December 1981 – Days in History

Joshua Fallon found Lorie Masters – Evan Wyland’s girlfriend – dead.  The Salem Strangler had strangled her with a telephone cord and tied a pink scarf around her neck.  A pink scarf was the Salem Strangler’s “calling card.”

While Evan found solace crying on Maggie’s shoulder over Lorie’s death, the police questioned Joshua Fallon about the strangulations, and Jake Kositchek also became a suspect.  All the victims had worked out at the Body Connection where both Joshua and Jake worked.  The police searched both Jake and Joshua’s lockers at the Body Connection and found pink scarves in both.

Joshua explained that they used the scarves in self-defense classes teaching women how to defend themselves against the Strangler.  Joshua became the police’s prime suspect however when Jake could provide solid alibi’s for the night of Denise and Lorie’s murders, but Joshua couldn’t.  Also compelling was the fact that Jake didn’t live in Salem when the first attack occurred.
After Lorie’s murder the Strangler’s calls to Marlena became more frequent, including calling her office.  Late on a stormy night, Marlena received a call at her office from a man calling himself, Mr. Patrick.  He was clearly troubled, and Marlena agreed to see him that night in her office.

Mr. Patrick used similar words to the caller to Marlena’s radio show making Marlena believe he was the caller.  When Marlena, scared, tried to run from her office Mr. Patrick pulled out a silk scarf…

Just as Mr. Patrick was about to “attack” the pretty lady shrink, Don, Marlena’s ex arrived.  Marlena called out to him.  Don burst into Marlena’s office decking Mr. Patrick.  After comforting Marlena, Don tried to send her from the room, so he could deal with the attacker.  It was then that Mr. Patrick spoke up.  Don recognized him as Detective Roman Brady and told him he was way out of line.

Roman claimed he was only trying to show the “Doc” she needed 24 hour protection.  Marlena was not impressed and continued to refuse police protection.  Don took Marlena home.  He agrees with Roman that Marlena needs protection.  Don doesn’t like Marlena being alone (Johnny was with Joshua), but left anyway.

Later as Marlena was readying for bed there was a knock at her door.  Its Mr Patrick, Roman Brady called through the door.  Marlena let him in at which point, Roman rolled out a sleeping bag to sleep on her floor.  He’s spending every night on her floor until the stubborn lady shrink agrees to a full time guard on her door, Roman tells a fuming Marlena.

Read more about Roman and Marlena’s first meeting.

Fearing for his safety, Marlena sent her foster son Johnny to stay with her parents in Colorado.

Renee was attacked by the Salem Strangler, but unlike the other victims, lived.  She lived because Lee, Renee’s sister, interrupted the attack.  Renee was hospitalized where the Strangler returned to finish the job he started, but was interrupted again.  This time Renee lapsed into a coma.  David who was still on the run was suspected of being the strangler.

Maggie was told she was having twins, and for a while Mickey and Maggie contemplated keeping one child.  When Maggie Horton gave birth, however it was to a single baby – baby girl (Sarah Horton), and Mickey learned that Evan Wyland was the child’s father.  Neil recommended that Evan get his child away from Mickey and Maggie (Maggie was a surrogate).
Under pressure from Stuart Wyland, Alex named David as his assailant and backed out of marrying Marie Horton.

Julie and Doug continued to investigate Alex’s shooting to try clear David, while also trying to locate David.  They learned that an English gentleman had been seen entering Alex’s room prior to him being shot.  Doug and Julie began to suspect that Alex was being pressured to incriminate David, and that Liz Craig was under pressure to divorce Don.
Trish Banning began working at the Twilight along with Danny Grant who took a job as a bartender.  Trish also ended her relationship with Mike Horton.

David eventually turned himself into the cops, but not before Abe cooled his relationship with Valerie Grant because he’d suspected Valerie was harboring the fugitive David.  David, keen to clear himself and convinced that Alex was lying about having seen David shoot him, urged Mickey to require Alex Marshall to undertake a lie detector test.

Jessica and Jake became engaged despite her multiple personality disorder.  Marlena, Jessica’s psychiatrist did not approve.  Marlena advised Jessica to take on some of Angel’s more honorable traits to merge the personalities.  Meanwhile Tom Horton received a phone call from the Strangler threatening his grand-daughter, Jessica.

Tony was attracted to the women of Salem, Renee DuMonde and Trish Banning while still fighting Don Craig for Liz –the wife he’d never divorced.  Lee inadvertently referred to Renee as “her little girl” in a conversation with Tony, and discouraged Tony from pursuing a relationship with Renee.   Tony purchased the Twilight.

Evan learned that his father, Stuart Wyland had skipped town.

Liz hosted a New Years Eve gala.

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