Spoilers: Days of our Lives in Australia – 30 Jan – 3 Feb 2012

Days of our Lives airs in syndication on Channel 9 in Australia.  It is telecast at 2pm weekdays, unless there is a game of cricket being played.  Episodes of Days of our Lives are not skipped but as a result Australian fans fall further and further behind US airdates each summer.

Days of our Lives is scheduled for preemption on Wednesday February 1, 2012 and Friday February 3, 2012, for Women Twenty/20.  The schedule may change at short notice if the game is washed out.

Episodes airing in Australia this week aired during November 2010.

Monday January 30, 2012

  • Justin airs Arianna’s video will at the pub.
  • She leaves possessions to her family (Rafe and Gabi)
  • When Arianna has a bequest for EJ, Sami fears it’s the camera with her confession on it.
  • But instead EJ receives a St Anthony statue for the faith he showed in her.
  • Brady arrives to discover the balance of her estate when to him.
  • At the Kiriakis mansion Melanie walks in the the celebration over keeping Vivian entombed.
  • Kate tells Melanie that Chloe is a liar and can’t be trusted.
  • Melanie tells Chloe she can’t live with the secret anymore.
  • Philip regrets having to lie to Melanie.
  • Gus has rescued Vivian from the sarcophagus (Victors goons let him escape).
  • Vivian calls Maggie and convinces Maggie to meet her…
  • Maggie is horrified Victor entombed Vivian (Vivian’s spin on the story) and insists they call the police.
  • But Vivian entombs Maggie instead!
  • Chad admits to Will he is Stefano’s son.
  • Chad believes Kate sent him the birth certificate.
  • Will advices Chad stay away from Stefano DiMera and say nothing.
  • Chad is undecided on what to do.
Tuesday January 31, 2012
  • Everyone is shocked Brady is the main benefactor in Arianna’s will.
  • A fight between Rafe and EJ is broken up when Roman arrives with news.
  • There is a new witness in Ari’s hit and run case.
  • He saw something shiny fly from Arianna’s purse and into the gutter.
  • EJ rushes out to check if it’s the evidence he’s looking for.
  • Sami thinks whatever it was is long gone.
  • Meanwhile Justin gives Brady the keys to Arianna’s safe deposit box…
  • Brady and Nicole collect Arianna’s belongings.
  • But it is Nicole who finds the camera and learns the truth about Sami.
  • Nicole decides to use the information to get Sydney back…
  • Maggie is entombed in the sarcophagus.
  • Victor discovers the video to the sarcophagus is no longer working.
  • On the audio Vivian pretends to still be entombed…
  • Philip and Victor are suspicious…
  • Melanie tells Chloe to come clean, and tells Daniel she has something to tell him.
  • Melanie and Chloe have it out at the Horton Cabin when Chloe goes into labor.
Wednesday February 1, 2012

Pre-empted by Women’s Twenty/20 – Australia vs New Zealand

Thursday February 2, 2012
  • Stefano criticizes EJ for his handling of obtaining Arianna’s evidence.
  • Marco fails to find the camera evidence.
  • Stefano tells him to continue with the hit.
  • Melanie realizes Chloe really is in labor and isn’t faking.
  • Daniel enlists Philip’s help to get to the island (Horton Cabin) where Chloe is in labor.
  • Melanie is forced to deliver Chloe’s baby – a boy!
  • A delirious Chloe starts to tell Melanie it was Philip she had an affair with!
  • Vivian continues to pretend to be in the sarcophagus so that Victor won’t discover that Maggie is now entombed there.
  • Vivian prepares to send out an email explaining Maggie’s absence.
  • Nicole watches Sami’s entire video confession, but keeps it from Brady.
  • Nicole wants Sydney back and turns up at Sami’s ready to play her card…
Friday February 3, 2012

Pre-empted by Women’s Twenty/20 – Australia vs New Zealand

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