Spoilers: Days of our Lives in Australia – 22 Nov 2011 – 26 Nov 2011

Days of our Lives airs in syndication on Channel 9 in Australia.  It is telecast at 2pm weekdays, unless there is a game of cricket being played.  Episodes of Days of our Lives are not skipped but as a result Australian fans fall further and further behind US airdates each summer.

Episodes airing in Australia this week aired in the US during September of 2010.

Monday 21 November, 2011
  • Stefano still believes that Will shot EJ. 
  • Kate and Sami both worry that Stefano will retaliate against Will.
  • Rafe tells Will that if he shot EJ he won’t turn him in.
  • EJ speaks!  Lexie hears as EJ utters Sami’s name.
  • Warden Smith warns Hope that cops don’t do well in prison.
  • Hope is cornered by Tina her cellmate and beaten.
  • Victor celebrates Vivian’s departure.
  • Carly doesn’t buy Vivian running away from Salem.  It’s not her style.
  • Carly is touched when Ciara gives her a picture she drew.
  • Bo is convinced, and later tells Brady that he will investigate Vivian’s disappearance.
  • Brady, worried checks over the mausoleum, where Maggie overhears him talking to Vivian.
  • Alone in mausoleum, Maggie finds a pearl earring she recognizes as Vivian’s.
Tuesday 22 November, 2011
  • Stefano wants revenge and puts a goon on the job.
  • Stefano tells Kate he will take revenge against Will despite the loss it would cause her.
  • Worried, Kate thinks up ways to neutralize Stefano.
  • Stefano’s goon comes up with proof…
  • Will almost tells Rafe the truth, but Arianna interrupts
  • Rafe worries about how to protect Will
  • Lexie tells Abe she didn’t tell Stefano about EJ speaking Sami’s name.
  • Abe agrees Stefano would likely overreact.
  • Will overhears the conversation between Lexie and Abe…
  • Brady has a near miss at the mausoleum with Philip.
  • Brady sends a message to Carly to set her mind at rest.
  • Bo promises to protect Carly from Vivian.
  • Bo improves conditions at the prison for Hope.
  • Victor likes the new edgier Brady.
  • Victor tell Maggie that Vivian left because she realized he and Maggie belong together
  • Maggie tells Victor they can never be together.
  • Victor won’t give up so easy.
Wednesday 23 November, 2011
  • Kate considers poisoning Stefano, then prepares him a drink
  • Stefano takes the drink.  He no longer believes will shot EJ Stefano tells Kate.
  • Stefano thinks Kate might poison him.
  • Kate says Stefano would have hurt her grandson.
  • Stefano and Kate realize they don’t trust each other.
  • DNA evidence cleared Will, Stefano tells Kate.
  • Wills were the only prints missing from the gun drawer.
  • Stefano now believes Sami shot EJ.
  • Kate reminds Stefano that Sami has an alibi.
  • Kayla pays Stephanie a surprise visit.
  • Adrienne overreacted calling her, Stephanie assures her mom.
  • Ian has an accident and Daniel stitches him up at the hospital.
  • Ian goes through Daniel’s PDA.
  • Ian is warned not to come between Nathan and Stephanie.
  • Brady tells Nicole that he will never forgive her.
  • Chloe has a baby shower.
  • A drunken Nicole blurts out Chloe is lucky to still have Daniel after what she did to him.
Thursday 24 November, 2011
  • Will tells Sami that EJ woke up and muttered her name.
  • Sami considers telling Rafe the truth, but he is called away before she can.
  • Kate tells Will and Sami that Stefano no longer thinks Will shot EJ.
  • Sami decides not to tell Rafe the truth.
  • Stefano wonders to Kate what could have possessed Sami to put a bullet in EJ’s head.
  • Kate considers coming clean, but decides against it as Stefano would never forgive her.
  • EJ awakes while Arianna is visiting him.
  • EJ wants to see Sami.
  • Carly and Chloe cover for Nicole’s outburst.
  • Melanie takes Nicole to sleep off her intoxication.
  • Daniel thanks Carly and Melanie for making Chloe’s baby shower a success.
  • Carly feels guilty.
  • Chloe blasts Nicole.  Carly is a better friend to her than Nicole.
  • Nicole apologizes and promises to keep her mouth shut.
  • Ian tells Stephanie Daniel did not switch the paternity results.
  • Kayla and Adrienne discuss their concern for Stephanie.
  • Kayla becomes even more concerned when she overhears Stephanie talking to Ian.
Friday 25 November, 2011
  • Sami and Rafe get the call that EJ has woken up.
  • EJ wants to see Sami who he refers to as his wife!
  • EJ has memory loss, Rafe doesn’t buy it.
  • Chloe’s rant sends Nicole to Pookie’s grave at the pet cemetery.
  • Brady too goes to the pet cemetery to have Isabella’s remains transferred.
  • Nicole sees.
  • Carly thinks Chloe cheated on Daniel with Nathan.
  • Vivian fears Brady may actually let her die.
  • Stephanie spills to Kayla on the conversation she overheard about the paternity test.
  • Stephanie fears she will lose Nathan.
  • Stephanie appears to want tell Nathan the truth.
  • Kayla considers telling Daniel about the paternity test switch.

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