be in danger if Victor realizes she’s onto him being alive.  Bo was surprised to find Carly on the plane with him.  Bo is angry because Carly has jumped bail.

Bo and Carly catch a flight, on a cargo plane, to San Cristobal.

In Mexico, Marlena, Roman and John realized the mystery of their pasts was linked to the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza. After Bo Brady, Dr. Carly Manning, and Isabella Toscano joined Roman, Marlena, & John they learned a treasure consisting of Mayan scrolls is supposedly buried in the Castillo pyramid. Victor Kiriakis and Lawrence Alamain were also after the treasure.
Shane and Kayla took their relationship to the next level and made love.  Afterwards, Kayla told Shane about Cal Winters letting it slip that Jeanne was actually Shane’s daughter, not Cal’s.  When Shane told Kimberly the news she rushed over to see Cal who confirmed that Shane was Jeanne’s father.

After discussing their daughter with Kimberly, Shane returned to Kayla to make a fresh start in their romance.  When Kimberly learned from Caroline (at Thanksgiving) that Kayla and Shane were now lovers, Kimberly became jealous.

Jack snuck into his home and left a note for Jennifer, but hawk found it and destroyed it before Jennifer could see it.  Jennifer pined for husband on Thanksgiving not realizing that the ski masked man who delivered the Horton Family turkey was actually Jack.  Desiree McCall while helping Jennifer try to locate jack was stunned to be confronted by Duke Johnson and Harper Devereaux ghosts.   Jack stuck to his plan not to involve Jennifer in his problems related to the FBI agent’s death.


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