Weekly Recap: Week Ending 13 January, 2011

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EJ is stunned to learn that Will witnessed him having sex with his mother when Johnny was believed dead.  Will tells EJ he wants to get out of town but needs money.  Money for silence is a concept a man like EJ must understand well, Will tells him.  

EJ congratulates Will for developing a spine and mastering blackmail at such an early age – though he supposes it is in his genes.  Then EJ turns the tables on Will and tells the teen that before he play his cards he should consider whether the person he is blackmailing has anything on him.

EJ informs Will that he knows Lucas took the fall for Will when EJ was shot while standing at the altar with Sami years ago.  Jail isn’t a nice place; especially for a man of your disposition he tells Will indicating EJ is also aware of Wills conflict over his sexuality.

Will realizes he has been outsmarted, but EJ won’t let him walk away.  He owns him, EJ informs Will.  No one would ever believe the fine upstanding Will Horton of doing EJ’s dirty work, EJ gloats.

Seeing Jennifer and Daniel holding hands in the town square, Jack quickly busy a paper and positions himself at t nearby table behind the paper and listens in.  Jack learns that Daniel won’t operate again due to a mini stroke he wasn’t even aware that he had.  Jennifer tells Daniel that he helped her find a new career and she wants to help him do the same.  Jack sneezes alerting Jennifer and Daniel to his presence.  Jennifer initially peeved by Jack’s presence changes her tune when Jack tells Daniel he needs Jennifer’s support and should have it.

Jack also decides that the current situation between the three of them isn’t working.  Daniel stepping out has done no good because Jennifer still loves him.  Its unhealthy for all of them to compete and Jack suggests they all step back and just let life decide what happens.

Bo and Hope discuss their issues outside of therapy.  Bo is worried that re-hashing all these old issues will do more to damage their marriage than help, but Hope believes they need to work through their problems so they don’t occur again and again.  To lighten the mood they go to the closed pub which Caroline has decorated for them and enjoy a date night dancing to candlelight.

Madison goes with Brady as he tells his grandfather that his is resigning as CEO of Titan to partner with his father in the rebuilding of Basic Black.  Victor is initially outraged that Brady would give up Titan – his birthright to start a company in today’s unfavorable economic environment – particularly after all he went through to take Titan from Victor in the first place.

