Spoilers: Days of our Lives in Australia – 28 Nov 2011 – 2 Dec 2011

Days of our Lives airs in syndication on Channel 9 in Australia.  It is telecast at 2pm weekdays, unless there is a game of cricket being played.  Episodes of Days of our Lives are not skipped but as a result Australian fans fall further and further behind US airdates each summer.

Days of our Lives will be preempted for coverage of Australia vs New Zealand Test on December 1 and 2, 2011.

Episodes airing in Australia this week aired in the US at the end of September 2010.

Monday 28 November, 2011

  • Sami realizes that EJ thinks they are married!
  • Lexie asks Sami to pretend to be EJ’s wife to save his life.
  • Sami brings Johnny and Sydney to visit their father.
  • Johnny tells EJ that he is living with Sami and Rafe now.
  • Chloe is coy when Carly asks her if it was Nathan she cheated with.
  • Chloe tells Carly she just wants to look to the future.
  • Chloe tells Philip that Carly suspected Nathan was her one night stand
  • Phillip finds the perfect home for Melanie – 2 blocks from Maggie’s
  • Carly reassures Melanie she made the right choice in marrying Philip.
  • Stephanie tells Nathan she is upset over an argument with Kayla.
  • Nathan assumes the argument was about them living together.
  • Kayla and Daniel remember a hospital mix-up where Kayla saved the day.
  • Kayla decides not to tell Daniel he isn’t the father of Chloe’s baby.
  • Kayla tells Stephanie there may have been a clerical error in the paternity test.
  • Kayla knows how to find out for sure.
Tuesday 29 November, 2011
  • Rafe walks in on Sami kissing EJ.
  • Lexie encourages to keep up the ruse until EJ recovers.
  • EJ admits to Stefano that he is faking the memory loss.
  • Kate frets over her two secrets from Stefano (ratting out EJ to Sami and that Chad is his son)
  • To ease her guilt, Kate offers Chad a paid internship at DiMera Enterprises.
  • Chad thinks Kate is hitting on him!
  • Nicole doesn’t buy Brady’s story about Sparkles his pet orangutan.
  • Keith the caretaker is no help.
  • Victor tells Nicole he knows nothing about a pet orangutan.
  • Brady rants at Vivian for burying his mother in a pet cemetery.
  • Nicole overhears and hides until Brady leaves.
  • Inside the mausoleum Nicole finds Brady’s headset…
Wednesday 30 November, 2011
  • EJ tells Stefano the amnesia is a ploy to get the upper hand over Sami in getting custody of the kids.
  • Before EJ can explain he has a blood pressure spike.
  • Nathan has Stefano leave.
  • Kate’s guilt continues to gnaw at her for keeping secrets from her husband.
  • Later EJ tells Stefano he remembers who shot him.
  • Rafe and Sami bring the kids to their new home.
  • Rafe and Sami discuss getting married – soon.
  • Hearing Vivian’s voice over Brady’s earpiece, Nicole realizes Vivian is in the sarcophagus!
  • After speaking to Victor Nicole realizes Brady acted alone.
  • Brady searches for his missing earpiece, frantic about a call.
  • Victor suspects the call is from a dealer…

Thursday 1 December, 2011
Preempted – Cricket

Friday 2 December, 2011
Preempted – Cricket

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