Weekly Recap: Week Ending 25 November, 2011

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An irresponsible media announcement leaves Sami and EJ believing Johnny is dead.  EJ holds Sami responsible for his son’s death and verbal abuse turns physical and EJ and Sami have sex to block out their grief.

Meanwhile Will and Rafe rush into the Brady Pub calling out Johnny’s name.  Johnny comes crawling out from under one of the tables.  Will and Rafe are relieved to find him unharmed and their focus turns immediately to letting Sami know.  Rafe however, can’t raise Sami on her cell phone.  Rafe takes Johnny home assuming that is where Sami will eventually head, and Will heads over to the DiMera mansion to fill EJ in on the good news.
Brady finds Madison putting up posters of missing Johnny in the Horton town square.  Nicole arrives and helps.  Brady leaves to head over to Sami and EJ’s loft to see if there’s anything he can do there, but not before he warns Nicole not to go there with EJ again.

Nicole confides in Madison over her confused feelings for EJ, and asks Madison if there is anything between her and Brady.  Madison doesn’t mix business with pleasure she tells Nicole.

At home, Rafe covers his concern over Sami’s absence from Johnny, but when Brady arrives he confides in him that he and Sami had a huge argument – Sami blaming Rafe for Johnny being missing because it was Rafe who thought they should go to the pub to support John.  Brady assures him once Sami gets home all will be forgotten.

Will stops by the DiMera mansion using his key to get in. Hearing noises in the living room he heads to the doorway and sees EJ and Sami doing the nasty.  Will is stunned, shocked and revolted all at the same time and leaves before he is seen.  Outside he throws up.

Will arrives home just as Brady is leaving clearly upset.  Though he seems to want to tell Rafe what he witnessed he keeps quiet.  Back a the square Brady tells Nicole and Madison the good news that Johnny has been found safe and unharmed.  Nicole rushes to EJ.

After the deed is done, Sami and EJ come to their sense, recoiling away from each other disgusted with what they have done.  Sami puts her phone back together, while EJ pours himself a stiff drink.  They hear the message that Johnny is ok.  Sami heads home and is reunited with her son.  Will is clearly bitter towards his mother.

Nicole arrives at the mansion.  Nicole professes her love for EJ and though EJ is happy he is also guilt ridden and confused since, she had him sign divorce papers.  Together EJ and Nicole head to the loft where Johnny is reunited with his father.  Sami apologizes to Rafe who misunderstands thinking she’s apologizing for their argument.

Though there is much joy over Johnny being found safe, Sami and EJ’s happiness is overshadowed by guilt and self disgust over what they have done.  While Nicole and Rafe are out of the room, Sami tries to talk to EJ, who simply tells her now is neither the time nor place, underscored by Nicole and Rafe returning.  EJ and Nicole return to the mansion where Nicole suggests they wipe the slate clean and start again – no lies and no secrets.  EJ agrees knowing that one big secret remains between them, one that could spell the end of him and Nicole.

Will confronts his mother asking where she was.  Sami recognizes he is upset with her and apologizes telling him if she could undo her not being there she would.  Rafe continues to be nothing by loving and supportive of his wife, adding to Sami’s overwhelming guilt.

Jennifer and Abigail share some mother daughter time until Jack arrives.  Abby leaves for the Horton Square to get something to eat.

Jack tells Jennifer that he wanted to make a grand romantic gesture to win her back, but since he has no money and Jennifer isn’t really into those gestures he goes with a heartfelt apology that he clamed up on her when they were at the cabin.  Jennifer accuses him of adding playing possum to his avoidance tricks which already include running away.  Jack tells Jennifer that the man who broke her heart died in that cave in Afghanistan, that the experience wholly changed him.  He doesn’t know who he is anymore and is lost.  He needs help, jack admits to Jennifer.

Carrie is working on her leniency argument for John’s sentencing hearing tomorrow and tells Austin to go out to eat without her.  He too heads to the Horton Square for a meal and literally bumps into Abigail.  Abigail and Austin share a meal and are both surprised by how much they enjoy the other’s company.  Austin gives Abby his hat (she’s cold) but when Carrie calls Austin saying she can make dinner after all, Abby leaves.

Abby tells Jack and Jennifer she was alone.  Austin too doesn’t tell Carrie he spend the time with Abigail…

The following day, while packing Thanksgiving food boxes, Abby is uncomfortable around Chad with her parents watching.  Abby still wearing Austin’s hat, is thrilled however when Austin turns up sans Carrie, who is at John’s hearing. 

Chad speaks to Jack assuring him that he is doing his best to separate himself from his last name.  He gives Jack his word that he will not turn out like the rest of his family.  Jack shakes his hand agreeing to be open minded about Chad dating Abby,  and tells the young man that he hopes it doesn’t take him as long to learn that giving his word and managing to keep it are two different things.

Jack receives a phone call and rushes outside the Pub to take it.  Jennifer is distracted by the filming of mayoral candidate Abe Carver handing out food to the poor, but when she follows Jack outside, Jennifer overhears Jacks conversation.  Assuming he heading off on assignment Jennifer lays into Jack.  When Abby arrives with Austin asking what is going on, Jack tells her that her mother misunderstood.  He has been offered an assignment of sorts, but its teaching at Salem U.

Abby isn’t thrilled to have her dad on campus, but encourages Austin to take a position at Salem U when he says he too has an offer of a job on campus – creating and teaching a forensic accounting course.

Jennifer tells Jack he should take the job only if he wants it, not because he thinks it’s what she wants him to do.

John dons a suit and with Carrie and Marlena by his side goes to his sentencing where he refuses to speak on his own behalf.  He wants the sentencing done, so that his family will be safe again. The judge tells John that many of his friends, including Mayor Carver did write letters on his behalf, but unfortunately so did unions, businesses and thousands of individuals who lost their life savings.  She hands down a harsh sentence doubling the requested sentence to 50 years without parole.

Carrie supports Marlena who almost collapses as John is lead away to spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Hope confronts Stefano about the phoenix paperweight bearing an inscription referencing his and Alice’s bond.  Stefano claims it was a corporate gift sent out for charitable work many years ago, but Hope’s not buying it.  Not with a Phoenix emblem on it she reasons.  Stefano, though impressed by her tenacity suggests she leave the secrets of the dead alone.  She may not like what she finds.

Victor, Melanie, Daniel and Maggie prepare a Thanksgiving meal in Maggie’s old kitchen.  Daniel is touched when Maggie prepares his favorite cranberry sauce recipe that his mother (Lillian) used to prepare.  Maggie, concerned for the impact myasthenia gravis would have on Daniel’s career suggests that he and Melanie are tested.  They agree though the risk would be slim…

Daniel and Melanie discuss their love lives.  Daniel regrets telling Jennifer he thought they should take a break from their relationship, and Melanie admits to crushing on someone who she can never have (Chad).  Later, Victor convinces Daniel to pursue Jennifer, despite Jack’s return.  All is fair in love and war, Victor advises his god-son and step-son.


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