Weekly Recap: Week Ending 23 December, 2011

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Sami gets a better offer?
Brady and Madison enter a Titan conference room their behavior making it clear they are lovers.  Unbeknownst to them Sami is working in the room and witnesses.  Brady leaves and Sami tells Madison she is uncomfortable with the situation.  Madison tells her in no uncertain terms to butt out of her personal life.  If she doesn’t like her and Brady being involved she can always get another hob, Madison tells her.
Later, Sami runs into Brady in the town square.  He has spoken to Madison and delivers his step-sister the same message.  Sami tells Brady she needs her job, with Rafe not working and she doesn’t want to leave because she likes her job and more importantly is good at it.
Kate overhears the conversation with Brady, offers Sami her sympathy on the argument she had with Madison, making it clear that Kate has spies on the inside of Mad World.  Kate tells Sami she is impressed by how she has taken to the industry and her talents would not be wasted at Countess Wilhelmina.  Kate flounces off to do some last minute Christmas shopping leaving Sami stunned and with food for thought.
Madison has a secret
Meanwhile, Madison receives a phone call from a mysterious caller – a call she omits to tell Brady about when she meets him at the Brady Pub.  They discuss Sami’s concerns.  Brady can see her point but is determined things won’t get messy between him and Madison so Sami’s fears about being caught in the middle of a bad break-up are unfounded.  He is even more confident of that now that they have opened up to each other and there are no more secrets between them.  Madison smiles, still failing to mention her earlier call.
Nicole asks EJ to spill his secrets
Kate and Nicole call a reluctant truce, brokered by EJ, to their constant bickering and fighting (since they live in the same house).  After Kate leaves Nicole and EJ discuss John Black, when EJ tells her John turned down his and Stefano’s offer to buy Basic Black.  A suspicious Nicole asks if EJ had anything to do with John’s current legal predicament, but EJ is evasive telling her that there are some things he can’t discuss with her.  Nicole tells her husband that she understands that is part of being married to a DiMera, just as long as there are no secrets between them when it comes to their relationship, Nicole tells EJ.  Nicole opens the floor for EJ to unload any secrets he may have, but EJ, though still guilty over having had sex with Sami tells Nicole he has nothing to tell her.
Basic Black to be dissolved?
John, still furious over EJ and Stefano’s visit is now determined to prevent EJ and Stefano from getting hold of his company.  He wants to dissolve Basic Black and pay back the investors he tells Marlena, Rafe and Carrie.  Though the gesture is noble, he can’t, Carrie advises.  His assets are still frozen.  Carrie and Rafe do however inform John and Marlena about the doctored security photo.
Once John is returned to his cell, Rafe and Carrie tell Marlena about the IOU from Stefano to Alice Horton.  Though Marlena realizes this could exonerate John, she is equally sure John wouldn’t go for it, since Stefano would likely hold it over their heads…finally Marlena agrees and Bo and Hope leave to see Stefano immediately.
Stefano is initially evasive about the card and its meaning, but Hope knowing his old world values and superstitions challenge him to make good on his promise.  Stefano gives them information in the form of riddle saying he may not be able to access the information needed. 
Daniels hands continue to shake
Daniel spends some time with Melanie and Maggie, while trying to hide the condition of his shaking hands.   Maggie and Melanie continue shopping and Daniel consults with Lexie, who tells him he does not have MG.  The information should be comforting but now he has no explanation for his shaking hands.  Daniel removes himself from the surgical rotation.  Later Maggie gives her biological son his first Christmas present from his biological mother – a set of medically themed cufflinks.  Daniel is touched but it serves to remind him he may never operate again…When Maggie and Victor learn that Daniel has removed himself from surgery, Maggie comforts her son.
Stefano’s cryptic message
Carrie, Rafe, Bo, Hope and Marlena try to solve Stefano’s riddle, knowing his words hold the key to freeing John.  Finally they work out that Stefano was trying to tell them John couldn’t have made the fraudulent transactions because he didn’t have internet access when they were made.  Rafe investigates and an Interpol contact comes through telling him that the French government brought down the internet due to a terrorist threat at the time John allegedly illegally withdrew the investment funds.  Marlena doesn’t dare let herself hope that John will be freed.
Sami to work for Countess Wilhelmina?
While Rafe works with Carrie (without pay) on proving John’s innocence, Sami frets over mounting bills.  Kate drops by the loft for a visit, and to change Sami’s life.  Kate offers Sami a job at Countess Wilhelmina for double her current Mad World salary.  Sami is immediately suspicious but the money would solve a few problems. Kate leaves Sami to think about it.
Madison and Brady’s relationship continues to develop.  While discussing her business expertise, Madison admits there is one individual responsible for teaching her what she knows.  When Brady asks who it is, Madison redirects the conversation towards Brady who admits that as a child he wanted to be an astronaut.  At the mansion, they enjoy an evening looking at the stars.  They talk about having absent father’s through their childhood as they walk under the stars.
Abigail stays with Chad…Melanie and Chad deny their feelings
Melanie tries not to be self serving when Abigail talks to her about Chad and the guy she has a crush on, and tells Abigail that if things can never work out with this other guy she should stay with Chad.  Meanwhile Chad runs into Austin and Carrie.  Chad comments on how happy they seem to be together and Austin tells him to never let go of a girl that makes him feel that way.  Unfortunately its Melanie Chad is thinking of, not Abigail.
Later talking to Melanie, Chad brings up their kiss.  Melanie brushes it off as a result of their shared captivity and the emotion of the situation.  They agree to forget what happened.  Abigail runs into Austin despite trying to avoid him.  She has recommitted in her mind to Chad, but Austin is so charming that she can’t help her feelings for him.  Feelings she knows are unrequited when Carrie arrives and Austin is clearly in love with his wife.
Marlena’s Christmas miracle
Christmas Eve in Salem sees a Christmas miracle – John is released from prison given the new evidence Carrie and Rafe et al presented proving his innocence.  John surprises Marlena in the town square.  EJ witnesses the reunion and is furious that John is free.
Will takes Marlena as his date to Sami and Rafe’s vow renewal.  Sami is not happy to see her mother their and asks her to leave.  Will talks Sami down.  Later when Sami and Will have a fight that results in Will almost spilling the beans that he saw his mother and EJ’s sexual tryst, Rafe brokers peace as Sami ends up in tears.
Sami and Rafe recommit
Abe officiates as Rafe and Sami renew their vows, but it does little to assuage Sami’s guilt.  Santa Doug reads A Christmas Story to the children of Salem.  Bo gives Hope touching gifts for her birthday and their wedding anniversary.  When Jack tries to kiss Jennifer under the mistletoe, Jennifer pulls back saying she’s still upset over Daniel.  Jack is understanding and apologizes, for which Jennifer is appreciative.
Maggie and Victor enjoy their first Christmas together with their new family, but worry about absent Daniel who has not only lost the woman he loves but stands to possible lose his career and livelihood.
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