Weekly Recap: Week Ending 20 January, 2011

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Sami arrives at the DiMera mansion to deliver Countess W papers to Kate and is shocked to see Will there holding a set of car keys.  She is even more perturbed when she learns that Will is now working for EJ.  Will and Sami argue in front of EJ, Will adopting EJ’s calm demeanor and never telling his mother that EJ blackmailed into working for him.

Alone with her son, Sami tries to remind Will what kind of man EJ is, but Will simply retorts that he’s only working for him, not bearing him two children.  Will’s snarky comments shut Sami down who leaves but promises Will this isn’t over.

Jack runs into Daniel at the Brady Pub and Jack buys him a beer.  They discuss their life changing problems (PTSD for Jack, and a hand tremor preventing Daniel from being a surgeon) and bond over the knowledge they will find their way.  During their discussion Daniel admits to Jack he’s considering leaving Salem.

Jennifer is still livid from EJ stealing Abe’s job’s initiative and presenting it as his own.  When she runs into Nicole in the town square Jennifer calls her on it.  Nicole doesn’t know what Jennifer is going on about (EJ organized the theft without Nicole’s knowledge), but defends EJ.

The argument gets personal when Jennifer asks how Nicole can defend the man that has done such horrible things to her.  At least she has a man, Nicole retorts, Jennifer has managed to drive two men off with her indecision.  If she runs Abe’s campaign the same way she runs her personal life no wonder Abe is in such a mess, Nicole goads.

Jack and Daniel arrive in time to pull the women away from each other before they fight becomes physical.  Nicole is surprised to see that Daniel is still in love with Jennifer and advises him to stay away from her.  Jack talks Jennifer down and explains that the behavior Jennifer is describing is how the political game is played.  He also fills Jennifer in on Daniels plan to leave town.

At the bank Bo and Hope are denied access to Alice’s bank deposit box because it is a joint account and both parties (or executors) must be present to open the box.  Hope plays the “we’re cops” card, but the bank manager is savvy and reminds her there has been no crime here.  Bo and Hope find themselves at another roadblock.

Bo and Hope also meet with Roman, who shows them the new tablet hardware and app bundle that will give Salem police access to real time crime and criminal data.  Bo scans a list of Salem’s most wanted on the device.  Roman then tells Bo and Hope he wants them to head up the task force t bring down each one of the punks on the list.  Bo is excited by Hope is still distracted by the mystery of the safe deposit key.  Scanning the list, Bo notices that Stefano DiMera’s name is missing from the list.  Bo suddenly also thinks that Stefano is the other signee of the safe deposit box account.  It makes sense, since they already know Alice helped to save EJ’s life as a baby…

Abigail sees Chad and Melanie at the pub, and storms out when their connections is evident. Chad leaves to give Gabi some study notes, and Melanie stays behind to try getting through to Abigail one last time.  Melanie tries to tell Abigail that nothing has happened between her and Chad, and nothing ever will because her friendship with Abby is too important to her. Abby tells Melanie that it’s too late, she’s betrayed their friendship and there’s no going back.  It’s not like they were friends for long anyway, and it turns out they never were friends Abby tells Melanie who is clearly upset at losing the friendship.

Abby storms off, again, and Quinn arrives having overheard the exchange and offers Melanie an ear.  Maybe he can help her get her man and best friend back, Quinn tells Melanie.  Melanie is impressed that Quinn listened to her story and tells Quinn, he’s not as bad as people say he is, to which Quinn simply tells Melanie he’s trying.  The he tells her he has to get back to intensity.  (Quinn calls Melanie “love” in the same way EJ calls everyone “Dahling”).

Chad arrives at intensity, gives Gabi the study notes and complains of a sore shoulder.  Gabi has him remove his shirt so she can “practice” her massage technique that Quinn has been teaching her.  Chad is at first hesitant, but as the massage gets going is clearly enjoying it.  Sami and Kate enter to witness the massage and Kate comments she wishes she could bottle that product response (they are using the Countess W sports rub), sparking an idea in Sami.  They can!  They just found the new face of Countess Wilhelmina – Gabi! And they want to use Chad too.

But when Kate and Sami approach Gabi and Chad they both decline the offer to be a focus group of two!  Chad declines because he wants nothing to do with anything DiMera and Gabi because she doesn’t want to do it on Quinn’s dime.  Gabi’s concern is allayed when Quinn gives his ok, and Kate convinces Chad that it would be a personal favor to her and Stefano has nothing to do with it.

A photographer comes in and they take some before shots, do a makeover and take some after shots that are smokin’.  Melanie enters in the middle of the sexy shoot, and is clearly jealous that Gabi has her hands all over Chad.

In the town square, Brady asks Madison if she’s made a decision about Titan yet.  She hasn’t partly because the only person she can ever imagine running mad World other than her, is her clone!  When Abby overhears Brady and Madison discussing appointing a Salem U student as an intern at Mad World, Abigail approaches Madison and expresses her interest.

Later Brady and John meet at the coffee table in the penthouse.  Brady promises they will build the skyscraper with the profits from their first venture – they just need to decide what that is.  Brady tells John that cosmetics performed very well for Titan, but he’s reluctant to compete with his girlfriend.  John latches onto the term girlfriend and Brady admits he thinks his relationship with Madison could go the distance – unlike Nicole and Chloe.  Those relationships were destroyed by secrets and lies.  Madison just gets him.  John is happy his son is happy.

The conversation turns back to business and John admits Basic Black has always been about fashion to him (despite all the other divisions in the old company) so they decide to stick with what they know.

