Weekly Recap: Week Ending 16 December, 2011

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Nicole and EJ outmanouver the opposition
Nicole arranges for Abe, Lexie and Jennifer to turn up at the wrong venue so that Abe misses an important speaking engagement where he was to announce funding for a recreation center.  Nicole then has EJ step in and take his place, telling EJ that she forgot to update his calendar with the event. 

EJ isn’t buying it, but is delighted with his wife’s antics, knowing that he was never supposed to speak at the event.  EJ decides he hired the right woman for his PR manager.
While Lexie, Abe and Jennifer are trying to establish where they should be, EJ is giving an address announcing that he has arranged for the DiMera Foundation to fund the recreation center and after school care facility.  EJ’s announcement is well received.  Later the two parties confront each other.  Jennifer is furious while Lexie is disappointed in her little brother’s behavior.

Sami and Kate – Friends?
While Sami is heading across the Horton Square to an important meeting, she runs into Kate.  They trade some barbs and Sami heads off only to run into her babysitter with the kids.  The babysitter leaves the kids with Sami (her mother was just admitted to hospital) and Sami tries to make other arrangements for the kids but fails.
Kate overhears and steps in offering her help – after all they are her grandchildren.  Sami reminds her she doesn’t want them anywhere near Stefano, but reluctantly accepts Kate’s help.  Kate proceeds to spoil her grandchildren while Sami makes her meeting.  Sami thanks Kate for her help.
Make and appointment…
Madison is put out when Brady uses Sami as an intermediary to deliver a report to her.  She storms into Brady’s office, without an appointment Brady notes, and wants to know why she’s receiving the cold shoulder. Brady tells her that after what happened between them the other night (she aborted their lovemaking at the last minute) he thinks she’s right – their relationship should be purely business.  And like his other company heads, if she wants face time with Titan’s CEO she should make an appointment.

Madison tells Brady he’s not like any other guy she’s met, and that putting up walls is a defense mechanism.  She doesn’t know why she does it.  Brady suggests she work through her issues and when she’s about to put up walls again, Madison changes tack and kisses him instead.

Daniel Dumps Jennifer!
Daniel takes Jennifer on a date – ice skating.  When Jennifer goes to get hot chocolate, Daniel realizes his hands are too shaky to undo the know in the laces of Jennifer’s ice skates.  He makes an appointment to be checked out for myasthenia gravis, the disease Maggie suffers from.

After skating, Daniel tells Jennifer that he has tickets for them to see The Nutcracker the following night, despite it being “Jack’s Night.”  Jennifer regretfully tells him that Jack already got them tickets.  A disappointed Daniel tells Jennifer he can’t date her at the same time she’s also seeing Jack anymore.  Jennifer tells him she’s not ready to make a decision yet.  Daniel gently tells her that it’s ok. Because he has.  He’s pulling his hat out of the ring.  She belongs with Jack, Daniel tells her and he can’t fight their shared history anymore.  They share a tearful goodbye hug outside Jennifer’s home.

Marlena has a new job
Marlena brings a romantic dinner to John’s cell – complete with strawberries and (canned) whipped cream. They discuss Rafe and Carrie learning that the security photo was doctored.  John tells Marlena not to get too excited and that she should be getting on with her life instead.  Marlena intentionally misunderstands and tells him she’s been offered a position at Salem U – heading up the Psychiatry Residency Program.  John is delighted but tells her the meant her personal life.  Marlena lets it slip that she is investigating Stefano on her own and John goes ballistic reminding her how dangerous he is. 
Madison’s Dating Do-Over
Madison asks Brady for a do-over on one of their dates, but Brady tells her he never makes the same mistake twice.  Madison believes Brady is done with her, but Brady explains if they recreate any event it will be a successful one, not one that ended badly.  He takes her into his office where he has recreated the night of the snowstorm, complete with laser light show snowflakes.  They share a romantic evening and return to Madison’s hotel room to make love for the first time.

Abigail admits having a crush...

A heartbroken Jennifer tells Abigail and Melanie about Daniel breaking up with her.  Jennifer recommends Melanie give her dad some time alone when she wants to go find him.  Jennifer tells Abigail she hates hurting Daniel by having feelings for two men at the same time, and hopes they can eventually be friends.  Abigail understands and admits that even though she thinks Chad is wonderful, she is having feeling for another man (Austin).  Melanie listens intently when Jennfier asks if this man feels the same way about Abigail.  Abigail tells Jennifer she doesn’t know and that its complicated, but doesn’t mention the other man is married.

Jennifer wonders if these confused feelings are as a result of what happened to them through the kidnapping ordeal (Austin saved Abigail) and recommends she may want to talk to Marlena professionally.  When Abigail asks Melanie what she thinks, Melanie who has feelings for Chad can only tell her friend that she has to work out what is in her heart for herself.

Meanwhile Chad is spending time with Gabi, who is also falling for him.  She is lending him her Political Science notes.  Gabi is reminiscent of the time they dated in high school…Gabi quizzes Chad for the upcoming test.

Who commited the mortal sin? Austin knows Sami so well!
Sami catches up with her Aunt Kayla at the Brady Pub (Kayla is in town with son Joey to help Caroline with the Christmas rush).  Austin arrives just as Sami gets news that she and Rafe cannot renew their vows at St Luke’s on Christmas Eve.  Who committed the mortal sin?  Austin jokes given that they only just got married. Sami tells him that given what they’ve been through she just wanted a fresh start and Christmas is the time of new beginnings.

