Will Horton Kisses a Boy! Days of our Lives Gay Storyline

Will Horton’s (Chandler Massey) coming out storyline on Days of our Lives is gaining some momentum this holiday season culminating with Will kissing a boy during February sweeps.

For month’s viewers have been watching a tug of war waging inside 18 years old young Will Horton.  From Will’s subtle envy of Sonny Kiriakis’ comfort with his openly gay sexuality, Will seems to want what Sonny has – acceptance of his life choice by friends and family.  At the same time, despite feeling no attraction to girlfriend and not wanting to make love to her, Will has been using the relationship as a shield.

Last week, however, Will and Gabi broke up, with Gabi’s assertion that Will’s in denial about something sending Will into a violent frenzy which saw him tear up Maggie Horton’s kitchen.  The break-up came hot on the heels of Will asking Gabi to move in with him.  But Gabi turned him down when he didn’t want to have sex with her.

A drunken Will also called out his mother’s many shortcomings in front of family and friends as they decorated the Christmas tree.  Will’s hostility towards Sami stems not only from Sami’s inability to maintain a stable home life for her children, but perhaps also a fear that he will never have what he wanted so much as a child – a stable, normal family.

Will Horton and Sami’s Men
Will grew up with Sami’s lies and manipulations in one way or another destroying not only her relationships, but Will’s chance of having a consistent father figure in his life. 
From believing Austin was his father, to learning his father was actually his Uncle Lucas, through the Brandon Walker years, to find joy in the fact that his mother and father (Lucas) were to be a family.
EJ DiMera’s arrival and pursuit of Sami ruined that fairly tale ending for Will.  Finally Sami had found lasting love with Rafe Hernandez, and Will had a stable, respectable and honorable father figure in his life that treated Sami’s kids as his own.
Now his mother’s behavior has once again threatened Will’s family life, giving rise to the openly hostile attitude Will has towards his mother.  And given Sami’s history with men, Will could be forgiven for being reticent about relationships with women – gay or not.
According to spoilers, Will almost confides with his grandmother, Marlena on New Year’s Eve, but when he can’t “come out” he decides leaving Salem is a better idea.  To finance his move, Will tries his hand at blackmailing EJ, threatening to expose that he had sex with Sami. 
Will obviously has learned nothing from Sami’s many attempts at blackmail and manipulation, because like Sami’s attempts, it comes back to bite Will when EJ simply counter blackmails threatening to expose that Will is gay!
Lucas’ weakness for alcohol seems to have been passed on to his son also, as Will descends into drinking.  Late in February, openly gay, Sonny Kiriakis witnesses Will kissing a boy during a drinking game in Horton Square.  Could a jealous Sonny’s pursuit of Will help Will come out of the closet?
Or will the kiss be brushed under the carpet as part of a drinking dare, designed to keep viewers hooked into Days of our Lives first real gay storyline just a little bit longer.  Though, Chandler Massey’s compelling performance of the confused and angry young Will is enough to keep viewers engaged in the storyline.    Granted progression has been slow but watching Will’s internal struggle has added an element of realism to Will’s confrontation of his sexuality. 
Surely it is easier to confront the dastardly DiMera’s than change how your friends and family see you. Gay kiss photos – Will kisses Neil!
Will’s Secret Comes Out!
Who does WIll kiss? 


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