Victor thinks Brady is making a huge mistake, but thanks to Madison and mostly Maggie, he sees that it is important for Brady to do this, not only to repair his relationship with his father, but to strike out on his own and build something from the ground up – just as Victor did with Titan.  Maggie says Isabella would be delighted to know her son was working with his father, and Victor finally accepts Brady’s resignation as CEO of Titan.
Brady also hands back the shares of Titan that were once Victors giving his grandfather back his company and giving up controlling interest. Brady leaves to meet with John and tell him the news.  Madison is about to leave, but Victor stops her…Madison is stunned to learn that Victor will not be stepping into the CEO role and even more stunned to learn he wants her to take on the job.
At the penthouse Marlena is getting ready for her first day as the head of the psychiatry residency program at Salem U.  Before leaving for work, she and John discuss Brady joining John rebuilding Basic Black.  John hopes to get this opportunity to repair his relationship with his son and tells Marlena that she too will get her chance with Sami.  Marlena isn’t sure.  John gives her an apple (for the teacher) and Marlena heads to work.
John meets Brady at the Pub where Brady tells his dad that their partnership is a go.  John is delighted.  They will make a great team, the father and son decides.
Chad and Sonny are at the pub when Melanie turns up.  Sonny is uncomfortable and leaves the two alone.  Chad and Melanie agree they both want to kiss each other, but agree that they will take things slowly for Abigail’s sake.  When Abigail arrives and blasts the two of them, Chad decides they should leave, but Melanie wants to stay and try to get through to her former best friend that no-one meant to hurt her.
Abigail lays into Melanie for betraying her and when she asks whether Melanie can look her in the eye and tell her that all that ever happened between Chad and her (while he was dating Abigail) was the mistaken identify Halloween kiss, Melanie can’t.  (Chad and Melanie kissed during the website hostage crisis).  Melanie can’t do it, and Abigail storms off saying “I thought so.”
At school, Abigail is hanging around the medical school for some reason and runs into Marlena who offers the teen counsel in her office.  Marlena listens to Abigail’s story about her friend and boyfriend’s betrayal and offers sympathy.  But maybe what they are saying is true, Marlena offers.  Maybe they didn’t plan this.  But Abigail decides she cannot forgive Melanie.
Chad runs into Sonny at the town square.  He is surprised to see him given that Sonny said he had a class.  Sonny tells him he does, but he could tell there was something between Chad and Melanie and wanted to give them space.  Sonny then asks Chad point blank whether he cheated on his cousin (Abigail) with Melanie.  Chad admits that it depends on your definition of cheating and tells him about the hostage kiss.
Later Chad and Melanie talk and Melanie tells Chad they can never be together.  She can’t keep hurting Abigail this way.
Victor presses Madison for an answer to his job offer, but Maggie convinces him to give Madison some time.  Madison is conflicted.  Running Titan is a huge opportunity, but mad World is her baby, and giving up the day to day running would be difficult.  Later Madison tells Brady that she will miss the time they spent together working.  Brady tells Madison they will still have plenty of time together in the evenings, but Madison informs Brady that won’t be the case if she takes the job she was offered – CEO of Titan.
Brady is delighted for Madison and understands the decision will be difficult to make.  He will support whatever decision she chooses.  When Brady leaves, Madison takes out her cell phone and calls someone.  She needs their advice – just like the old days, she tells the person on the other end of the line.
Brady and John go over his blueprint for rebuilding Basic Black, where he also gives an interview on the day the pension funds are to be restored to investors’ accounts.  John also takes the opportunity to endorse Abe Carver in the race for Mayor of Salem.  Abe, Lexie and john and confident that they now have the leg up on EJ in the race, especially with the jobs initiative Abe is about to announce.
Meanwhile Nicole is worried about the updoming jobs announcement, but EJ tells her not to worry.  He’s already working on it.  Nicole is further surprised when Will Horton arrives at the mansion and EJ tells her that Will is now working on their campaign for college credit.  Nicoel makes an off the cuff comment about Will being more Team Carver than Team DiMera, but EJ covers saying there were no opportunities with the carver campaign.
When Nicole leaves the room, EJ hands will a flash drive and tells the respectable Horton to go to the Pub where Abe is taking part in John’s interview, access Abe’s computer and get him the files on Abe’s jobs program.   Will tries to protest, but EJ reminds him that he owns him now.  Will goes to the pub, and is found by Lexie at Abe’s computer.  But she, Abe and John just think Will is there to support John and thank him!  As the interview continues, Will copies the files and leaves after wishing Abe luck with his campaign. 
EJ and Nicole have lunch and EJ presents Nicole with a beautiful bangle as a gift. She tells him he doesn’t have to keep giving her gifts to make up for the past – they have started fresh and are now totally honest with each other.  EJ still suffers guilt over having slept with Sami.
At the Countess Wilhelmina offices, Kate and Sami are reviewing photos of the pale skinny models the agencies have sent over for the new face of Countess Wilhelmina.  Sami tells Kate that women today don’t identify with starving waifs and that they should do a search for a new Face of Countess like they did years ago when Carrie won the face of the 90’s competition Bella magazine ran.  Kate calls the idea genius, and Sami is happy to take the compliment.
But when Sami starts gushing over Rafe again Kate asks if there is trouble in paradise and what she did to Rafe.  Sami is defensive, but Kate tells her she’s seen this behavior before, with her sons, Sami is overcompensating…Sami tells Kate to stay out of her relationship with Rafe, which is great, but really the guilt over having sleeping with EJ still eats at her.
Using a website that Austin told her about, Hope finds out that Alice had a safe deposit box with a bank in Salem, under her maiden name.  But it’s not the bank that Alice did all her other banking with.
Abigail runs into Austin in the town square.  He has just dropped his papers and text books on the way to his new office on campus.  He’s heading the wrong way, so Abby shows him a shortcut.   At his office, Abigail helps a not so tech savvy Austin with the University’s computer system.  She then has to leave for an appointment with financial aid about a work/study job on campus.  Austin tells Abigail he is entitled to a student assistant and asks if she’s interested.  Abigail enthusiastically accepts and Austin is still unaware that she has a crush on him.
Carrie arrives at her office to find Rafe shirtless, the thermostat set on high, windows painted shut and a landlord who won’t answer Rafe’s calls.  She can’t work from home because a potential client may drop in, so Carrie too strips down to her camisole.   
Since their caseload isn’t exactly heavy Carrie agrees to take on a pro-bono case that Rafe tells her about – a young kid from his former neighborhood accused of arson.  As they work on the case, the sexual tension between Rafe and Carrie raises the temperature even further.
Will and Sonny discuss his plans for the coffee shop when Justin and Adrienne both arrive (separately) to talk to Sonny.  Will can’t help but note how supportive Sonny’s parents are.  Justin and Adrienne both tell Will that they love Sonny just the way he is and wouldn’t change a thing about him.  Later Sonny introduces Will to Mateo who in considering investing in the coffee shop. 
Will and Mateo hit it off when they have similar taste in music and bands.  Mateo invites Will to listen to an up and coming New Zealand band on his iPod and Will suddenly shuts down.  They briefly discuss Common Grounds as the name of the coffee shop and Will leaves in a hurry.  Mateo asks Sonny what happened, and Sonny simply tells his friend that Will isn’t quite there yet.
Bo and Hope meet with the bank manager when Alice had her secret safe deposit box.  Hope wants access to the box as executor of Alice’s will, but the bank manager declines.  The box has two signees and can’t be opened with both present, so he can’t give Bo and Hope access to the box.  Alice had a partner!
EJ has another mission for Will who still feels guilty over stealing the documents from Abe’s computer.  Pick up and envelope and follow the instruction it contains, EJ tells him.  Will doesn’t want to do it, but EJ reminds him that he owes him for shooting him in the back years ago, then taunts him by asking if he didn’t get a rush out of his last task.
Will makes the meeting and returns to the mansion and hands the keys to a sports car to EJ. EJ hands them back telling Will the car is his.  He now represents EJ, he has to look like it, EJ tells him by way of explanation.  Sami enters (delivering some Countess W files to Kate) as Will accepts the gift.
Brady and Madison enjoy a couples massage at the spa.  They find a way to pass the time when their masseuse is late.  Nicole takes a personal self defense class Ej arranged for her with Quinn as the instructor.  Nicole initially doesn’t think Quinn has changed, but realizing that both she and EJ have overcome less than auspicious starts, she tells him that she believes he has changed.   
Madison and Nicole catch-up at the spa, each is glad that the other is over the denial phase of their relationships.
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