At the loft Carrie has just read Sydney to sleep and checks in with Rafe who is working on John’s case.  Rafe tells Carrie that John was at the Paris café, and Carrie who doesn’t let him finish is frustrated by this latest development.  When Rafe gets to finish though, Carrie learns that John was at the Paris café where the funds transfers were made, just not when the prosecution says he was.  The date on the photo has been altered.  But whoever edited the photo didn’t remove the shadows that couldn’t possibly be there given the awning on the café.  (years ago, when John was there, the café didn’t have an awning).  Carrie and Rafe hug over the news as Sami arrives home.  There is obvious tension between Sami and Carrie and Carrie leaves to meet Austin.

Sami fills Rafe in on the church. Seeing her disappointment he suggests that they renew their vows at the Horton Square instead before God and Tom and Alice, whose marriage Sami wants to emulate.  Sami is delighted with Rafe’s idea and they make love.

Carrie is late to meet Austin, but he surprises her with a special gift – her Christmas Album—that he had sent from Switzerland.  Austin and Carrie got out to the Horton Square where they hang their ornaments (Including one for Anna) on the Christmas tree.  Jennifer draws Melanie and Abigail’s attention to the romantic moment between Austin and Carrie not realizing that Austin is the man Abby is developing feelings for.  Abigail’s eyes mist over with tears.

EJ and Stefano want to buy Basic Black
Marlena and John arrive in a meeting room at the prison to find EJ and Stefano called the meeting.  They have an offer for John.  Sell them Basic Black, and EJ will drop the suit.  John sees it for what it is, a play to garner votes – EJ swoops in, buys the ailing Basic Black, secures the employees jobs (for now) and returns their pension funds – funds John and Marlena are sure Stefano and EJ stole in the first place.  John turns down the offer, and EJ threatens to leak to the media that John won’t save his employees jobs.  EJ gives John 24 hours to think about it, but John and Marlena again turn down the offer.
Hope finds a use for the Alice’s Courtesy Card
Rafe and Carrie fill in Bo and Hope about the security photo, and Hope shows them the courtesy card she found in Alice’s ornament.  Hope wants to use the courtesy card to exonerate John.  Rafe is doubtful that Stefano will keep his word, but Hope and Bo are sure Stefano’s old world superstition will make him honor the courtesy card.
Brady and Madison Holiday Joy
Brady awakens to find Madison missing and assumes she’s done a runner after their lovemaking.  He starts getting dressed as she comes in with coffee (she headed off the room service waiter so he could continue to sleep).  Seeing him get dressed she assumes he’s about to leave.  The resolve the misunderstanding and reconfirm they want to pursue a relationship.  They take the day off an enjoy the holiday season, ending with bringing a Christmas tree back to Madison’s room to decorate.  The discuss their childhood Christmases, Brady remembering John’s loony girlfriend Kristen, and Madison recounting that after her father left her mother was too depressed and poor to care about Christmas and that she would try to make it special for her siblings by wrapping stuff she’d made at school during the year for presents.   Later they make love again.
Melanie tells Daniel that like her test, his Myasthenia Gravis test will come out ok, no knowing that Daniel his hiding the shaking of his hands.  Fate wouldn’t do that to such a great surgeon Melanie assures.  Daniel tells Melanie not to run away from her feelings after the kidnapping experience.  Melanie seems like she is about to tell Daniel about Chad, but changes her mind and tells him instead she has an interview at Quinn’s spa to do Botox treatments.  Melanie tells her dad she wants the extra money to move out…
Salem U Crew take self defense classes at Quinn’s Spa
Chad takes Abigail to Quinn’s spa to sign her up for Quinn’s self defense class.  They find Gabi working there as a receptionist and learn that she has also signed up for the class.  Abigail’s attention is drawn to Austin when he comes into the spa.  Quinn gives Kate’s son a tour of the premises and Abby tags along.

Chad tells Gabi they should probably sign Melanie up for the self defense calls as well.  Gabi and Chad discuss her breakup with Will.  She’s great Chad tells her, she won’t be alone for long.  When

Abigail and Austin return and Abigail tells him that she is thinking of taking his class.  Abigail misreads Austin’s enthusiasm until he mentions having Carrie guest lecture. 

A suspicious Gabi tells Abby that Professor Reed is hot, but Abigail feigns disinterest.  Chad and Abigail head out for lunch just as Melanie arrives for her interview.  Melanie gets the job and catches up with Chad and Abigail in the square.  While Chad is ordering their lunch Abigail asks Melanie is she’s going to tell Chad about the guy she has a crush on.  After listening to Austin talk about Carrie Abigail realizes nothing can ever come of her crush.  And Chad is a great guy…

Austin buys Carrie a “queen for a day” package from Gabi.  They talk about how he knows Abigail, and Gabi tries to hint that Abigail is all grown up now (and that Abigail may be thinking of more than friendship).
Daniel, Austin and Jack bond over Belgian beer and baseball
Jack and Jennifer run into Daniel at the Horton Square.  Jack thanks Daniel for what he did for his when he freaked out.  Jack thinks Daniel’s a stand-up guy but it doesn’t change the fact that they are competing over the same woman.  Daniel leaves when it’s clear Jack doesn’t know about him breaking up with Jennifer.  When Jennifer fills him in, Jack celebrates assuming it means that he has won the fair maiden, Jennifer.  Jennifer disappoints him by telling his she hasn’t made up her mind about him yet.

At the Brady Pub, Daniel meets Austin and they bond of Belgian lager and baseball.  Daniel invites Austin to come along to as his guest – he has two season tickets.  Austin in thrilled.  Jack arrives, and Daniel invites Jack to join him and Austin talking baseball and drinking beer.  Jack fills Daniel in that Jennifer hasn’t decided about their relationship yet.  When Daniel signs the check Kayla gives him grief about making out his signature…

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