Madison meanwhile is on a call to her mystery man about what to do about Titan…

Madison interviews Abby and asks her to send her a resume.  When Madison realizes Marlena knows Abigail, she asks if she can recommend her, which Marlena does without hesitation.  Marlena also asks Madison why Sami left Mad World.  Madison simply tells her that they didn’t see eye to eye on her personal life.

After the shoot Kate asks Chad to go see his father – Stefano misses him.  Sami also collars Gabi to ask her about Will.

Nicole asks EJ how he got hold of Abe’s job incentives plan.  She thinks it too coincidental that Will was hired one day and EJ presented Abe’s stolen jobs plan the following day.  When Nicole is persistent EJ becomes somewhat peeved and reminds her that there are things she’s better off not knowing about this campaign.

Nicole makes a few calls and learns Will’s car is titled in Will’s name…later she meets with Will under the guise of welcoming him to the campaign and into the fold.  Really she has a job for him…

Will is waiting for EJ at the town square when Marlena runs into him and asks him to join her for coffee.  They discuss his relationship with Sami, but when EJ and Nicole arrive and Marlena learns Will is working for EJ her focus changes and she demands to know what is going on.  Will gently tells his grandmother that he loves and respects her but this is his decision.  He’s only working for EJ as an intern for a couple of months.

When Marlena runs into Sami, she tries to tell her daughter that Will needs his mother, advice that Sami takes badly since she doesn’t think Marlena has ever been there for her – John always took priority. Later Marlena gives her grandson just one piece of advice – associating with DiMera’s never ends well.

Marlena is even more concerned about Will working for EJ when she learns from Abby that EJ bought Will a car.  Will finally tells her that he took the job partly to irk Sami.  Marlena goes to the DiMera mansion and asks EJ directly why he wants Will working for him – other than his Horton name.  EJ claims he was happy to accommodate Will when he wanted work because he’s family.  They are after all connected through Johnny, Sydney and Kate.  Marlena tells EJ she will see him and his father dead if they harm Will.

To get his campaign back on track, Abe is determined to do the one thing that EJ would never be able to do – clean up the crime rate in Salem.  Abe tells Bo and Hope that as he has freed up city budget for their task force to get the job done – and quickly.  They should hire whoever they need to aid int eh capture and prosecution of Salem’s most wanted.

Bo and Hope waste no time meeting with Rafe and Carrie.  Rafe is happy to take the job.  Carrie agrees but is initially conflicted as her heart is in defense work, not prosecution.

At Carrie and Rafe’s office, Sami witnesses the growing rapport between Carrie and Rafe as they joke about the heat being stuck on the previous day. 
Abigail spends the afternoon helping Austin lodge his fist class syllabus on his tablet.  When Carrie calls and can’t make dinner, Austin decides to take Abby out instead, totally missing how smitten she is with him.

Melanie shouts Maggie a treatment at the spa and suggests lunch or shopping afterwards.  Maggie is wise though.  She appreciates that Melanie is tryin to keep her busy on Michey’s birthday but it isn’t necessary.  She’s no longer sad, just grateful for the long happy life they had together.  And she has Victor, Daniel and Melanie now.

As they talk, Daniel calls Melanie and asks her and Maggie to join him at the pub (he’s there with Victor).  Daniel has lunch with Victor, Maggie and Melanie at the pub where he tells them he’s leaving Salem.  He needs some time away to regroup and think about what he’s going to do with the rest of his life.  Maybe he’ll go back to travelling the world and surfing the big waves.  Melanie is upset and snidely tells him that’s a great idea – instead of saving lives here.  I need to save my own now, an emotional Daniel tells his daughter.  Daniel tells his daughter he’ll be back.  You’ll always be in our hearts no matter where you are, Maggie tells her son.   Daniel bids his family farewell.

Sami and Kate review the photographs of Chad and Gabi.  Kate wants to move quickly and make Chad and Gabi an offer.  She directs Sami to get on it immediately, after praising Sami for her work at Countess Wilhelmina putting all her other executives to shame. 
Sami leaves the Countess Wilhelmina offices but doesn’t go to see Gabi.  She heads to Madison’s hotel room instead where the two drink champagne and toast their cunning plan to plant Sami on the inside of Countess Wilhelmina and set Kate up for a fall!  (Their fights were carefully staged to give Kate the idea to lure Sami away from Mad World).  They revel with just a little too much confidence over having pulled the wool over Kate’s eyes.
Meanwhile Kate tracks Gabi down and at the Spa.  She wants to wait for Chad to arrive before speaking to them both, but when Chad is late, Kate tells Gabi she wants to sign them as the fresh new faces of Countess W.  Gabi it thrilled at the idea of being a professional model.
Meanwhile across town at the Brady Pub, Madison takes some test shots of Hope Brady with her cell phone.  She asks Hope if she would like to model for Mad World.  Hope is flattered but declines, even when Madison says they would work it into her cop/mom/family schedule.
Chad meets with Stefano at the mansion.  He finds gourmet coffee bean in the DiMera living room.  Stefano offers to become his silent partner and source the best of everything for his new coffee shop venture with Sonny Kiriakis.  Chad declines the offer telling his father he wants to build this on his own.  Stefano just wants to build a relationship with his son.  Chad can’t promise him anything, but maybe instead of Stefano buying Chad coffee beans he could come and buy a coffee from Chad once the coffee shop is open instead.
On his way to meet with Kate and Gabi at Intensity, Chad runs into Melanie who is upset about her father leaving town.  Chad again pushes her to forget about Abigail and be with him, but an emotional Melanie leaves telling Chad she can’t do this.
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