Spoilers: Days of our Lives in Australia – 2 Jan 2012 – 6 Jan 2012

Days of our Lives airs in syndication on Channel 9 in Australia.  It is telecast at 2pm weekdays, unless there is a game of cricket being played.  Episodes of Days of our Lives are not skipped but as a result Australian fans fall further and further behind US airdates each summer.

Days of our Lives will be preempted January 3, 2012 – January 6, 2012 for the second test against India.  The schedule is subject to change should the cricket finish early.
Episodes airing in Australia this week aired during October 2010.

Monday 2 January December, 2012
  • After talking with Ian Stephanie fears the paternity results were switched on purpose.
  • Sami and Arianna argue about the recording she make.
  • When Kayla arrives, Ari makes her escape with the tape.
  • Sami tells Rafe what happened and the begin searching for Ari.
  • Gabi tells Sami and Rafe that Ari is at the pub.
  • EJ’s lawyer bails him out.
  • Bo has no choice but to release him
  • Ari has messages from Rafe, Will, Sami and EJ, but returns only EJ’s call.
  • Arianna arranges to meet EJ at the Pub.
  • Will runs into Will at the Pub who tries to convince her not to turn in his mother.
  • Guilty, Ari runs out into the street, as Will watches.
  • EJ arrives in time to see Arianna hit by a car!
  • Victor asks Nicole for a favour regarding Maggie
  • Melanie tells Carly she will never trust her again.
  • Melanie tells Maggie in her heart she is her “real” mother.
  • Sister Anne confronts Carly about lying about Chloe’s identity and keeping it from Daniel.
  • Kayla witnesses the nun laying into  Carly.

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