Spoilers: Days of our Lives in Australia – 16 Jan – 20 Jan 2012

Days of our Lives airs in syndication on Channel 9 in Australia.  It is telecast at 2pm weekdays, unless there is a game of cricket being played.  Episodes of Days of our Lives are not skipped but as a result Australian fans fall further and further behind US airdates each summer.

Days of our Lives is scheduled for preemption on Monday January 16 and Tuesday January 17, 2011.  The schedule is subject to change at short notice however if the test match finishes early.

Episodes airing in Australia this week aired at the end of October 2010 and beginning of November 2010.

Monday 16 January, 2012

Scheduled for pre-emption (3rd Test Australia v India). Subject to change should the cricket finish early.  Cricket finished early and Days of our Lives telecast.

  • Arianna has died.
  • A grieving Rafe and Gabi donate Arianna’s organs – as she wished.
  • EJ is angry at having lost his chance to get the proof he needs from Ari that Will or Sami shot him.
  • EJ and Sami argue when he accuses her of being happy Arianna died.
  • Lexie breaks up the argument and sends EJ home.
  • At home Stefano and EJ learn Arianna had given Marco (the DiMera tail) the slip.
  • Will and Sami discuss finding the recorder with the taped confession.
  • Sami decides to search Arianna’s room for the tape.
  • Kate goes to the mausoleum where Vivian tries to get Kate to release her.
  • But Kate remembers the horrid things Vivian has done to her.
  • Vivian tries to get her to focus on revenge.
  • Victor enters the mausoleum and asks what Kate is doing there.
  • Kate tells Victor she knows everything.
  • Kate joins forces with Victor to keep Vivian entombed.
  • In prison Hope continues to ask questions about Aprils death.
  • Bo visits Hope and tells her of Arianna’s death.
  • Arianna forgave Hope now Hope has to forgive herself.
  • Bo warns Hope to be careful investigating April’s death.
  • Hope thinks Jane is on her side.
  • Meanwhile Jane tells Lee she has a plan for Hope…
Tuesday 17 January, 2012

Scheduled for pre-emption (3rd Test Australia v India). Subject to change should the cricket finish early. Cricket finished early.  Days of our Lives was telecast.

  • Sami searches Arianna’s room and finds a locked box.
  • She assumes it holds the tape.
  • EJ finds Sami and the box and they struggle for possession of the box.
  • The box breaks.The camera is not in the box.
  • Will speculates that the camera may never turn up.
  • But someone does have it…
  • Kinsey arranges for Nicole to see Sydney again.
  • Caroline catches Nicole with Sydney.
  • Nicole later tells Chloe that somehow she will get Sydney back in her life.
  • Kayla tries to tell Bo that she thinks Cary changed the paternity results.
  • Bo won’t hear it, so Kayla confides in Caroline.
  • But Caroline tells her that Carly didn’t switch the paternity test results.
  • Nathan and Stephanie hear about Arianna from Philip.
  • Philip warns Nathan to stay away from Melanie (Arianna and Melanie are friends).
  • Stephanie defends Nathan.
  • Nathan proposes to Steph!
  • Melanie wonders if she’s done the right thing not telling Daniel about Chloe’s infidelity.
  • Carly tries to comfort Melanie.

Wednesday 18 January, 2012

  • Vivian dreams that Kate has the sarcophagus cremated.
  • Kate warns Vic that Philip and Melanie could discover Vivian if they move back into the mansion.
  • Victor decides to stall their move.
  • Maggie visits Hope in prison.
  • Hope finds something worrying in the prison infirmary files.
  • Carly changes her mind about filling Bo in on the secret concerning Chloe, Daniel and the paternity testing.
  • Carly remains worried about keeping a secret from Bo.
  • Caroline tells Kayla she changed the paternity test results because Stephanie was concerned about losing Nathan to Melanie if the truth came out.
  • Caroline admits she did it out of anger at Victor regretting telling him about Bo’s paternity.
  • Maggie offers Daniel a rocking chair as a gift.
  • Daniel and Melanie go to pick it up from the Horton cabin.
  • Philip tells EJ that marriage to Melanie has wiped out his dark side.
  • Meanwhile EJ is determined to get his kids back and tasks Marco with finding  the proof that Will or Sami shot him.

Thursday 19 January, 2012

  • EJ breaks into Rafe and Sami’s loft looking for evidence that Will or Sami shot him.
  • He hides when Sami enters with Sydney.
  • Sami leaves the room and EJ considers snatching Sydney, who calls to him.
  • Sami returns and EJ conceals himself again.
  • EJ’s search fails.
  • Nicole tries to bribe Kinsey into seeing Sydney again.
  • Sami over hears and loses it.
  • Sydney begins to cry from the commotion and both Nicole and Sami go to comfort her.
  • Nicole becomes even more determined to have Sydney back in her life.
  • Later, Ari’s “ghost” reminds Sami that her taped confession is still out there.
  • Kayla arranges for Bo and Carly to meet her at the Pub – to tell him that Caroline switched the paternity test results.
  • They are interrupted by Nathan and Stephanie announcing their engagement.
  • Kayla decides Stephanie needs to know the test results were switched after all and not the result of a clerical error.
  • Bo gets a call from Hope.
  • Hope learns there was another mysterious death at the prison.
  • Hope tells Bo something awful is happening at the prison.
  • Victor tries to persuade Philip not to move into the mansion.
  • Vivian is affected by the paint fumes…
  • Philip finds Vic in the manusoleum and they continue to discuss his moving in.
  • Vivian sees Philip on the monitor and tries to send him a telepathic message.
  • Philip leaves bothered…

Friday 20 January, 2012

  • Stephano asks Marco (his henchman) to take care of whoever shot EJ.
  • EJ tells Brady that he thinks Sami shot him and that makes Sami responsible for Arianna’s death.
  • Stefano tells EJ that without Arianna’s proof his chance of getting Johnny and Sydney back is slim.
  • Vivian is delusional from the paint fumes.
  • She “sees” Lawrence.
  • Bo commits to helping Hope with her findings at the prison infirmary.
  • Meanwhile Jane fails to transfer Hope.
  • Lee explains the other mysterious death to Hope.
  • Hope doesn’t believe a word Lee is telling her, but plays along.
  • Carly provides medical expertise despite the investigation involving Hope.
  • Stephanie learns her grandmother switched the paternity results.
  • Kayla leaves when Steve calls – he is ill.
  • Stephanie decides Nathan must know the truth.
  • Before Kayla returns to Africa, Caroline promises Kayla to tell the truth.
  • A promise she doesn’t intend to keep.
  • Caroline toasts Stephanie and Nathan’s engagement just as Maggie and Melanie enter…


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